iOS 13.4 Released! Final Review
Final & Ultimate iOS 13.4 Review. All new features, new iPad trackpad support, speed, hidden features & more before updating! This one is HUGE!
New iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.
More iOS 13.4 Features.
Phone Rebel Cases:

  • R. Stern
    R. Stern

    Samsung gang gang

  • Mark Evangelista
    Mark Evangelista

    Hope that i can buy those stuff ..😥 cant afford it.. i wish i have an apple phone😥

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson

    Man you always find EVERY small little change lol

  • Awais Mohammed
    Awais Mohammed

    my 11pro not charging past 50 after this update

  • Awais Mohammed
    Awais Mohammed

    my 11pro not charging past 50 after this update


    Im on ios 12

  • Milan Pravica
    Milan Pravica


  • Daniel G
    Daniel G


  • karthik

    good one

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson

    I’m liking the new 3D Touch shortcut options on the apps

  • Fluffy Awrin
    Fluffy Awrin

    When can we jailbreak 13.4.1?

  • Artem Isakhanian
    Artem Isakhanian

    Anyone experiencing battery drain on XS Max? IOS 13.4.1

  • 2Woody

    I can t afford the features.

  • Reviews And To Infinity
    Reviews And To Infinity

    Wouldn’t it be really cool if Apple gave us the option to change the look of the icons to the classic iOS 6?

  • SaYYaD 786
    SaYYaD 786

    I’m am wondering you have too much phones, what are you going to do with it after the video ,I don’t even updated from 6S .... I want one iPhone pro Max :)

  • Aaaksh Kumar
    Aaaksh Kumar

    It’s slowdown my phone

  • Vaishali Singh
    Vaishali Singh

    Can I connect my windows pc’s Google Chrome to my iphone 11’s screen time to get combined Education screen time ?

  • Alan benith
    Alan benith

    "2:35" "...2019? nice" "...2020? Will be Nicer" "Nothing Else seem to inject cydia on your device" .. .. .. .. .. .. Hope It Works For You Too

    • 8834

      Me: 2020 can't get any worse *2020:*

  • Mariza Saklara
    Mariza Saklara

    Il get my iPhone 6s in abt 4 days. Will I be able to update it to ios 13.4?

  • Steve Pearson
    Steve Pearson

    Updated to 13.4.1 and thus to be the most glitchy update to date, so so many frozen apps, eg calculator won’t load, safari stays frozen, screen won’t lock when using the power switch, holding the power& volume button won’t reboot, I hope this disaster of an update will get another fixed here in Ireland, Europe.

  • SluggardRaccoon

    Is this worth on an iPhone 7? I have iOS 12.4 currently. I actually just got my 7 two days ago.. just not sure if this will slow my phone

  • Amir Eslami
    Amir Eslami

    Hey Phillip i just wanted to know if updating will make it impossible to jailbreak an iPhones 8 plus or not

  • P.O

    Watching but don't have any apple product😂😂

  • amerika s
    amerika s

    Wait does he like post malone?!

  • Stefan Pellerin
    Stefan Pellerin

    This software slowed down and made the battery of my iPhone X so much worse

  • Johnji Artz
    Johnji Artz

    Having issues on connecting Bluetooth since I updated to 13.4


    How can I get that iPad wallpaper in the beginning of the video?

  • Tom Bachxoglou
    Tom Bachxoglou

    For fucks sake who the hell asks for more memoji,its barely a feature

  • AKGaming

    Apple also added heating problems and bugs like every ios 13 update they fixed old ones and ended up adding new ones seriously ios 13 is starting to piss me off .My iPhone X heats up while charging and sometimes won’t charge past 80% also it charges slow due to this issue my battery health dropped.Thank You for another shitty update Apple👍🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

  • HighlyOblivious

    2:11 for new iPhone features


    So if I have an update for 13.4 on my iPhone XS Max, Should I update my iPhone?

  • HomiiieVids

    Just wondering where did you get that amazing purple and baby blue wallpaper

  • Divy Patel
    Divy Patel

    There’s error in online video player (particularly in iPhone 7) only play audio there’s no video play back 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • MrOldeastdallas

    I wish they get rid of that notch and face id. They need to go with the on screen finger print id. I wanna upgrade but don't trust that face id.

  • Ryu

    True it is really been killing the battery.

  • sumit c
    sumit c

    It’s just really bad the battery in my XR is really coming down with minor usage

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson

    How to bypass activation lock on ios 13!!!

