Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola RAZR DROP Test!
Ultimate Galaxy Z Flip vs 2020 Moto Razr Drop Test! Foldable glass vs plastic. The latest foldable screen tech put to the ultimate durability test.
Galaxy S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max Comparison.
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  • joker666

    Your username is misleading.

  • Pavel Vodnar
    Pavel Vodnar

    those are from Apple?

  • ivantoxie

    Would be nice if they stopped selling us phones made out of glass.

  • Hussain Kamal
    Hussain Kamal

    Very nice motorola does not compare with samsung

  • Erik Petan
    Erik Petan

    I just wanna bend those phones

  • Noid Para
    Noid Para

    Why Apple fanboy testing Samsung?

  • Xellfer


  • Xellfer


  • Xellfer


  • Pr. Silterson Knop
    Pr. Silterson Knop

    Drop test *Motorola rasr breaks on the front* That's not a big deal🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pr. Silterson Knop
    Pr. Silterson Knop

    The z flip is still working

    • Pr. Silterson Knop
      Pr. Silterson Knop

      Omg z flip is stronger on the front

  • Blake Birdsong
    Blake Birdsong

    Video sponsored by Samsung? Lol

  • Blazy Arguilles
    Blazy Arguilles

    You can just give it to me please I love thattttt

  • Roman Orlik
    Roman Orlik

    You are such an idiot...just know it and live with it. I will not trust any review of yours👎👎👎👎


    Sir,goodmorning here in the Philippines,🇵🇭can I have a old iPhone8 from you, cause I don't have a money to buy a new phone ,,it's my dream to have a iPhone8,I hope you notice me,🙏God bless and. Keep safe

  • SnoodlyBoop


  • Julia Agesti 6.A
    Julia Agesti 6.A

    indonesia like dibawah

  • ShadowNickz

    summary: samsung z flip stronger, there, your time has been saved

  • marin christian
    marin christian

    Last time I’ll be watching you, this is not a test video, more like hate on Motorola video..hater

  • Sydney Wells
    Sydney Wells

    i agree that the first model razr motorola put out in 2019 had a lot of faults, it was it's first run. but motorola definitely has the best team when it comes to listening to customers and improving their product because the new motorola razr 5G is a way better phone than its predecessor. I'll definitely be looking into it before I do the samsung zflip. The nostalgia factor also is great on it.

  • Katt B On 3
    Katt B On 3

    Ha Ha, stay safe and buy the case.

  • Akash Goswami
    Akash Goswami

    Go back to your dumb iphones. You know nothing about foldables

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez

    I'm definitely getting the z flip sometime. I hate how the screen on the Motorola can be lifted so easily

  • J R
    J R

    He obviously hates the razr lol

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter

    Clearly paid big money by samsung to make this video

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith

    How much samsung pay u

  • Juntrik🚀

    Such a bad review Even when the samsung model failed he‘d Tell you How much better it is compared to the Razr.. sad

    • Alex Navarro
      Alex Navarro

      Failed? That can easily be replaced, and is much better than a broken screen. Build quality and specs are miles better on the flip. It is clear who the winner is

  • Illes Samuel Tolgyes
    Illes Samuel Tolgyes

    who cares about you talking shit about the RAZR?

  • Illes Samuel Tolgyes
    Illes Samuel Tolgyes

    i like the razr... my mom has one and she loves it.

  • Malik Haider
    Malik Haider

    Everything apple pro needs to switch he's name real quick cuz apple is crumbling

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell


  • Shadows Shadows
    Shadows Shadows

    Lol the razor is way better bud lol

  • Brian guill
    Brian guill

    Ese weon caga dinero

  • giulia p
    giulia p

    I never write this're so sexy 😍 face and legs so easy to look at

  • Rahat Kabir
    Rahat Kabir


  • strawberry

    this brake my heart

  • Promasterchef33

    The Samsung galaxy Z flip does not have a glass interior screen it is plastic with a nano layer of glass in the flexible OLED lair

  • Miss Me When I Am Gone
    Miss Me When I Am Gone

    He did not break the phone but my heart..


    never watch this channell again.,, eww this is crap


    3:41 thank me later

  • Crystal Pierce
    Crystal Pierce

    What if falls out of your pocket ridding a bike

  • Karanbir Singh
    Karanbir Singh

    First and last video watched on this channel .... I hope samsung paid you well

  • myyoga8spa

    See this is why I like your videos and I follow .. I trust you You're honest strait forward Keep up the good work I was confused on which one should I go for Thanks

  • Aiz Areesh
    Aiz Areesh

    In like the Samsung

  • Alan Wong
    Alan Wong

    samsung sponsored, and also doing giveaway with S20 ultra, get real!

  • will peoples
    will peoples

    Why no 10ft drops?

