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  • Marechan28 Gaming
    Marechan28 Gaming

    I just picked up a set of AirPods Pro

  • ahmed24

    so did i just buy my iphone se for nothing while the 9 is going to be released

  • Alma Loppy
    Alma Loppy

    its fake

  • A A
    A A


  • rizolli 2000
    rizolli 2000

    I think every thing Apple pro is the best engineer in UZload

  • I am just a youtuber
    I am just a youtuber

    Bruh j already got iphone 13 iphone se 3 and airpods 4th gen

  • Woods Daily
    Woods Daily

    Dude is way past the 3

  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar


  • Valarie Vidal
    Valarie Vidal

    Who's here after Corona

  • Fábio Ferrazz
    Fábio Ferrazz

    knock the notch off, pleaaaaase

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    The key would work on any car ? Wow I thought it would only work with an Apple car

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    I can’t believe they would release the 9 after the 10

  • Kelvin Osei
    Kelvin Osei


  • Johan Thomassen
    Johan Thomassen

    Samsung is better

  • landon

    How do we not know that there is going to be an 11s

  • Kim James
    Kim James

    Apple trash Samsung goes

  • Anirudh Upadhyayula
    Anirudh Upadhyayula

    If they offer the iPhone 9/SE with a storage option of 256gb I'll take it. That is what my iPhone 8 currently has

  • Captain Greed
    Captain Greed

    No improvement for siri

  • Tøxic Beats.
    Tøxic Beats.

    "An apple a day keeps the broke people away"

  • ERIC & KYRA Traft-Johnson JOHANNS
    ERIC & KYRA Traft-Johnson JOHANNS

    Peep video uzload.info/fun/rXqvZaTUlWZnvac/video

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez

    A apple please make a down bar to tell Jen to I need to weigh I I want the down bar to have a lot bass dad like the Apple HomePod

  • lola smith
    lola smith


  • koko johl
    koko johl

    I am sooo happy that there is a blueeeeeee

  • Heejinsgf

    I want a phone that goes to 200% battery

  • Thatpoisonmushroom YT
    Thatpoisonmushroom YT

    Right as he mentioned cars a Toyota add popped up. *let that sink in*

  • Nini Santiago
    Nini Santiago

    Yet there still will be people who would get the 9 and get rid of their Iphone 11 pro max then do the same with the 9 n get the 12 just to be "ahead of the game"🤦🤦

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson

    Want those pods

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams

    I think it should be called iPhone 9

  • ColeGoCrazy

    Do u think it’ll be worth it or better than the 8?

  • alex pinkston
    alex pinkston

    I need air pod pros and a new phone

  • Mr.Android mate
    Mr.Android mate

    Samsung is everything to me

  • _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X
    _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X

    I was going to get the iPhone 11 Pro but now I'll just wait and get the iPhone 12 Pro

  • shayan khan
    shayan khan

    s20 ultra giveaway pick me

  • Seth Gastineau
    Seth Gastineau

    It should be iPhone 9 because it annoyed me when the skipped it

  • Alejandro IR
    Alejandro IR

    They should add Touch ID

  • pablo yt
    pablo yt


  • saadrk

    They make cases that u can put ur AirPods in so if it gets stolen ur AirPods will get stolen to 😂and this mans just said that u can unlock ur Tesla with it so all 3 finna get stolen AirPods phone and Tesla 😂😂

  • techsteveo

    Does anyone actually want a new iPad Pro or iPhone 9. Nothing exciting about this.

  • Ahmed ahmed
    Ahmed ahmed


  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim

    That's help a lot bro

  • Koko

    Is this really true

  • Samantha Wallitsch
    Samantha Wallitsch

    Me: Watching from my 7+

  • Miza Plays
    Miza Plays

    I feel like iPhones are turning into android


    Get rid of the notch!

  • Max Esquenazi
    Max Esquenazi


  • Nico Endelmann
    Nico Endelmann

    XE is my guess

  • Yeo Rachael
    Yeo Rachael

    Is it just me or are iPhones getting uglier?

  • CDG_Vibezz ꪜ
    CDG_Vibezz ꪜ

    I wanna see how the AirPods look

  • Untried Carrots
    Untried Carrots

    Should I get the Powerbeats or the new AirPods?

  • Caiden McDonald
    Caiden McDonald

    Chicken Butt

  • Jess Rigor
    Jess Rigor


  • Damien Forbutt
    Damien Forbutt


  • LorsKat


  • Cake Poof13
    Cake Poof13

    If there's an airpods lite there would probably be an airpods max and airpods pro max. Another one: Is every iPhone getting 1 more camera like 2 in iPhone 10, 3in iPhone 11,and possibly 4 in iPhone 12,so if they released their iPhone 13 there would be 5 cameras and so on?

  • yellow ribbon
    yellow ribbon

    Plz s20 me

  • Brendan Scavelli
    Brendan Scavelli

    hey i just followed you two instas with my insta account @brendan_the_spiciest_meatball and i subscribed to your channel ad your second channel. It would be really awesome if i could get the airpod pros. Right now i have to work to help pay for food and insurance and i cant afford them, i'm sure you'll never see this but i guess its worth a try.

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Oh no the S20 came out with 108 mega pixel now iPhone has a 64mp ready to release down the road. It's going to be interesting how apple is trying to catch up to Samsung when they have a shortage going on with workers due to the coronavirus.

