2020 iPad Pro Bend Test & Teardown! Still Bends?
Will the new 2020 iPad Pro bend? Extreme bend test & 2020 iPad Pro 11" teardown. Close look at the new A12Z chip & ultra-wide camera + LiDAR!
2020 iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.
iOS 13.4 Final Review!
Phone Rebel Cases: phonerebel.com/

  • Gautham B
    Gautham B

    New series foldable iPad 2020 pro

  • KabutoRyu

    ouch ouch ouch

  • CLAYx Gaming
    CLAYx Gaming

    does the ipad air 4 bends?

  • Rafe TV Gaming
    Rafe TV Gaming

    this ipad is like soda cane... um

  • AzaliRicco

    Ok, next bend someone neck..... than tell to God... like butter. Fir that big hand of you, any gadget will be butter bro.....

  • Legit Lion Op
    Legit Lion Op


  • Minecraft Roleplays
    Minecraft Roleplays

    No burning ipads

  • Distrikt 4
    Distrikt 4

    How can u be at peace with yourself if u destroy it after opening it my heart just say 💔

  • Jacobo Haro
    Jacobo Haro

    que desgraciado

  • Saurabh Badole
    Saurabh Badole

    You could have given me😫


    No thanks I will not do that )

  • Chris Thoms
    Chris Thoms

    Steve jobs: “Apple doesnt ship junk” yea about that..

  • Kayra

    every collage student’s nightmare

  • Jaymee Fletcher
    Jaymee Fletcher

    it shouldnt be removable...... BUT after some struggle to remove it... it is..... What the F***

  • Jaymee Fletcher
    Jaymee Fletcher

    Not exactly "like butter" your fingers went red at the top showing that you needed to apply a lot of pressure to make it bend. This only proves that if you force something to bend then it will bend. 99.999999% of people won't have any issues. UZloadrs are getting annoying with this rubbish.... Here is the new iPhone... lets see if it break if I take a hammer to it....... oh it smashed.... dont buy it! lol idiots

  • Jaymee Fletcher
    Jaymee Fletcher

    if you want to bend something, then it will bend. Bend your glasses....... but you won't because you want to take care of them.... I dont understand why people want to bend iPads.... what does it prove???? that if you bend it it will bend.... just look after yourself... simple :)

  • Zackmantx

    My mom accidentally sat on my dads iPad Pro and it bent she didn’t even put all of her weight on it I can confirm that this is true

  • Ton Annop
    Ton Annop

    I’m waiting for iPad Air 4 bending test.

    • chevy4lifeee

      me too. hate to say but it's prolly gonna bend just like the pro will...hope i'm wrong

  • Kartik raut
    Kartik raut

    Oh thanks I was going to buy it from my savings I would by 7 th gen now

  • Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
    Juan Paulo M. Caruncho

    Hey everythingapplepro, how about the iPad Air 4 Bend Test?

  • Anonymous

    that actually broke my heart ;-;

  • Nathan Zolo
    Nathan Zolo

    Shame on apple for not making these more durable for the price point.

  • 진

    They made it like that because 1. To sell ipad accessories 2. So that we break them so that we pay for apple care plus and apple makes mkney 3. Buys a new one which makes apple profitable. They are apple, everything is money and they seem like money is more impkrtant than what we think about them

  • finelinehaven

    The device isn’t going to bend for people if they have a sturdy case on it. Everyone uses a case on their devices

  • Maxi gaming MG
    Maxi gaming MG


  • TheError404Sans // MCBE
    TheError404Sans // MCBE

    Garbage ipad

  • ashlizz

    Tem tanta gente querendo comer um iPad e vc quebrando eles

  • Aruna Devi
    Aruna Devi

    You could have gave it to me

  • Jack5718 Gaming
    Jack5718 Gaming

    _laughs in iPad Air 2_

  • To Fu
    To Fu

    Damn that hurts ...

