Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison
Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison! 8K Video, 100x Space Zoom Test, 108MP photos, low light 4K 60, stabilization & more! The BEST smartphone camera!
Full S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max Comparison.
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  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    S20 Ultra speed test vs 11 Pro Max just posted!

    • Matthew Minnie
      Matthew Minnie

      Give me the Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra

    • Matthew Minnie
      Matthew Minnie

      I think that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's looks more realistic than the IPhone 11 Pro Max

    • Kashbai 36
      Kashbai 36

      BMW E46 M3 Fantastic 😅🥰

    • Enes Black
      Enes Black

      Apple is better IT ist the original smartphone

    • KissChicaDelMar

      Hey, bro! Which cam had used your friend (Lumix??)?


    Ur glasses so cute! Love the color

  • Jayjay Colobong
    Jayjay Colobong

    Both devices are crazy expensive 🤣

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    S20 is a killer 👌🏻

  • janvi patel
    janvi patel

    I phone best dikhta he

  • nandy p
    nandy p

    go for.... i poond.

  • Sujan Ranabhat
    Sujan Ranabhat

    The car behind him♥️♥️

  • aNt0

    I feel like people just get iphones because they want to go with the crowd

  • Alex Kawal
    Alex Kawal


  • nacholas r
    nacholas r

    My Personal-Taste Conclusion: Samsung has much better specs and surpasses the iPhone in that instance, and as an iPhone user, I hate that I can’t switch between front and back camera mid video. The colors also pop much more on the S20 and the zoom is SO much better. The image is much more smooth however and doesn’t have any shakiness whatsoever and stabilized and can process the edges of objects much better such as the grass at 5:17. I also am not the biggest fan of the pink hues of the S20 like at 10:00 and 0:55 (solar flare). I think Apple is doing what it always does. It’s late to the game, but does it a lil better than those who are early (like the aipods pro. We’ve had noise cancellation for years, but the airpods pro is like, a new level of noise cancellation that silicon tipped earbuds have never really seen up to that point.) I personally prefer the iPhone but Imm biased asf so yeah.

  • philip john
    philip john

    S20 ultra wins

  • haste jr dela cruz
    haste jr dela cruz

    My left eye had byakugun and the right one was a sharingun!! Damnn. I like sharingun also:)

  • Furqan Zeynallı
    Furqan Zeynallı

    samsung Galaxy s20 ultra 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Ssejusa S
    Ssejusa S

    When S20 audio was turned on during low light capturing, I thought it had started raining .

  • Nicole

    the iPhone looked better to me

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    I am watching this in 2160p60

  • BGRDF12

    I like Samsung phones but in this video, the IPhone looked better at almost everything.

  • Jesusthesavior

    But I have a question where are you all youtubers getting the money to buy all this stuff's?

  • Jesusthesavior

    Cool bro cool

  • golden stance car
    golden stance car

    The ip12 is out but the ultra still beats it no joke

  • All web series
    All web series

    Sell both phones and Giveaway us 200 Nokia 105 Mobile

  • abdul rehman shaikh
    abdul rehman shaikh

    Lol you literally sound biased towards samsung

  • The Miss Saigon
    The Miss Saigon

    I love the camera quality of Samsung S20 Ultra and I am using my S20 Ultra now and the experience is phenomenal and great. Trust me guys, S20 Ultra is better and awesome when it comes to camera, Memory card Slot, 5,000 MAH battery capacity and overall performance🙂😉

    • chav 876
      chav 876

      But what about the quality drop when posting on like Instagram or snapchat ?

  • Sahil Preet
    Sahil Preet

    inphone di koi riss nhi hundi aaa

  • Black Velvet
    Black Velvet

    Are you from the future? You know iphone 12

  • Ashwaghosh Ghate
    Ashwaghosh Ghate

    I still believe your from future

  • JungleLarry

    I want your car almost as much as I don't want your sunglasses.

  • Selu Salman
    Selu Salman

    വാപ്പാക്ക് എന്താ പണി 😊

  • A Proud INDIAN
    A Proud INDIAN

    Iphone Camera Rules...🔥

  • Sushan Shrestha
    Sushan Shrestha

    108 mp camera does make difference but not by much(108mp vs 12mp)

  • ardarulez

    iphone is way better especially in stabilization.

  • Supermoto PH
    Supermoto PH

    is there something wrong with my eyes? i actually think iphone's camera is better. wanting to buy an s20 ultra but ughhhhh iphone still looks better

  • kay kay
    kay kay

    No one ever compare apples phone. Best hardware they put on phone.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    2:18 pause it the iPhone preforms way better in low light but In sunlight they are neck to neck maybe the Samsung is better but it’s hard to tell because they are neck to neck

  • Mas Bowo
    Mas Bowo

    As user of Samsung, Iphone topples him here. Hands down to Iphone 11 Pro Max

  • Jordan Turner
    Jordan Turner

    Apple will always be better idc idc

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal

    Samsung is shaking and iphonse steady

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal

    Are you blind because iphone win every details

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal

    Iphone look like a movie shot while samsung look like a normal shot

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal

    Apple Camera is always best

  • Bolo

    iPhone colors are so satisfying tho

  • kaister901

    I mean how the fk you gonna be a die hard apple fan after seeing this... Like come on, lose the pride. iPhone video looks like potato quality next to Samsung.

