iOS 13.2 Beta 1! Deep Fusion & AirPods 3 Design Leak!
iOS 13.2 Beta 1 Released! Deep Fusion test, AirPods 3 with 'Focus Mode' leaked & over 50 new features & changes! This one's exciting!
2020 iPhone leaks.
Huge iPhone 11/11 Pro Giveaway!

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  • ariff aqmar
    ariff aqmar

    i wish i can win the giveaway

  • Yen Therese Barroga
    Yen Therese Barroga

    my phone’s lcd is broken and the screen has a big dark spot at the upper right corner 😭 that’s why I’m really hoping that I can win your giveaway cause I badly need a new phone rn, it’s really important to me because I’m a graduating student and I need it for our projects and requirements 😭

  • Gerren Brown
    Gerren Brown

    I can’t wait to get AirPods 3 or pro

  • spaceyface

    Deep fusion is a very great but subtle addition to apples camera

  • Ayush Dhupar
    Ayush Dhupar

    Some Features are just awesome😍

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  • itsnibor

    Will Deep Fusion be on the regular iPhone 11 aswell ? Or just the pro Models?

  • Dan the man!
    Dan the man!

    So who won the big iphone 11 giveaway

  • KIAN[]

    clean is the 13.2

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    Keegan Kagwe

    Gift me with AirPods 2😭😭😔I love them

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    Sumit Babu Jr

    Give Me A iPhone Please Brother 🥺🙏🏻

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    Dinker Kaushal

    When you gonna try Apple logo light mode on iPhone 11. Waiting

  • Sophie De
    Sophie De

    What devices is this update available tho? It’s not showing on my XR. Is it only available on the 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max?

  • bilal mansoor
    bilal mansoor

    can plz win the giveaway, I have given 10 entries, I COULDNT DO TWITTER ENTRY AS I DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT IN IT. I would love to get an iphone.... plz... I DONT HAVE a mobile and I wish I will get a mobile from your giveaway...... plz plz plz and btw I love watching your videos... KEEP IT UP

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    I gonna win a iPhone 11 pro

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    Nice video #iPhone11

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  • tjokada

    I’m on 13.2 and trying to swipe on the keyboard and there’s a lot of times it thinks I lifted my finger and inputs the wrong word when my finger hasn’t even left the screen yet. It was working flawlessly on 13.1.2. But now it’s less consistent. Anyone else’s having issues as well?

  • Mr Bo
    Mr Bo

    Does Xsmax has deep fusion if I update to iOS 13.2 ???

  • Lily

    What about 3D Touch ??? Is it ever coming back..? 😭

  • Jack Yong
    Jack Yong

    Hi , please help me , iOS13 cant pair with apple watchOS3-4

  • DUM

  • Call Me Ofonzy
    Call Me Ofonzy

    Is the giveaway over?

  • Ahriman13

    By the way 90% of your video is about “changes in iOS 13.2 beta” and not “features”. Bigger or smaller text size, icon per etc. is not a fucking FEATURE it is only a GHANGE

  • GrimBlade

    awesome video

  • TheMightyMedia

    battery life is shit on 13.2

  • pokemo oon
    pokemo oon

    Wht the feature for hidden photo and video in iphone ...i cant understand. .look Now when a man enters the photo gallery, he will see the hidden folder already because there is no password in it. Apple all time funny 😂😂 Apple and Apple's team should get the award for the funny incident.(Gold medal in negative way)😹😹👍

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  • Kidoein

    What iPad casing is that?

  • Juan M. Farías
    Juan M. Farías

    It is incredible the amount of advertisements you have in your videos, that is too much, watch out eliminate some please

  • Sazzooo

    Why is nobody talking about the annoying full screen dial screen? @EverythingApplePro

  • Rex Wong
    Rex Wong

    do a speed test between mojave and catalina

  • Figlet Pudding
    Figlet Pudding

    When’s the 2-3 week review coming out

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    Parker Kowalski

    Your videos are awesome I've been watching sense the first video

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  • Toni Wisdom
    Toni Wisdom

    I love how I didn’t notice the little changes until Watching EAP..... he pays attention to details and I love it

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    i want iphone 4S 2.

  • jason schmaglaar
    jason schmaglaar

    Anyone else notice battery drain on 13.1.2 on iPhone 8 Plus????

  • TheJaysta

    Can’t wait to see your car finally finished when BYB is done fixing it!!! Looking forward to it!

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    Pratik Dugar

    upload the iphone 11 videos alreadyyyyyyy!!

    • Pratik Dugar
      Pratik Dugar

      It's been soo long :/

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    Kenneth McJimson

    What case is that on your iPad ?

  • Aneko Foxx
    Aneko Foxx

    Apple needs to focus on the fact that after updating to iOS 13, and to iOS 13.1.2 that battery drain is still an issue, not a camera gimmick.

  • bryan_dp13 BB
    bryan_dp13 BB

    Have you noticed that the left speaker does not work? (?)

  • Nam Do
    Nam Do

    I noticed that when you change your volume on iOS 13, you can swipe the volume bar on the top/side to change it also.

  • Alex Pear
    Alex Pear

    The memoji surprised changed, so others

  • Aikeem Johnson
    Aikeem Johnson

    I was wondering my ipad pro 2017 drains really quickly any things I can do .... like I cut off background apps, factory rest, called apple on phone, and also yeah I bought this from someone from online in person. Should I go to a apple store..... I also read things on what I can do to fix battery from draining. I am getting less then 2 hours on ipad pro 2017 on full charge

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    Suhaylah Hucks

    Awesome Video!!! 👍👍👍👍

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  • wooferjay W
    wooferjay W

    Has any of you experienced phone crashing when the phone is unlocked and on the widgets menu? I’d swipe down and immediately swipe up and my phone crashes every time. iPhone 11 pro.