  • Sweetcraft 557
    Sweetcraft 557

    I think the z flip it's just a better build phone

  • Joao pedro Godoy
    Joao pedro Godoy

    Troxa mano porque quebra porque não duo

  • Mc Guiller Tagalongan
    Mc Guiller Tagalongan

    Me i have that for my online class

  • Kevin Gachaツ
    Kevin Gachaツ

    I remember that plainrock124 tested the Motorola Razr

  • the man behind the slaughter
    the man behind the slaughter

    Jerryrigeverything: starts scratching at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • the man behind the slaughter
    the man behind the slaughter

    IPhone users be like 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Oleg Yefremov
    Oleg Yefremov

    That’s why I bought expensive (but apparently necessary) leather case for Samsung

  • Bonds Kanselier
    Bonds Kanselier

    I have the Razr, love It and it still works fine... P.S. are such a loser Peace... out 😜

  • Charles Cooper
    Charles Cooper

    Hahaha wow talk about not having the right info...the razr is NOT plastic,it's metal... and the galaxy's screen is NOT glass, this right here is a prime example of favoritism, hands down this video shouldn't have even been made

  • Chris Cluney
    Chris Cluney

    I recently bought the Z flip and am so paranoid about it breaking because I am so in love with it, so watching this is horrifying

  • SirLuca100 RBLX
    SirLuca100 RBLX

    Lol everythingsamsungpro 🤣🤣🤣

  • bentogamer games
    bentogamer games


  • Henrique M
    Henrique M

    The RAZR may be flimsier than the samsung and more cheap looking still is the more desirable phone of both. The z flip is just UGLY and not sexy at all. Minute 4:15. Big lol! the guy bragging the solid high quality of the samsung and BAM "Oh...thats all it took :D Yeah buddy that´s why plastic is not such a bad choice after all.... Justice was done after all :D

  • Akshat Jain
    Akshat Jain

    Both have the plastic displays, I dont know why the Samsung is calling it a glass display?

  • The fallen one
    The fallen one

    And Samsung got the idea from Motorola

  • The fallen one
    The fallen one

    Moto was head of its time by 1year

  • HaaaNoooooo

    Always with these drop tests. (Colored glass outers don't matter because of cases on 1,650 dollar phones.) Nobody has no case on even a 200 dollar phone. It's why these drop tests are for views. (A very expensive video? It's paid for a thousand times over by sponsors and views. EverythingApplePro with no older tech Apple devices. I always find this ironic.)

  • Daniel Krenn
    Daniel Krenn

    I really wish they would go plastic on the back of all phones again. There's no reason for the glass outside of making people want to buy a new one because it's all cracked

  • Shoutout 6069
    Shoutout 6069

    Video disliked

  • Maddini Tharun
    Maddini Tharun

    Try to be fair

  • Jr nu mex
    Jr nu mex

    whats up guys? youtube vids universal start..

  • Eliotriz

    Mmmememememememe pls

  • Resul Emini
    Resul Emini

    I want a phone pls😫😫😓

  • Jazil Usman
    Jazil Usman

    Moto is better is but zflips just so cool

  • Sanjay Gawas
    Sanjay Gawas

    Biased dng dis must b unbiased. He has all d praises fr Flip n hate fr Razr frm d beginning

  • diego mota
    diego mota

    Hi me name é Diego

  • ellie_gouldfish

    there's why too much unnecessary bias in this and i prefer galaxy...

  • Sharkie1123 ROBLOX
    Sharkie1123 ROBLOX

    Btw the z flip stole Moto's style

  • The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
    The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

    Its not not glass will it is but its under the plastic and its not 🦍 glass

  • Llamacorn

    in one dream I had a moto razr touch

  • April Gould
    April Gould

    Motorola Razr

  • Zubair Talhah
    Zubair Talhah

    This video is painful to watch

  • Gamerboy Alperen
    Gamerboy Alperen

    The z flip is not glass back is glass screen is not glass

  • Mkhatoon Khan
    Mkhatoon Khan

    I just wanna say you are a jerk ullo k phattay itna expensive behtareen phone phenka hai tumne

  • leticia costa
    leticia costa

    Nossa me da um desses celulares

  • R1208 Captain
    R1208 Captain

    Why did my motorola razr shattered, you said the outside was plastic, apparently the outside display is glass😔

  • Reviewsicle

    Biased AF

  • ira wati
    ira wati

    oh no 😭😭 just give it to me i can't buy this because is expensive for me 😭😭


    How much you hate motorola 🤣

  • dihaji

    How much does Samsung pay him?? No matter how bad it performs, he plays it off like, "But Samsung is a great product!", every time! He reminds me of Sean Spicer when he was working for Trump.

  • AkhilMathew.M Valiyaveetill
    AkhilMathew.M Valiyaveetill

    Achully moto is better than samsung z i used z and that is not great with that senter mark and deficult to flip up but moto is eazy to flip and also more durban only one complain is price

  • Jonathan Harrington
    Jonathan Harrington

    Sounds like a samsung lover doesnt wanna feel defeated by a razor very biased review


    Samsung has always had the worst quality in my opinion

  • Harini Sivakumar
    Harini Sivakumar

    Seems like the video was sponsored by Samsung !!! Didn’t seem fair

  • Wolf Line
    Wolf Line

    I'm gonna call this guy a person that doesn't like/appreciate Motorola's quality

    • Leandro

      1500 dollars phone and the back is recicled coca-cola cheap plastic, hooooo C'mon Motorola

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    Galaxy z flip is plastic too

  • Doug

    C’mon put the zflips case on

  • Lamine Camara
    Lamine Camara

    Samsung z better

  • zahid khan
    zahid khan

    Add my name tooooo

  • zahid khan
    zahid khan

    M 4rm Pakistan i rly love Samsung 🥰

  • zahid khan
    zahid khan

    What u prefer samsung z or moto....,???

  • stormieinmypants

    UZload comments are aids

  • ranjan bisht
    ranjan bisht

    very bad and stupidity bias video.

  • federico fonticelli
    federico fonticelli

    "samsung is so much better"... one minute later "i am givin aways three samsung".. oooh yeh i can see that sponsor, such an ass licker for some dirty money