  • Nqox

    RIP 2020 - 2020

  • cirilla

    The split screen function taken literally

  • Raahem and Aaleen's World
    Raahem and Aaleen's World

    you look crazy with two smart watches lol 🤣🤣😂😂


    First foldable phone by apple Iphone 6 series First foldable tablet by apple Ipad pro series

  • BlizzardPeak

    This is painful. Freaking $1,000 device destroyed.

  • merhawi solomon
    merhawi solomon

    I´m cringing

  • {zainouba 33}
    {zainouba 33}

    What is these 🗿💢🔫🌚💢💔💔😭😂

  • Joy Miller
    Joy Miller

    People should stop complaining about the weight, if it only weighed 5 pounds it could be unbreakable, lightweight, whats that anybody can lift 5 bls. Heck ten pounds too, I'd much rather something have some weight to it than have it weaker than an egg

  • Taylor Swiftie
    Taylor Swiftie

    Leaked Footage of the new iPad Fold

  • Saaya Hatsune
    Saaya Hatsune

    this guy has way too much money, I don't understand the idiot of bending equipment

  • Dip Patel
    Dip Patel

    Want ipad original back 1st generation Bend it if u can Steve jobs loves durability more than people lik u ( currently design team of apple)

  • Retro Cat
    Retro Cat

    Overpriced Apple and made in China. Make sense it bends.

  • Carlos Al-Qas Hanna
    Carlos Al-Qas Hanna

    Apple: let's just add another camera and some stickers and sell it for double the price

  • Keya Adhya
    Keya Adhya

    Watching this video with an iPad Pro 2020 lol

  • Ahmed Rashed
    Ahmed Rashed


  • Bodhisatya Mukherjee
    Bodhisatya Mukherjee

    If you didn't want it then you should have given it to me. Why teardown?😥😖😞😟😢😭

  • Alfonse Catiis
    Alfonse Catiis

    watching this on my ipad pro 2020 right now

  • Mamidou moh
    Mamidou moh

    why inthe world would someone use two watches ?????

  • 잡탕Hyun

    Well, you will need an MAGIC (keyboard) for more anti-bending.

  • Truman Hicks
    Truman Hicks

    When are your iPad Pro cases coming out?

  • Jason S
    Jason S

    why would anyone buy this piece of crap

  • Secret Flush
    Secret Flush

    Really your dad is rich enough to buy you 2000 bucks toys for you just to destroy them? That’s ridiculous man. You Should learn any concept of money and than get a Samsung!

  • RZD -__-
    RZD -__-

    Spend bucks to break it Just business 👨‍💼 $$$$

  • Mahin Mizan
    Mahin Mizan

    His hands got red

  • Interstate Indy
    Interstate Indy

    The iPad pro became just garbage.

  • Naveen Gurjar ONE MAN ARMY
    Naveen Gurjar ONE MAN ARMY

    Sir i want ipaid pro 2020 12.9 inch you give me for h gift

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    It’s funny because the chips look like mini iPads lol

  • K1R4 Tube
    K1R4 Tube

    I want to see the ipad air 4.

  • PunNugget


  • Yasma Taleb
    Yasma Taleb

    Why buy something that expensive just to destroy it 🥺 you can do so much with it

  • Nico

    What about durability of the new iPad Air?

    • Ken88

      Coming next month

  • dayana Mathew
    dayana Mathew

    Is this the 12.9 inch model?

    • Ken88

      Looks like 11


    You was using all the strength u had


    S7+ uzload.info/fun/a6tmqIDbk36GvZM/video

  • Pablo Magro Hernandez
    Pablo Magro Hernandez

    You know why you came here, it's at 4:00

  • MaxuFN

    Should I be worried about this? I’m only buying an iPad Pro for fortnite that’s it but over heating is a concern but should I be worried about it?