  • Bryce Chapman
    Bryce Chapman

    Any word on a new iPad Pro? I don’t think we need one, I just want the price of the used market to go down😂

  • yb

    Deep fusion seems like a gimmick, I feel like I could take a photo then edit the picture doing the same thing deep fusion does.

  • Martin Halvax
    Martin Halvax

    6 ads on a 10 minute video

  • OceanGuy 808
    OceanGuy 808

    What’s the status on your iPhone Pro cases?

  • The Life Of MvllyMvll
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  • djn crti
    djn crti

    Can someone please tell me what happened with the App Store? My downloaded apps had their own section and now it’s gone.

  • Sandra Sheils
    Sandra Sheils

    Just a tip for your drop tests, if you want them to lab on the sides you should spin them fast as your letting go, it should land in the side

  • Jamal Williams
    Jamal Williams

    iOS 14

  • Kenneth McJimson
    Kenneth McJimson

    finally Apple is LISTENING 🙌🏽

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    Ranzel Gerongco

    can i have some iphone x11?

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    Mahdi Hussain

    Can we have a Shortcuts video? Just explaining how to use it on downloading instagram videos and similar

  • Astro Mec
    Astro Mec

    5:50 Oh u mean the feature apple used to have back in iOS 9? Glad to see this back!!

  • Trust Love
    Trust Love

    So I upgraded to this beta and lost all my pictures. How to I get them back

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    Azhar Thotan

    Not getting entry points anymore from referral task(GIVE AWAY) just stopped gaining!

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    sonic 8323

    Can you find out when Siri will speak Polish?

  • Kaine #DDB
    Kaine #DDB bug or?

  • Vipin R
    Vipin R

    Im eager to know the giveaway results. I was about buy an iPhone 7 or 8 for EMI as pretty costly here as my Redmi 4 is totalled and now using 1 hour battery backup Asus Zenfone 2.. Just postponed or even dropped the plan cuz of the giveaway. I strongly blv and hope to see my name on the winner list..

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    Plzzzzzz Compare iPhone 11vs iPhone se 💪

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    Indian cement sir ...kdk mins kadak

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    Nice sir

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    subscription done ✔️✔️

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    They need to upgrade to USB C, lightning connector is holding this phone back.

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    doing a GIVEAWAY on the IPHONE 11 PRO MAX

  • Touch MyPod
    Touch MyPod

    I fell asleep was there anything remotely interesting was this like reading a Lowe’s manual made in 1985 for some sort of air radiator for plants that don’t like it outdoors?

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    Are you 👌 your uploads have been slow you ok

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    Worst tech review channel on UZload.

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    ItsJustTman xD

    When are you making the water resistance test video

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    Sagar Kandela

    Do these video bro.iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues and meaning of that above one

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    Alake Samuel

    The iPhone XR is now $566.99 I'll save my money and get that one since they're all the same.

  • trxpErick

    Any know how to fix this issue “an error occurred while checking for a software update” I can’t update my phone

    • trxpErick

      If y’all got the same issue just watch this video it really helped

    • trxpErick

      Guys I fixed the issue

    • King of demons
      King of demons

      Have you tried restarting it?

  • Tibet MATTERS
    Tibet MATTERS

    Good news for apple fans in India:)))

  • Zeombie

    5:41 , bruh it looks exactly the same!

  • D H
    D H

    Does support ultra wide angle deep fusion?

  • Amyre Wilson
    Amyre Wilson

    Will you do an I phone 11 pro setup please?

  • Collyn Wallace
    Collyn Wallace

    Does deep fusion work on iPhone 11?

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    6 advertises in a 10 min video, way too many man.. takes me out of the video context so frequently.. thumbs down on this video because of the experience.

  • Xrzysiek

    Deep Fusion is not using three lenses...

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  • gav com
    gav com

    somebody tell me why the geekbench scores seem very low

  • Patrick Money
    Patrick Money

    I mean c’mon showing “enhanced “ icons and other small tweaks isn’t some great achievement. It’s sloppy programming that they have to fix every time an IOS is released. They’ve become just like Android which is what everyone complains about. They still don’t have a battery percentage or through screen finger ID, both Samsung have, on the iPhone X etc. It would be better to express these items instead of blindly following and advocating for Apple. I’m an Apple user but disappointed about the last few years of not leading by innovating but following others.

  • ツFLGxsTaR

    Omg please make a video on how to take off a outter box on iPhone Pro Max has omg pleasessssse

  • Mayuresh Zende
    Mayuresh Zende

    Hey hello eap, Just found a bug or feature on the 3d touch device’s . Instead of 3d touching just placing the finger on screen without hard pressing acts like 3d touch. Let it be a live wallpaper or touching on the app just keep the finger on app without pressing the screen. Thanks.

  • coolkiwiii

    ok but going off the leak, if that is the real design, it is ugly

  • Jems

    How do u download it

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt

    When do you think is the Release for the AirPods 3 Or pro


    I am not able to update to ios 13 cause my phone is not supported 😌 iphone 6 😥

  • Hugo Bäsen
    Hugo Bäsen

    This is probably the wrong forum but has anyone else when using dark mode on the iPhone X noticed extremely bad ghosting when scrolling? I find it especially obtrusive while scrolling in the settings app where there are pitch black areas and slightly gray areas. Can this be patched or is this a hardware issue that the refresh rate is too poor?

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