  • Sean Burnett
    Sean Burnett

    Super saf peon


    I am a potato, But now I realized that my phone is just like the owner ...

  • Kazi Sahil Hasan
    Kazi Sahil Hasan

    s20 ultra is way better

  • Reyalegro

    Am I just blind or does the iPhone look better in almost every instance?! Yeah the samsung can zoom in better, but the quality looks much better on most of the iPhone footage. Details of grass and trees, colors, sharpness, etc. Look at 5:17 (grass, woman, house) and at 10:00 (colors) for example... The iPhone wins in my opinion, even though he is saying that he prefers the Samsung at those shots!

    • nacholas r
      nacholas r

      Yeah I personally don’t like the pink hues of the Samsung. Look at 0:55 at the solar flare. Just PERSONALLY I like the iPhone better. To each their own

    • A little book bird
      A little book bird

      @Reyalegro cool , I’m opposite I like large displays, I’m preordering the iPhone 12 pro Max on the 6th 😀 enjoy your new phone 📱

    • Reyalegro

      @A little book bird Haha alright, glad you're happy with it! For me the design of those android phones doesn't work, and neither does the gigantic size. I love how sleek and small my iPhone looks (currently at SE 2016, and will upgrade to 12 mini soon).

    • A little book bird
      A little book bird

      I’m a Apple user of over decade and decided to get the Samsung s20 ultra for a change I’ve done numerous camera comparisons with it against my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone wins on sharpness 100%, yes the colours pop on the s20 but the focus isn’t as accurate and the edges of items I’ve shot are soft, other than that I really loved the s20 and never thought I’d say this but android OS was brilliant smooth and fun to use , wish I could have android on an iPhone but that will never happen lol

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown

    E46 M3....nice!

  • Anatu Green
    Anatu Green

    Me watching in 360p on my phone: hmmm nice top quality!!

  • Azizul Official- হিমু
    Azizul Official- হিমু

    Apple always better

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin

    Apple unveiled 12 today. I was hoping the camera quality would be better. It’s the main reason I’m not getting another one yet. I have the 6s with 12mp and they aren’t meeting my expectations with these new phones. Especially when Samsung has had more MP for years.

    • Mark Martin
      Mark Martin

      Best football tutorials The reason I’m hung up on MP is because I traveled all over taking photos with my iPhone 6s and wanted to make some of the photos canvases for memories and when you expand the phone pic to a canvas it looks horrible. So I can’t use any of them. If iPhone 12 can make printed photos look good then I’m in. It just doesn’t sound like it. Unless its been improved.

    • Best football tutorials
      Best football tutorials

      Bro iphone 12 has many major improvements in the camera,it actually depends on the lens size and the image processing,that is the reasons why google pixel is the best camera despite not being having so much megapixels,but because of image processing.

  • Sergey Nalimov
    Sergey Nalimov

    IPhone the better for image of stabilization

  • nemesis *
    nemesis *

    Samsung win . But choose fruit

  • Princess Dolores
    Princess Dolores

    iphones are has darker camera

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe

    That E46 M3 tho

  • Ishika Roy
    Ishika Roy

    This guy looks like Enrique and everytime he opens his mouth I feel he is gonna sing 'I can be your hero baby..'

  • Indrajeet Garud
    Indrajeet Garud

    I would not zoom further than 10 times

  • Mohd Shahid
    Mohd Shahid

    3:00Look like illusion😂❌🙏🏼

  • Tanuja Agarwal
    Tanuja Agarwal

    Samsung is the best

  • Mayur Pujara
    Mayur Pujara

    Thanks ....

  • Kenneth Zablan
    Kenneth Zablan

    The vlogger doesn't mentioning any bad with the samsung specially the stabilization and the distortion of the lights in a darker enviroment while he is walking

  • dawei wang
    dawei wang

    can you hold camera steady for a bit? video keeps on moving can't compare video quality at all.

