Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test & Camera Comparison!
The Ultimate Google Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test & Camera Comparison! Night Sight vs Night Mode full camera test.
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  • Brooke Turney
    Brooke Turney

    im finally getting an iphone next month ❤ the 11 too :)

  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy C.

    does his russian sound legit?

  • Mangal Marda
    Mangal Marda

    Which frame is this?

  • Tesla Cyber Truck
    Tesla Cyber Truck

    Video: Iphone Pictures: Pixel Final Verdict.


    Your russian😱

  • Prestige Auto Customs
    Prestige Auto Customs

    Android sucks 🐑

  • imthe_ windowe
    imthe_ windowe

    Wait ur russian

  • DT770 Pro 250 ohm
    DT770 Pro 250 ohm


  • Hailee wilson
    Hailee wilson

    Your test doesn't tell the whole story like for example the iPhone doesn't get better over time. So why can't the iPhone xs take night mode shots if there chips are that amazing?. Then if the Snapdragon is that bad then how can every pixel phone get the latest software features. The night shot mode your not telling the whole story as the pixel can do it front & back the iPhone can't. The iPhone is not that good at taking night shots of humans at night. Why don't you revisit your comparison 1 year later when the 2 phones have iOS 14 & android 11. Then see what mobile ages better over time feature for feature as if you compare the pixel 3xl to xs max & see if it gets all the features of iOS 14 & android 11. The pixel will age better over time.

  • Rokoe

    Android apps stay cached in the background whereas apple does not be default. Not sure if this is a true apple to apple comparison

  • coroniccreatures

    Wye its a everty time a apple phones vs somthing but ther are phones so much better than apple

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye

    Lol apple fanboys love geekbench, it was basically made to prove apple is better.

  • Jesse Tan
    Jesse Tan

    my old android phone has break down after serving me well for 3 years, so I just take a second hand iphone 7 plus for temporary use. Found that android systems were more user friendly, have headphone jack, google photo auto backup, can drag files and songs into the phone. Planned for another android phone with good camera, wanted to buy Pixel 4, just to find out Google have removed their strength, so I'll have to pass..

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun
    Benjamin Owuye Jagun

    I’d rather have the beat display than any battery sucking higher refresh rate any day, higher refresh rates is overrated.

  • Sarang Tambe
    Sarang Tambe

    One suggestion: Show the apps that each phone is loading on the side like you used to. Very nice and concise video btw.

  • A K
    A K

    Performance is because of the programming language used in the OS.

  • Byung 81 TV
    Byung 81 TV

    Google Pixel is the world's worst-designed phone.

  • Sinan

    Hello brother...i am using oneplus7t...and i think it's a big phone...i am thinking of buying either iphone se or pixel 4a....Bcoz those are handy phone...what i look mainly before buying is quality camera..and average battery...what would you suggest me....should i keep 7t...or should i buy pixel or apple


    i love to see when iphone wins

  • Osama King
    Osama King

    channel name is iphonepro... U idiots he will definately give good review about iphone than google pixel.... In reality pixel is far superior than iphone in most aspects ..

    • Osama King
      Osama King

      @namcicle 351 may be ...i havent used it....

    • namcicle 351
      namcicle 351

      Osama King I think the pixel 4 is still an good phone, it’s just not for me

    • Osama King
      Osama King

      @namcicle 351 u may be right bro....

    • namcicle 351
      namcicle 351

      I’m an android user, but I disagree. The pixels brightness is questionable. The pixels video isn’t the best either, and has so much competition

  • Alex Lock
    Alex Lock

    Why is he comparing the speed between a budget and flagship phone?

  • Rich Chasteen
    Rich Chasteen

    my fellow Russian!

  • Periklis Dosis
    Periklis Dosis

    Why do they have to steal everything Apple does for their software and hardware? They added even the flat bar down there to exit the apps!!! Even that!!! And I can't understand why do they do it all the time!!

  • ruffy

    Hope that these two companies release budget phones

  • Vlad Kotenok
    Vlad Kotenok

    photo- pixel\\\video-iphone

  • Abdullah Ramadan
    Abdullah Ramadan

    iPhone is better

  • Lucas That’s me
    Lucas That’s me

    iPhone is the winner

  • Giovanni Cruz
    Giovanni Cruz

    Your videos make me want to go to sleep, put some music to make me feel energized

  • Ivan Kot
    Ivan Kot

    ахаххаахахх ВсёЯблокоПрофессионал

  • Himanshu joshi
    Himanshu joshi

    Please make a video on speed test or Camera comparison Realme C11 vs Realme U1

  • Nix

    I'm curious are you ukrainian or russian

  • Dman For life
    Dman For life

    The reason iPhone 11 was a head is because you stoped then started again with the pixel 4😡😠

    • namcicle 351
      namcicle 351

      Or it’s because of the old chipset

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson

    iPhone always use better quality cpu and gpu to get much better speed out of it more than camera itself. So thats why apple is serious about this speed and high quality screen of wide gamut LCD LED that most photography prefer over OLED with no black crush and no PWM flicker in modern LCD LED. Plus Apple has its own camera with very high definition detail that they invented. Apple always will be ahead in term of speed in mobile technology.