  • Ps4nba

    After 5 years 60 cameras

  • Sisterforever 101
    Sisterforever 101

    I’m I the only one who thinks the iPhone 12 looks bad 🥴 just me ok

  • I'm A Salad
    I'm A Salad

    what we want : *iphone 12* apple : *iphone 11 pro max lite* EDIT:THANK FOR ONE LIKE! :D

  • Stella Aster
    Stella Aster

    We didn’t even get to enjoy the iPhone 11 yet..

  • TTVM4 IllusionsYT
    TTVM4 IllusionsYT

    I want airpods pro

  • Cmac 13
    Cmac 13

    Been Watching since 80k

  • Luz Echavarria
    Luz Echavarria

    airpods pro pls

  • Linda Gladson
    Linda Gladson

    Hi I'm a fan can I have one iphone 12 my adres 2429 czech republic za tvrzí hostivice my name is Daniel Gladson

  • Trippie Bluee
    Trippie Bluee

    April 1st is April fools not April 4th

  • Kaleb Perez
    Kaleb Perez

    Tf, the iPhone 12 is pretty much the exact same thing as iPhone 11 just uglier, and then they are making another new airpod, what a waste of money.

  • Frank P V
    Frank P V

    Will the new iphone come with coronavirus??

  • Big Man Sal
    Big Man Sal

    Wow I don’t believe that

  • Jesus is coming! John 3:16
    Jesus is coming! John 3:16

    apple: iphone 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 9, 12-

  • CalTronic1

    So I got get the AirPods 2 then they release pros and now more, pros lite????? Kinda annoying

  • Ish W
    Ish W

    I aint buying actul airpods i got £21 ones of amazon that are just as good !!

  • Jess Sarro
    Jess Sarro

    To me. Se2 sounds like a Samsung galaxy phone because all apple phones are iPhones but then ur just gonna have one phone that is different

  • Aaron Journey
    Aaron Journey

    I have a google pixel 3a. Thinking about buying a renewed iphone x on amazon for 400. Thoughts?

  • Grayson Parker
    Grayson Parker

    Did everything for the AirPod pros

  • Darf der Kevin Spielen kommen
    Darf der Kevin Spielen kommen

    2007: Wow, this phone has a Camera 2020: Wow, this Camera has a phone

    • Robin Fernandes
      Robin Fernandes

      Say something new which I don't know

    • Robin Fernandes
      Robin Fernandes

      This is well worn

    • Anna

      Darf der Kevin Spielen kommen dead joke

  • Riley Taylor
    Riley Taylor

    When the iPhone 9 could come out on your birthday😁🤦‍♀️

  • Gail Mcphoy
    Gail Mcphoy

    You should have a facebook page so you can expand your content.

    • Gail Mcphoy
      Gail Mcphoy

      I would like to take part in the giveaway but I use my mother's account

  • VetNick

    Airpods Pro

  • Noah Neck
    Noah Neck

    Me watching this with my one dollar

  • Sly Slytherin
    Sly Slytherin


  • Korean drama
    Korean drama

    I need give away plz

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens

    Should update the Airpods for waterproof

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens

    i used ipad for college 1st time so much better it is classics

  • Cara Chen
    Cara Chen

    question: I have an iPhone 6+ that I wanted to replace with the iPhone 12 when it comes out, but my screen recently just started glitching to the point where it only works properly half the time. Should I continue to wait until September or October to get a new phone or should I replace it now? I literally can't call on my phone b/c it won't open the app and I'm planning to see concerts & travel this year so I will most likely need a phone that works & has more storage... but I want the newer iPhone 12 too

    • Joe

      Based on what we have seen in these “leaks”, the design will just be similar of the iphone 11s, except a more square design. i would go for an iphone 11 as the difference in performance may not be as noticeable from 11 to 12, maybe an extra hour or so on battery

  • Isai Juarez
    Isai Juarez

    When the AirPods thing annocening?

  • Bubble Dum
    Bubble Dum

    does this guy think april 4th is april fools

  • Abigail Bridwell
    Abigail Bridwell

    So cool I love it

  • Caleb Porter
    Caleb Porter

    It’s not AirPods 3 it’s AirPods 4 version so this is most likely fake

  • Bilal Raza
    Bilal Raza


  • Reymark Aquino
    Reymark Aquino

    I want iphone. But i can't afford it because it is expensive. 😔😔😔

  • Mahendra Reddy Kondasani
    Mahendra Reddy Kondasani

    Nice products


    apple: we are launching a fast charger of 10w. apple fans:wooow😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • CoconutCookiexo

    Tbh the cameras are getting a bit extra...

  • ItzDylan ヅ
    ItzDylan ヅ

    Each apple year our money disappears.

  • 王迪欧

    ads too much

  • Fan Chuang
    Fan Chuang

    is there any news about Homepod 2?

  • Tran’s Hardware
    Tran’s Hardware

    I just ordered an 11 pro max today, should i return?

  • 変態少女ᇌ

    Me still using my Iphone SE- Oh damn Iphone SE2!!

  • The Trevor Shultz Company
    The Trevor Shultz Company

    You should work at apple headquarters

"Time Warp"
1.1 mln
"Time Warp"
1.1 mln