  • Harvey Panuncialman
    Harvey Panuncialman

    Internet connection having a problem here. Especially with connected to VPN. Sometimes INTERNET SLOW OR DISCONNECTED.

  • For Your Consideration
    For Your Consideration

    Sometimes poops are big and plug the toilet

  • PLUG2.1

    My iPhone 7plus has been lagging ever since I got the update,is this happening for everyone else?

  • Bruno Libanio
    Bruno Libanio

    How do I put 3 partie navagation apps on the main screen?

  • Iejad Saffuan
    Iejad Saffuan

    What keyboard you use for that ipad?

  • Meshal a.
    Meshal a.

    Hi, kindly, Do you have any news about new macbook pro 13 inch with new majeckeybord 2020 when will be, released ?

  • checotey

    thx 4 the review! but is it also stable, or a battery drainer, buggy etc.? iphone X btw.

  • Innov Ace
    Innov Ace

    “ It’s an exciting day to be an apple user “ meanwhile my iPhone 6s 16gb can’t relate

  • Joanne Ma
    Joanne Ma

    I have ios13.4 on my ipad air 2

  • Denis Gunaydin
    Denis Gunaydin

    iPad wallpaper pls


    He forgot to mention that you can not update to watchos 6.2 without updating to ios 13.4

  • uğur artut
    uğur artut

    Wait for ios 14 next night camera feature for iphone x above!

  • John Paul Lirac
    John Paul Lirac

    Hi Mr. can I have a request for you I'm desperate right now I'm here to the iPhones that you have can I have one iPhone for my mother because her phone is a NOKIA USER so that I want to give her a new phone coming from you . It's my / your gift for the incoming MOTHERS DAY next month . Hope you'll understand. Sorry for inconvenience ❣️🙏

  • Vybez

    Your phone looks so small in your hand lmao😂

  • Gweilo Ren
    Gweilo Ren

    Apple’s ‘innovative’ new updates are such a joke. They add shit that every device already has, they just give me the shits

  • Addikted Montage
    Addikted Montage

    I wish Apple would just do a customisation update sometime soon

  • Akash Gimhana
    Akash Gimhana

    Wifi keeps on disconnecting when phone is stand by..

  • Akash Gimhana
    Akash Gimhana

    Wifi keeps on disconnecting when phone is stand bu

  • Hannes Lasner
    Hannes Lasner

    where did you get this keyboard

  • Tremera McBean
    Tremera McBean

    My battery life used to last 1.5 days now I’m lucky if I can get 12 hours. Don’t update. It’s drains your battery!!

    • jason schmaglaar
      jason schmaglaar

      Santiago your phone is close to two years old. 98% makes complete sense. Batteries degrade

    • LVL: CRAP
      LVL: CRAP

      @Santiago 98 is still good stop slandering progression and get a new battery if a 2 percent loss is a problem for u

    • Santiago

      Tremera McBean i have an XR and it went from 100% battery condition to 98% since this shitty update. (Anyone reading this: DON’T UPDATE).

    • LVL: CRAP
      LVL: CRAP

      @Tremera McBean for new phone u gonna have to go to a shop and i would say wait till u can barley use ur phone then get a new battery as replacing the battery without sending the phone to apple will make it loose any water resistance if u where using a 7 or 8 u could do it for free on ur own with buying the battery ofc but just use it till its unusable then send it to apple or a repair store

    • Tremera McBean
      Tremera McBean

      LVL: CRAP I have a XR. I got it last December so idk why it’s acting like this. How much does it cost for a battery replacement?

  • JB Guer.
    JB Guer.

    Safe to say more than half of those “new features” are useless.

  • Ayman Elgharrafi
    Ayman Elgharrafi

    What’s that wallpaper called?

  • rakhee akhil
    rakhee akhil

    Can I have one of your Iphone🙃

  • tenadjang nelson
    tenadjang nelson

    The display on my xsmax can get way brighter after this update..🤨

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson

    I hate it, there are multiple bugs such as the control center will not allow me to go into it while I’m on a 3rd party app such as Instagram and it’s over heating my phone more, I have a iPhone 7

    • Alex Robinson
      Alex Robinson

      Any app I’m in will not allow me to use the control center

    • Alex Robinson
      Alex Robinson

      plus I cannot use force touch when someone sends me a message

  • Krishna Mathivanan Valarmathi
    Krishna Mathivanan Valarmathi

    What case you using kindly share link?