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson

      Plus a nice bonus with iphone 11 (Not Pro) it is fully calibrated screen too with lower Delta E error!

  • Lilesh Gawande
    Lilesh Gawande

    Now Google Pixel 4a is yet to come ..

  • Manilich Rostislav
    Manilich Rostislav

    I knew that ты русский

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    The iPhone screen is definetly so much brighter

  • Robert Foxx
    Robert Foxx

    Are we got gonna talk about how he speeded up the iPhone? No? Ok

  • Jesus Carrillo
    Jesus Carrillo

    Are you Russian

  • dominantsept

    It´s an Pixel 4 XL, why don´t you write it into the title?

  • Ark Arya
    Ark Arya


  • Friends on demand
    Friends on demand

    I hate apple,that's it

    • Angelo Angibeau
      Angelo Angibeau

      Friends on demand well I don’t know if you ever used an iphone every feature on a iphone just works no gimmicks. Apple have stop innovating iOS but it’s the best damn phone ever created. My 11 pro max last me 3 days take the best pictures out of anything phone n my phone is gonna be supported like 5-6 years

    • Friends on demand
      Friends on demand

      @Angelo Angibeau okay....but evey nee feature android brings on the table, apple would just copy it after 3-4 years and then calls it innovation

    • Angelo Angibeau
      Angelo Angibeau

      bro thank apple for your android device

  • Pratikshya Poudel
    Pratikshya Poudel

    iPhone or Google pixel..?

  • Paniekzaaier tje
    Paniekzaaier tje

    Google Pixel 4, another phone that copied the look of the iPhone

  • A name that you can’t say
    A name that you can’t say

    “Hi how are you my name is everything Apple pro” The Russian translation

    • Spooky ZPUKY
      Spooky ZPUKY

      Oh, cool

  • Danny Hop
    Danny Hop

    The speed on this test isn't to do with the chip it's to do with the iOS working in a completely different way to android. Apple have created a 'lite' operating system - android is more fully fledged hence it puts more demand on the hardware.

  • Olivier G
    Olivier G

    2:13 ‘Drank & Drugs’ staat bij zijn Recently Played 😂

  • Sam 79icloud
    Sam 79icloud


  • Rihanna Bissessar
    Rihanna Bissessar

    The name of your channel is EverythingApplePro so I think in some videos that you make comparing iPhones to any other phones you will always say that the iPhone is better.....I have noticed that in some of your videos, I don’t really appreciate that you do that on some of your OTHER videos!!!!

  • Marshall Hanley
    Marshall Hanley

    google is way better in my opinion

  • aditya sharma
    aditya sharma

    Both cameras do not justify real conditions.Best camera phone is yet to be invented.

  • Qcumber Bond
    Qcumber Bond

    Biased bullshit

  • YaGirlGrace

    i honestly don't know why people find the need to compare phones like a phone is a phon e if it works then it works and also why does every body have to say google copied apple like if gucci mad a watch and fendi mad a watch and they both are the same color would you say that is copied,no you wont. also why does everyone always think that just because they both have 3 or 2 cameras one is better than the other and just have to compare. and us young people always judge people by what phone they have and if they have an andriod then they are considered to be "broke" honestly all im trying to say is a phone is a phone you dont have to judge by every little detail MY OPINION: THE PERSON MAKING THIS VIDEO IS OBVIOUSLY LIKES APPLE BETTER

  • Ballantyne

    Which is better? Like = iPhone, Dislike = Google

  • Urinbossarov Abdullakh
    Urinbossarov Abdullakh

    Ты русский?

  • Terrence Mbewe
    Terrence Mbewe

    Google: another camera iPhone: New software

  • Suriyan Bhagat
    Suriyan Bhagat

    Clearly pixel is doing better in nightscape then iphone ,,,, you just being baised

  • nobody here
    nobody here

    Lol the apple a13 completely destroys the snapdragon 😂

  • Rojas

    I see more detail on the Pixel images than iPhone. Why is the color of the clouds weird on iPhone? The video shows the details even more.

  • Tasruna Hoque
    Tasruna Hoque

    everythingapplepro : this phone is legendary no ultra wide camera and snapdragon 855 plus

    • Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb
      Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb

      Oi ma

    • Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb
      Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb


  • Taylor Swiftie
    Taylor Swiftie


  • Joel Danielsson
    Joel Danielsson

    Google Pixel is trash compared to a beautiful iPhone 11 Pro


    I don’t feel like watching the whole thing iPhone 11- Like Google Pixel 4- Comment


      4PF Alex thx

    • 4PF Alex
      4PF Alex

      I doesn’t matter if you want a cheaper phone with a good camera I’d say the pixel. It’s based off what you want in a phone.