    • Ken88

      Protecting case

  • kate sarella
    kate sarella

    Why u wearing two watches eh ? Btw great video helped many poor people who couldn’t afford to do that . AMAZING. 😂

    • Ken88

      Why not two watches since he has two arms

  • RespawnPlayz

    4:29 it’s a Galaxy z flip 2

  • Toko Fukawa
    Toko Fukawa

    Flexible display?

  • Shivam Hire
    Shivam Hire

    i think anyone who will be buying a 800$ device would be willing to buy atleast a shitty case to keep it safe or be careful with it, its just sad to see people bend such a beautiful product. Some people have a dream of getting such devices, just because we can afford it dosent mean we should do this. just sad honestly, give it away if you dont need it.

    • Ken88

      It’s part of his job to break thing and tear it down

  • Oktariansyah

    bro mending kasih gue deh _- lagi butuh nih, gue ga ada alat buat belajar daring nih

  • Kjbwefohi Wljbv,jbdsv
    Kjbwefohi Wljbv,jbdsv

    Watching on my iPad Pro :(

    • Ken88

      Like wise..after watching this immediately bought Zugu case😆

  • Rushikesh patil vlogs
    Rushikesh patil vlogs

    He is really mad

  • Isidore Syziu
    Isidore Syziu

    iPad Air Live

    • Ken88

      Coming soon

  • ZERO kinG Gaming
    ZERO kinG Gaming

    I cracked my iPad Pro while fighting with my brother but my dad said I have apple care I cracked it within 4 months of use

    • Ken88

      Lucky you

  • John Sankar
    John Sankar

    He is wearing two watches

    • Ken88

      Being unique

  • Jared Rodio
    Jared Rodio

    EverythingApplepro become's Jerryrigeverything Version 2

  • Sbe Svnne
    Sbe Svnne

    He wears two watches.

  • Leslie Guzman
    Leslie Guzman

    Yeah to easy...*uses all his strength to bend it*

  • t a v
    t a v

    How I wish i would just have that to use for my online class. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Miguel Pires
    Miguel Pires

    so "easy"

  • Ruthik Srisailam -41
    Ruthik Srisailam -41

    It’s to hard to break the pad

  • sarah the moon wolf
    sarah the moon wolf

    wtf why ⁉️

  • Shoaib Maseed
    Shoaib Maseed

    Send me one ipad pro then i will be thank full to you

  • Nut

    Got a samsung ad from this

    • Ken88

      Funny post😆

  • Ajith K Thiyagarajan
    Ajith K Thiyagarajan

    I am unable to buy one till date but this guy is breaking the ipad here!🙁


    Please gift me one 🥺

  • Haiyan Qu
    Haiyan Qu

    Wow ... apple amazed me again.

  • Marco Sundah
    Marco Sundah

    Hows the thermal throttling going with this ipad?

  • Paige Ellenbecker
    Paige Ellenbecker


  • Sunnie

    If you were gonna waste apple products you should’ve have given it to me

  • Yung Yami
    Yung Yami

    Me sitting here barely being able afford a normal ipad seeing him bend a ipad pro feels bad man 😅😅

  • Easykuwait Body
    Easykuwait Body


  • P. Snghn
    P. Snghn

    And why do you exactly have two smart watch on the same wrist?

    • Ken88

      New style

  • Kerwin Yeo
    Kerwin Yeo

    I like how he has 2 watches xD

    • Ken88

      People wear two rings, ties, shirts so why not watches

  • ionut Sava
    ionut Sava


  • Therealoof87

    🍎 Apple

  • Jonathan Masupil
    Jonathan Masupil

    Do anyone kow a case for the iPad pro hard enough to prevent it from bending?

    • Jonathan Masupil
      Jonathan Masupil

      @Ken88 thank you so much

    • Ken88

      Zugu but expensive

  • Saanchi singh
    Saanchi singh

    Hey how can u do that Me -crying for I pad pro 20 U- yeh satisfying 😏😏

    • Harshal Sethi
      Harshal Sethi

      I love  products

  • JEC Ecart
    JEC Ecart

    Do Two smart watches help you time travel ?