Mega iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Unboxing!
Unboxing all iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max iPhones! First Impressions of the triple lens & matte back. The colors are so cool!
iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Giveaway:
iPhone 11 Pro Drop Test:
iPhone 11 Drop Test:

  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    Check out the 11 pro drop test here: iPhone 11 next ;)

    • Daniel Mullen
      Daniel Mullen

      The iPhone 11 sucks next to the iPhone 12. Thee end.

    • Skittle squad Gaming
      Skittle squad Gaming

      Oh hell no I’m stuck with the 5s I’m not gonna watch a beautiful expensive phone getting hurt

    • Wil Tindugan
      Wil Tindugan

      Can I get a free phone

    • Mae Jay
      Mae Jay


    • 李志城

      Can I get free phone

  • Colby Durant
    Colby Durant

    Do you by chance have any iPhone 11's still? My friend just shattered my brand new iPhone🤣

  • Carson Chan
    Carson Chan

    While I'm watching this on my iPhone X

  • Adam Goo
    Adam Goo


  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker


  • Kling Antone
    Kling Antone

    I prefer *appledwag on instagram* I bought my MacBook and iPhone from him he's a pro

  • Justin Mimi
    Justin Mimi

    All thanks to *appledwag on instagram* I got my iPhone from him

  • John Sherwin
    John Sherwin

    dont say its budget

  • Wasif Turab
    Wasif Turab

    Please give me a iPhone 11 pro max please silver

  • ryan da pro
    ryan da pro

    Where was the rose gold iPhone 11 Pro max

  • Jacob Coutino
    Jacob Coutino

    How spoiled are you

    • The odd Guy
      The odd Guy

      It’s his money he can spend it on whatever he wants he’s a adult he earned that money

  • Skittle squad Gaming
    Skittle squad Gaming


  • John Maxzy
    John Maxzy

    All thanks to hacker-erick9 for deactivating my girlfriend's insta account and iPhones.

  • KnFx Licker
    KnFx Licker

    Rich kid


    You look like an actor

  • Akash Sheikh
    Akash Sheikh

    😥 please give me a iPhone

  • Shmoyal Ahmad
    Shmoyal Ahmad

    Everybody gangsta with their iPhone 11 Pro Max until EAP walks in the room

  • Rakan Issa
    Rakan Issa

    Send me an iphone please 🙈 ☺️

  • Adnan Ali
    Adnan Ali

    which colour is best in 11 and most sold ??????

  • Ruthik Srisailam -41
    Ruthik Srisailam -41

    Yaa I am great fan of u everything Apple pro and my birthday is next month sooo ,please send me an iPhone

  • Justin Zhao
    Justin Zhao

    Phil Casually unboxing iPhones. Me: 0:57

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed

    Feels amazing “touches plastic”

  • John Arvin Sarno
    John Arvin Sarno

    im so broke 2020 i still dont have my first iphone of my life btw if you want to give me on of it it will be treasured for a lifetime ❤

  • Lucas

    Wanna talk about a handsome man?!👌🏼

  • Illes Samuel Tolgyes
    Illes Samuel Tolgyes

    can I please get the boxes of the phones? I can pay the shipping

  • Dany Appolon
    Dany Appolon


  • Angel Claire
    Angel Claire

    this hot iphone unboxer guy....

  • Jonathan Hagood
    Jonathan Hagood

    apple=like samsung=ass this is me speaking not even having a phone

  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown

    I strongly recommend *tex_hack* on Instagram it was a joy to work with because of him amazingly positive attitude and i am absolutely confident that he would be a great fit for your delivery

  • Mackenzie P
    Mackenzie P

    Did he just say ‘lilic’ purple instead of lilac I😂😂😂

  • 박마르코

    I love my iPhone 11 in white, and my Apple Watch series 5! They’re both the best!

  • C2 Tấn Gaming
    C2 Tấn Gaming


  • C2 Tấn Gaming
    C2 Tấn Gaming

    Give me one, uncle phone 11 pro White That uncle

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White

    I’m doing the wrong job

  • Derek Chendan
    Derek Chendan

    for sure u stole it

    • The odd Guy
      The odd Guy

      He’s just rich

  • Pizzas reactions Pizzas reactions
    Pizzas reactions Pizzas reactions

    Who else is watching this with a iPhone 11

    • 1st Generation Host
      1st Generation Host

      I watch this on my note10+, while waiting updating games in my ip11 256gb

  • JakeTheSnake RD
    JakeTheSnake RD

    Can..can i have one

  • Maria Barajas
    Maria Barajas

    Good you did buy copies again after destroying the iPhone 11 Pro and max and the regular one

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz

    That's why there's no more iphone 11s

  • 박마르코

    I love my iPhone 11 in white so much! It is the best in review!

  • KxBxJ

    there’s just a shattered phone in the background🤣

  • jesus christ
    jesus christ

    this video just called me poor in all languages i-

  • aatif.khan001 status
    aatif.khan001 status


  • mohanmukundsai sunkara
    mohanmukundsai sunkara

    can u get one of these plzzzzz

  • Davion Crews
    Davion Crews

    i wish i was this rich 🥺😢

  • Zomi TKV
    Zomi TKV

    Apple Employee : what color you want? EverythingApple: yes

  • 2kSteven

    who’s getting a 11 and waiting for it to get shipped ?

  • Krimson M •
    Krimson M •


  • Julli seh
    Julli seh

    Give way plz 😍

  • Steven Murray
    Steven Murray

    I want the iPhone11 pro Max for my birthday next month

    • Steven Murray
      Steven Murray

      Please I was crying because I thought you were going to shot me for a winner

    • Steven Murray
      Steven Murray

      In red

  • Rudra Saha
    Rudra Saha

    very very nice video... well i am also apple fan ....