  • bumo gaming
    bumo gaming

    Samsung best

  • PrEriT GaMiNg
    PrEriT GaMiNg

    I am from india my phone headphone hole is not working and its getting very hard for me to take my online classes please help i scored 89% in 10th class and now i am in 11th class i really want to study but its getting harder as there is only 1 phone so me and my sister can't study at same time and only 1can study at a time please help please contact me on insta @prerit_gaming

  • amani amani
    amani amani

    I am looking for the one you holding in the hands but I don't know the name

  • amani amani
    amani amani

    Hey brother I need your help what the best tripod to use for holding two phones this new phone smartphones

  • Jhimbo Feliciano
    Jhimbo Feliciano

    Apple is the best

  • Suruuu Bamanya
    Suruuu Bamanya

    Iphone is best 👌

  • Colesterdude

    I have an s9+ and looking to upgrade. I was heavily considering switching to iPhone because everyone seems to have one and also I've never had one. But idk. Samsung just blew the iPhone out of the water with the camrea test. But, I do think the iPhone software is better along with the OS, so I think its still up for discussion

  • Nahnyei Konyak
    Nahnyei Konyak

    Nice car

  • Sarp Turan
    Sarp Turan

    As an android user, I agree that Apple is better on the video side compared to all the other phones. But especially Samsung phones blows away iPhones in photos.

  • Ferdinand Guznov
    Ferdinand Guznov

    Nice M3

  • Figih Wahyudi
    Figih Wahyudi

    Sama sama bagus namanya hp mahal😂😂

  • Wandering Wolf
    Wandering Wolf

    wow low light on iphone is sooooo bad. yikes! - WW

  • Wandering Wolf
    Wandering Wolf

    galaxy wins hands down. iphone has fallen behind sadly. - WW

  • Gary Harper
    Gary Harper

    why is Samsung so choppy

  • Games Library
    Games Library

    Got note 20 ad on s20 video

  • K.K Gaming
    K.K Gaming

    iphone is iphone

  • Animesh Rana
    Animesh Rana

    I phone 11 pro max❤️

    • Yener Okcay
      Yener Okcay

      @Animesh Rana Im going to go for the Samsung now because its newer, and got more things it can do on there

    • Animesh Rana
      Animesh Rana

      @Yener Okcay me too

    • Yener Okcay
      Yener Okcay

      I really need a new phone but can't decide between these two, and I haven't got much time as my phone is about to die

  • Md Nafiz
    Md Nafiz

    Lol means lucifer your lord

  • Afsal kj
    Afsal kj

    Nothing compare with i phone

  • Ziy4DP 71
    Ziy4DP 71

    the s20 ultras competition is the iphone 12 its not really fair matching up them two

  • ofek LA
    ofek LA

    I have galaxy s7, thinking to upgrade to galaxy s20 or might wait 6 month till galaxy s21. what do u think?

  • Raja Ali
    Raja Ali

    Question about note 20 ultra zoom? Without tripod is it possible to get good result at 50x zoom??? My camera is flickering too much

  • Solstice

    iPhone seems way better than Samsung lol. Why do you want a sensor with 108mp if the optics and the coding isn't good. I don't want a zoom machine, i want a good camera and that's what iPhone has. If you weren't show the names. I would picked iPhone without zoom. In low light conditions is true the smoothing can be a bit annoying but look at the dynamic range in the bulbs! iPhone handles it way better! It looks gorgeous!

  • Abu Horaira
    Abu Horaira

    SuperSaf liked your thumbnail 😂

  • Muhamad

    s20 ultra beest

  • Szatmári Bálint
    Szatmári Bálint

    Of corse samsung win

  • Tain

    s20 ultra

  • Rattan Singh
    Rattan Singh

    Watching in 1080p60❤️ amazing

  • jilO Liu
    jilO Liu

    1:25 So funny

  • Eddie

    11 pro max looks so much better imo. S20 ultra looks like losing details, lines look fuzzy, when recorder is start walking around. and around 10:15, street lights and car headlights in the back ground looks very washed out blurry as hell.

  • Prashant Sharma
    Prashant Sharma

    Buddy! These both are good, but let's talk about BMW😄

  • james sarno
    james sarno

    My Iphone 11s battery is 97 percent after 2weeks i dont really use it regularly why ?

  • Zeeshan Ahmad
    Zeeshan Ahmad

    Its fucking awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shushu Ali
    Shushu Ali

    When you have neither 🥺💔

  • Jogender

    I like this comparison .

  • Mohd zaid
    Mohd zaid

    apple is amazinggggggggg👊👊👊

  • v Plutox
    v Plutox

    Very nice video !

  • Panku 07
    Panku 07

    iPhone 12 Mega Pixel 🔥♥️👌🏻

  • foto21com

    CMon, man, you MUST have noticed that the Samsung is stuttering on autofocus A LOT. That sunset show with the old train drawbridge, it kept knocking infinity out of focus, while the iphone stayed DEAD ON. I like the saturation on the Samsung, and maybe the lenses are better, but I HATE hunting AF, and it can NOT be fixed in post, unlike color can be. Also, the 8k was pretty compromised in terms of focus and grain. If I'm shooting 8k, I'll just buy a pro camera and get real control. Thanks for the real footage however. I was hoping for better low light. I don't think either one is generating good enough results to supplant an even semi-pro real camera.

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