      Bruh no beg

  • Lorraine Mbofana
    Lorraine Mbofana

    His such a fan boy of apple, like he undermines every iPhone flaw to the pixel 😂😂

  • Ew Get the fuck out of here
    Ew Get the fuck out of here

    My friend has a google pixel 2 I have iPhone 11 Pro and we can barely text or call we only have problems with each other and it’s probably our type of phones

  • Call Me Alfie
    Call Me Alfie

    Wow I've just heard some russian. It was unexpected😯

  • Artur Minasyan
    Artur Minasyan

    Did he just spoked in Russian?😂

  • GTP Dnf
    GTP Dnf

    Wondering why google, goooooogle, has bad developers. I mean it's google, and they fuck it up bad, from basic bug fixes and other stories

  • Hampus Kjell
    Hampus Kjell

    In every speed test, PUBG is just killing android in speed since its so badly optimized.

  • Shmoke Qweed
    Shmoke Qweed

    What was that crazy language he was speaking at the beginning 😂

  • Sacha DMITRIEV
    Sacha DMITRIEV

    Your temperature test is useless since you are pointing a glass. What you are mesuring is the temperature of your ceiling.

  • Ольга Савинцева
    Ольга Савинцева

    Ты русский???????

  • Panda 730S
    Panda 730S


  • shohag biswas
    shohag biswas

    Google camera vs iphone camera which is the best..???btw big fan from Bangladesh

  • silly duck
    silly duck

    Please dont have speed these like this because apple is not an open source phone so that is the reason that it opens app quickly

  • Mohamed Ishan Ali Thenuwara
    Mohamed Ishan Ali Thenuwara

    bro i want to know why this youtube channel tech millennial saying that after 10 years i phone users will switch to galaxy and why? is it possible? can you do a review on that

  • Паша Сасковец
    Паша Сасковец

    Holy shit that was some good Russian

  • ant 503
    ant 503

    Im a Android user and I love the Google pixel and if u hate it idc it's my opinion not yours

  • Коля Мартин
    Коля Мартин

    привет, как дела

  • Daniel Fermin
    Daniel Fermin

    so you added battery amphs ?!

  • Nutan Saxena
    Nutan Saxena

    Google copy apple

  • Sean Renzi
    Sean Renzi

    Specs aren't everything

  • Shams Arif
    Shams Arif


  • Gussrandomstuff


  • Anon Me
    Anon Me

    “Apple face recognition is more secure” now ik this is a joke.

    • Up Shut
      Up Shut

      Anon Me It is, its the truth.

  • Amir Muthnna
    Amir Muthnna

    Iphone 11 Pictures Colors Pixel 4 Mic Sound

  • Trump2020

    Pixel 4 XL the best!

  • Jyotishman Barman 71
    Jyotishman Barman 71

    I just need a phone to text my girl.

  • James S.K. Adhikary
    James S.K. Adhikary

    In terms of speed test the iPhone 11 pro is the best one to have.

  • RE -research
    RE -research


  • Taquan Grimes
    Taquan Grimes

    Unfair comparison. The pixel was just released by the time you did this video so it hasn't had any updates or optimizations. The iPhone had two at the time. Ppl love making the pixel look bad when in reality the iPhone is only a trend let's be honest. Only thing they have going is the a13 that throttles when pushed to hard. Before pixel was introduced smartphone photography was at a stand still. Pixel opened doors for the iPhone in many ways esp when it come to photography. Apple still can't figure out how to fix Siri, update the UI interface and once and for all those lousy speakers that degrade in quality overtime. The only thing that keeps apple alive is recycled, unchanged, same UI interface thats been used for the last 11 years and oh iMessage only here in the US though🤦🏾‍♂️🤣😭 other than that I see no real benefit. I've owned several including the 11 as I fix phones and computers for a living and use to be an apple fan but once I seen there were no real changes I jumped ship to pixel 4.... Apples marketing is very good and convincing mindless ppl. not saying every one who have an iPhone is but you get the idea. And as far as the snapdragon 855 vs the 855 plus the average person will not see the difference. A 10 percent increase in speed isn't worth the extra money. Ppl complain about stupid things nowadays

  • Abhiram Bangaru
    Abhiram Bangaru

    Iphone will be much lighter in you pocket as your wallet will be empty Am I correct!!?????🙄🙄

  • Lokika.

    This is called - Asking an apple store directions to the Google store :3

  • Jeremy Carl Daigo
    Jeremy Carl Daigo

    lmao if the pixel finishes first, he say "pixel 4 slightly faster there", but with iphone he say, " Iphone definitely faster there" lol apple fangirl

  • Mutiara Chairunnisa
    Mutiara Chairunnisa

    Wtf gaje

  • Luc McGrath
    Luc McGrath

    all things aside damn, the pixel has a better sounding mic compared to the iPhone.

  • Mr Buhner
    Mr Buhner

    you said it translated well , I saw google pixel 4 transcribing

  • ギドラ

    Man these Apple clones are getting better and better

  • Ambo Austria
    Ambo Austria

    I hope goggle may remove that space at the top which is the face id, I hope they just change it as a punch hole

  • Jfahiz Fahim
    Jfahiz Fahim

    Everthing apple pro, you are apples bitch

  • Veanor

    Watching on pixel 4 xl