Huge iOS 14 Leaks, AirPods Lite, iPhone 13 USB-C & iOS 13.6 Beta 2!
iOS 14 beta 1 is just 9 days away at WWDC 2020! Latest iOS 14 Leaks, iPhone 12 '120Hz' Update, AirPods Lite, iPad Air 4 & iPhone 13 USB-C design!
Last iPhone 12 & 13 Leaks
Phone Rebel Cases

Max Weinbach (120Hz Update)
Concept Creator (AirPods Lite Modeling)

  • Zohaib Mukadam
    Zohaib Mukadam

    2:33 apple is keeping price fairly affordable the sentence i thought i would never hear in my life

  • Samuel Filliettaz
    Samuel Filliettaz

  • Weston Buford
    Weston Buford

    Wait you are the creator of phone rebel ? I literally just bought one just came in the mail. I work for AT&T and a customer came in with one that’s why I bought it. But that’s crazy

  • Joshua Fondrenn
    Joshua Fondrenn

    Apple should make a bundle of all of there latest Apple products and services just saying that would please a lot of people

  • Joshua Fondrenn
    Joshua Fondrenn

    Extremely happy to see that the iPhone numbers system is stay extremely thankful 👏🏻🤞🏻🙏😇😇

  • Morten

    can you do a iphone 11 water test

  • Samir Rana
    Samir Rana

    Apple just can not get out of the notch. Wow will use IPhone 4 and make the notch smaller. There’s no more innovation any more. Is just more of making huge profits. Apple can’t figure out of getting ride of the notch.

  • Fathan Abqory 18
    Fathan Abqory 18

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  • Fathan Abqory 18
    Fathan Abqory 18

    hi sir .....😁😁I hope to get a used iPhone gift from you !!! no problem, I'm very happy because I want to try to feel using the iPhone this is my WA number if you respond 081244676667😂😂😇😇😇🙏

  • Fathan Abqory 18
    Fathan Abqory 18

    hi sir .....😁😁I hope to get a used iPhone gift from you !!! no problem, I'm very happy because I want to try to feel using the iPhone this is my WA number if you respond 081244676667😂😂😇😇😇🙏

  • Shrish Hukkeri
    Shrish Hukkeri

    APPLE 🔥🔥🔥💕💕👍👍😎😎

  • Yogik P
    Yogik P

    Minta hanpone ram 4 dong plis


    I have the iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB I think I’ll skip the iPhone 12 and going for the iPhone 13 in 2021 I hope that it’s a true wireless charging iPhone what do you think about me going straight to 2021. iPhone

  • bruh momento
    bruh momento

    there's a video in your adds.

  • Arturo Hernandez rojo
    Arturo Hernandez rojo

    If Apple didn’t release a iPhone every year people wouldn’t be as disappointed so much maybe one every 2 years would be a lot better

  • Bariyah Riya
    Bariyah Riya

    I might not be able to buy a cellphone that expensive

  • harsha choradia
    harsha choradia

    Is the Rose Gold is coming in 12 ?

  • EpicAdHd

    Him “Galaxy S 29” me *Gets ad of galaxy S 20 ahahahhaha im dead

  • Mario Wilkes
    Mario Wilkes

    This guy just has the same stuff in the last video and re labels it. It’s the biggest click bait on here

  • Hridaya Poudel
    Hridaya Poudel

    Im seek of seeing same design of apple. I thought it would be better then last one... nothing change. Every thing same.


    I want the iPhone 12 to have the same appearance as iPhone 11

  • Sedric Segundo
    Sedric Segundo

    Since the iPhone XR they’ve added 1 additional camera and not the iPhone 12 is gonna have 4 cameras.

  • Jbone302

    It’s a good thing I haven’t upgraded my iPhone XR yet Now I can wait for these

  • Ernesto Parada
    Ernesto Parada

    I have placed an order for a phone case on 4/18/20 and received them last week order #6212 but they sent me the wrong size. I had to resend those cases and still no update on my cases. I’ve emailed and no response. This is horrible !

  • nitesh adsul
    nitesh adsul

    Those gains tho🔥💪🏻

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G

    You look like the brother in the drake and josh movie

  • Cosmin Trica
    Cosmin Trica

    Man, nothing about apple WWDC? Are you ok? something happened? Where are you? I'm scared.