  • Tudor Georgescu
    Tudor Georgescu

    ID on that case?;)

  • Rose

    Did they remove that stupid “history” thing in the music app?

  • Dan Brookes
    Dan Brookes

    Wonderful not gunna use any of these. Great day to be a apple user

  • Christian Anthony
    Christian Anthony

    Bunch of crap .apple needs picture in picture . Window pop out. 😴

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh


  • Amar Mukherjee
    Amar Mukherjee


  • Shahhussain Vapiwala
    Shahhussain Vapiwala

    Where did u find this wallpaper

  • Shahhussain Vapiwala
    Shahhussain Vapiwala

    Whats the wallpaper on that

  • Aziiiz- DiveJistu
    Aziiiz- DiveJistu

    All my iCloud videos were removed after updating. 😑

  • gamer dog
    gamer dog

    hey dude ios 13.4 is release but in my ipad gen 5 it did not show in my setting how should i do? btw love your vids

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz

    what iPad case is this?

    • Jonathan Diaz
      Jonathan Diaz

  • imran chowdhury
    imran chowdhury

    If you have iPhone 7 Plus please Don’t update 13.4. I have iPhone 7plus nothing wrong with phone before update 13.4 no problem at all but recently update 13.4 now iPhone 7 Plus touch screen problems !Now if open any web browser and you tuch top right corner it’s not work! I don’t know it’s same problem with other or not .!

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan

    So i have a iphone now ...... now i need 10 to 20 years to buy a high end car to use the car key app ...hmm interesting

  • Key Bucks
    Key Bucks

    thanks for the apple update🤗

  • Mikee Toquero
    Mikee Toquero

    Nice ❤️

  • Ren Amado
    Ren Amado

    Still no split screen ?

  • Calvin The Otter
    Calvin The Otter

    All i care is apple's longer battery life.. But based on the comments here, this update drains your phone faster than ever..

  • Tensor187x

    What laptop is that?

  • Laura Graham
    Laura Graham

    Wallpaper links !!


    done" "iphone entry" "any colour" "any storage" *why: iam using samsung phone * good giveaway

  • Simon Douglas
    Simon Douglas

    After updating my iPhone Xsmax to 13.4 it now takes a long and hard press to power up my phone. This is bad!!

  • Hasanat Ibn-Wendell
    Hasanat Ibn-Wendell

    iOS is still boring.

  • Games James
    Games James

    So we are moving back from touch to buttons - interesting

  • Lewis Li
    Lewis Li

    Whats the jailbreak situation on IOS 13.4?

  • Dzhumanazarov Tilek
    Dzhumanazarov Tilek

    Also when you call Siri wearing AirPods it answers on iOS 13.4. In older OSes it was silent which was really annoying

  • Daniel

    Apple: release ios 13.4.000001 Everything apple pro: It's a good day to be an apple user

  • rich caplan
    rich caplan

    I did the update and now I’m missing half of my pictures and videos. Help!!!!!!

  • Hugo Silva
    Hugo Silva

    what keyboard is that

  • varun kumar shukla
    varun kumar shukla

    How to use any keyboard and mouse with iPad pro 2020

  • SwissKing2021

    We want 120hz Screen, the difference between 60 to 120hz is so much smoother and for gaming the best, and this iphones can handle 120Fps easy

    • Mab 366
      Mab 366

      They only do 120hz on ipad pro Maybe the next iphone will have 90hz atleast

  • Elliott cooperofficial
    Elliott cooperofficial

    I hate it

  • Jennifer Bernard
    Jennifer Bernard

    I like the iPhone case you have on your phones! Have you started making your own cases yet?

  • Sahil Kumar
    Sahil Kumar

    who else has listened to new album AFTER HOURS???

  • Mubashir Thalipparamban
    Mubashir Thalipparamban

    06:13 Will it work on my indian cars? 😁👍🏻

  • Dominique Collins
    Dominique Collins

    Is there a download size limit when it comes to Safari Download Manager? I’ve tried to download a 4GB file several times and it always stops downloading between 1.6 - 2.1 GB. Anybody seems to know why?

  • raymond warioba
    raymond warioba

    hopeful my iPhone 6s plus will be supported by ios 14.0...

  • Ahad Tanveer
    Ahad Tanveer

    6:56. Did he just leak the new iphone 12 visuals?