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    You are awesome bro. Mostly famous youtubers don't do the giveaway of costly phones like iPhone. You are great.

  • Kerimit The frog
    Kerimit The frog

    Do u get all the iPhones for free


    Please give me one iphone

  • All IN ONE
    All IN ONE

    Give me one iphone

  • Aown SHaH
    Aown SHaH

    Bro give me a one iphone 😋

  • John Paulo J. Obad
    John Paulo J. Obad

    Can i have pro max for our online class?

  • Taking to the Skies
    Taking to the Skies

    Can I have one 😂😂

  • David T.V
    David T.V

    your rushing

  • Ruby

    Watching this on my iphone 7 and silently crying 😭

  • Roll Royce
    Roll Royce

    Rich kids

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth

    Him: Literally has every iPhone 11 type and has enough money to buy 13 of them Me: Stuck with an old, scratched iPhone 7 and doesn't have enough money to buy a new phone until Xmas

  • Astraz

    My brother has the iPhone 11 and Red color THE BLOOD COLOR

  • Gaming Baba
    Gaming Baba

    Give me iphone brooo

  • DJ1273

    unboxing an apple watch while wearing an apple watch and unboxing all new i phones amongst your own iPhone. MusT bE WerIrD.

  • DJ1273


  • Mae Jay
    Mae Jay

    atleast one? 🥺

  • Mae Jay
    Mae Jay


  • Mae Jay
    Mae Jay

    Can i have one?? 🥺

  • Gacha Bluecherry
    Gacha Bluecherry

    Uh oh flex alert

  • Ellie Vybz
    Ellie Vybz

    but he missed one the iPhone 11 in black 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 not ever one is perfect

  • Mashiat Hossain
    Mashiat Hossain

    Plz give me a iphone 11

  • Mashiat Hossain
    Mashiat Hossain

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  • Mashiat Hossain
    Mashiat Hossain

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  • Mashiat Hossain
    Mashiat Hossain

    Sir plz give me an iphone one of them

  • Josh Ogden
    Josh Ogden

    My favorite color of the iPhone 📱 is Black but I don’t have enough money right now to get one and I’m trying my hardest to save 😢😃❤️👋❤️😃📱👋😆📱👋❤️😃🎉

  • Josh Ogden
    Josh Ogden

    Good luck on your Apple giveaway and how do I enter the apple giveaway can you explain to me please how do you do that

  • Josh Ogden
    Josh Ogden

    I am so happy for you that you have the iPhone 11 and I am new to your Vlog and your Vlogs I still have an iPhone 📱 6s that 6 years old but I’m get a new one soon

  • Simply pastel
    Simply pastel

    Imagine what would happen if someone tried to call him

  • Nie Playz
    Nie Playz

    Sadly I’m still a iPhone 6 user but I’m thankful to even have a phone 👏

  • Al Noman
    Al Noman

    Dear brother, I am from Bangladesh maybe you have lot of phone,, If you do not need phone, or you don't used extra phone please you gift me a phone?

  • Nina Yuliana
    Nina Yuliana

    Please give away,I need iphone 11 pro max:(

  • Moshe Irons
    Moshe Irons

    Can have iPhone 11 Pro Max free IPhone

    • Brydon Diaz - Gilbert
      Brydon Diaz - Gilbert

      Wait for iPhone 12

  • Notoriouskilla

    I just got the iPhone 11, I would recommend the 11 pro if you have a lil bit more money

  • Tang William
    Tang William

    How can win iPhone 11 Pro Max give away

  • Tang William
    Tang William

    I want a iPhone 11 Pro max512gb

  • Kirandeep kaur Nagra
    Kirandeep kaur Nagra

    Sir I like a iphone 11 pro but I do not buy because this iPhone 11 Pro it's not my budget if I win iphone 11 pro giveaway then I so happy I think is you well give me a birthday Gift .....

  • Luminara Unduli
    Luminara Unduli

    I wish that I can just grab it on the screen, haha

  • Anas Fruitwala
    Anas Fruitwala

    Man I really want the pro

  • warren o connor
    warren o connor

    When will you be sending out the new Rebel iPhone 11 Pro Max cases, I purchased mine 22nd February, have heard nothing back yet.

  • chinny krish
    chinny krish

    Can I get one

  • bakawaifuuu .x
    bakawaifuuu .x

    he couldn’t care less about breaking the phone ahahah

  • Her Gary
    Her Gary

    I got the 11 green color amazing

  • Icel Maranion
    Icel Maranion

    Hello sir, im from phillippines i hope and pray that you can give away any iphone for may kids because we are still facing pandemic here in our country due to covid 19 that why my kids needs to go on line schooling for their studies and they need at least one phone, we dont have enough money to buy them to use in their studies that is im hoping and praying that my kids can receive phone from you, thank you and more power may God bless you more blessings and subscribers THANK YOU

  • Angela K
    Angela K

    Him: buying all iphones 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max My mind: dumbass u want it badly right just buy all of it. Me: sorry i can't afford it am broke as hell

  • Nour Elghonamy
    Nour Elghonamy

    Please i need this phone badly i hope you can read my comment

  • Nour Elghonamy
    Nour Elghonamy

    Hey can anyone help me get a new phone please because mine is broken

  • Zylice Liddell
    Zylice Liddell

    I was thinking of giving my mother my XR. I love the performance of the XR but I’d like the better cameras of the 11 but there’s a new iPhone coming in just a few months! What shall I do?

  • Ade Olorundare
    Ade Olorundare

    i would love to win a iPhone 11

  • Relwrxd

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