  • Bajwa Lovely
    Bajwa Lovely

    I love i phone realy

  • Dhdbdbdjdbdb


  • Parin

    Him: Ok so the leak Ad: Pampers

  • Magic Trick88
    Magic Trick88

    There will be a notch for a few more years. It may indeed get smaller but it will stay. Micro led version will be notch less in 2023.

  • Myles Tech
    Myles Tech

    I am running iOS 14 because I am an apple. Developer

  • enamoring

    Oh yes everything i waited for 120hz new airpods im glad i didnt buy iphone 11 this year

  • Glen Charles Rowell
    Glen Charles Rowell

    Have they fixed the HTML rendering engine in iOS 13.6 yet? The fine lines that show up in Safari when you zoom in are annoying. Why hasn't Apple fixed this yet?

  • WoshiiAlongKia

    Bruh at this rate i might as well save up for an iphone 13

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Done ✅

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    Him: ok so the leak- Ad: Samsung Galaxy s20- Me: stares in galaxy s10+

  • Demitrius Balevski
    Demitrius Balevski

    Now days: iPhone 11 Pro EverythingApplePro soon: iPhone 16 leaks People: iPhone 12 didn’t even come out yet!

  • jercon 85
    jercon 85


    • miko foin
      miko foin


  • Paul Orekhov
    Paul Orekhov

    Black airpods, the same airpods, but 50% more expensive, because black lives matter.

  • Takoyaki SurelyYouWillLoveit
    Takoyaki SurelyYouWillLoveit

    Excited for new the iPhone 📱

  • Mirza


  • Roni Makkonen
    Roni Makkonen

    NO USB-C in iPhones!

  • MeMo Ra-Sta
    MeMo Ra-Sta

    Whats next, 10 cameras on the back of an iphone?? 😏 Fucking apple man. People enjoy to keep getting ripped off. I still own an iphone 6s and i bet that this the best iphone to be ever made. Specs & design. And thats coming from a tech savvy. And btw. Apple died when Steve jobs died in-terms of innovation. End of story here.

  • Flower 1234
    Flower 1234

    The cases look sick

  • Oliver Gomer
    Oliver Gomer


  • Löuisa Wei
    Löuisa Wei

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    • Kris Schmïtż
      Kris Schmïtż

      Yeah you've also tried him? From my opinion my experience with his services were superb, he's too talented not to be employed in NASA ......unpopular opinion!

  • 6ixty6ix Gunner
    6ixty6ix Gunner

    Liked and already subbed, i only have an samsung s8 and....... its a samsung

  • Carlozzz

    If y'all care about 120 hz so much just get a different phone

  • Brendan LE
    Brendan LE

    The fact EverythingApplePro does not add his own subtitles to his videos is just threatening. ;(

  • Devontae C
    Devontae C

    Done ✅

  • Kewin Shibu
    Kewin Shibu


  • ///AMG Lu
    ///AMG Lu

    No in-screen fingerprint sensor no iPhone 12!

  • vnnesq

    another year, same ole rumors. we've been talking about usb-c and notchless display since 2017. what we actually get is just another camera module. iphone 12s with super duper retina display and 5 cameras. 1.5 trillion dollar company and the only innovation they can think of is to add another camera module.

  • Adriano Kiddo
    Adriano Kiddo


  • Yeudy R
    Yeudy R

    Gime me the last iPhone, mine is broke (the camera and battery)

  • GrozOutTV

    I'm still using my iPhone 8 plus im happy how still good the performance is. Looking forward for the next iPhone 12 or 13 this year

  • l msv
    l msv

    Wow usb c.....

  • Zach

    I need to get ahold of about the phone I won last year. Congratulations on the release of your case

  • Avinash Chaudhary
    Avinash Chaudhary

    Dislike this video for 2 times advertisement

  • Yusuf Basoinar
    Yusuf Basoinar

    I have samsung s7 edge. It is shit. I was thinking to get 11 but then when I heard iphone 12 will be 700 dollars, I changed my mind. I think I am gonna wait for iphone 12

  • Chin Opai
    Chin Opai

    Where did he announce the giveaway winners?

  • Kamerton Audiophile player
    Kamerton Audiophile player

    We are all excited about iPhone 13. iPhone 12 is already a history.

  • ACE112ACE112

    4:08 nice d-pad

  • M Abdullah
    M Abdullah

    I hope the 12 or 12 pro comes with 5G and dual sim

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James

    @EverythingApplePro what display monitors are those on your desk? Thanks

  • RavenTeenTitanGamer 213
    RavenTeenTitanGamer 213

    I don’t really like the iPhones that have the straight sides. I like the ones with the curved sides. I hope they still stick with making curves sides for the 12.

  • Chronic

    Isnt apple all about innovation? I have a usbc Charger from my speaker now I don’t have to buy a whole new charger if I break it 😂

  • Chronic

    Iphone 14?!??? Bruh I still got the iPhone X lemmme catch up apple

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    If they are releasing most of the products in black then the Apple stickers should be in black too

  • Samuel Xie
    Samuel Xie

    will the apple watch series 6 delayed or no


    Me: *About to buy an IPhone 11 Everything Apple Pro: Let’s Talk About IPhone 12

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      Legends are waiting to buy XR VERSION 😂

  • Shaun-Kendall Sooknanan
    Shaun-Kendall Sooknanan

    Are these leaks?? Or predictions? Lol

  • Jamie Grayson
    Jamie Grayson

    Dang... I just got the iPhone 11! Now they’re getting a new one? I can’t keep up with this stuff!

  • Wes Wiseman
    Wes Wiseman

    Maybe I misunderstood what he was saying, but did he say that USB-C should never happen on iphone?

  • EXODE GaMiNg
    EXODE GaMiNg

    can you do leaks about iphone se plus

  • Sarika Despande
    Sarika Despande

    I love the way he is giving everry single update about the iPhone 12


    I would l love black AirPods but would much rather have at least an 8 hour battery life from each pod. Samsung killing them with the galaxy bud+ battery life.


    Will pass the iPhone 12 if they are coming up with usb c in iphone 13

  • Brian

    I’m still disappointed there’s no folding phone from Apple rip

    • Magic Trick88
      Magic Trick88

      It’s not possible lol

  • Santhoshkumar Muthukrishnan
    Santhoshkumar Muthukrishnan

    How to purchase iPhone 11 Pro Max Rebel Case in Canada?

  • Rachel ssdnjamk
    Rachel ssdnjamk

    Is it gonna have fingerprint Touch ID ?

  • God is good
    God is good

    Hi, shall i buy the XS now or wait till the september event so it may get cheaper? It is 660 euros right now??


    Are u going to participate in WWDC event?

  • Zikki Charade
    Zikki Charade

    This guy is what we call in my country 🇨🇾🇬🇷 "Λαφαζάνης" which it means he is talking fake shit only he believes and has fantasy fetish

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson

    It’s better to have a previous gen flagship ‘Pro’ designation vs a cheaper current non-pro phone. Change my mind..

  • Joshua Cordero
    Joshua Cordero

    Keep up the videos bro i always watch your videos your always on point

  • Rajesh Choudhary
    Rajesh Choudhary

    Legends are waiting to buy XR VERSION 😂

  • Rajesh Choudhary
    Rajesh Choudhary

    If they're not selling headphones with phone I'm not buying it ! I love wire headphones !!! ♥️

  • Justin Fay
    Justin Fay

    I'm super happy with my pro max still i don't think ill upgrade this time even though 120hz is possible but not worth the upgrade.. Battery still lasts incredibly long, camera is amazing and screen looks great and it has the newest chip so im good. USB C would be nice but apples charger isn't an issue currently

  • jonathan tacla
    jonathan tacla


    Mute your Apple watch while you record. I keep thinking it’s mine

  • Bloody Moonclues
    Bloody Moonclues

    Will the iPhone se2 have live wallpaper:(?

  • Wavyy Rome
    Wavyy Rome

    I just got my 11 Pro Max yesterday.. 👁👄👁

  • Shayla Tackett
    Shayla Tackett

    Him: ok so the leak- Ad: Samsung Galaxy s20- Me: *stares in galaxy s10+*

  • insyirah amani
    insyirah amani

    people are talking about ios 14 but im still using ios 10 😂😭

  • Jaxzv

    What about the giveaways

  • Michael Appleseed
    Michael Appleseed

    Lose the cap please

  • Matt Loesner
    Matt Loesner

    When the heck will the Apple Computer get a better camera! They are upgrading and updating everything else but the MacBook cameras aren’t the best AT ALL, makes me not want to FaceTime off my MacBook Pro. And if they come out with a Navy Blue iPhone I would 100% buy that 🔥

  • BuckBack

    Iphone is so late in everything

  • Howard Tong
    Howard Tong

    iPhone appearance is accurate but with no usb c. There will also be a blue color that will be pretty crazy .