The $3000 iPhone 11 Pro Case!
Introducing the new worlds MOST expensive iPhone 11 Pro case! $3,000 for this titanium color shifting marvel. Giveaway inside!
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Most durable iPhone 11 Pro cases drop test.

  • E ZR
    E ZR

    Waiting for the 12PRO gray...

  • Angel Zavala
    Angel Zavala

    Okay, but does it even PROTECT the phone itself from all non-water/fire damage?

  • Cem Gökdeniz Arslan
    Cem Gökdeniz Arslan

    But sadly it just provide a protection worth $30 and it's a hundres times more expensive. :{

  • Kian Mercado
    Kian Mercado

    I wish there will be an titanium iPhone in the future.❤️🙏

  • Pruthvi Jayappa Shobha
    Pruthvi Jayappa Shobha

    Looks like $13 case..

  • Ellis

    Anyone know of like a copy/knockoff?

  • kmac nba
    kmac nba

    In this case you would use the iPhone to protect the case.

  • TheOriginalDSS

    Love that Titanium Case. S the giveaway still in effect?

  • Branden Hughes
    Branden Hughes

    The case cost more than the phone....

  • Malinis

    If I didn’t see this video I would think it’s spray painted plastic

  • Daniel O.
    Daniel O.

    The phone better protect the case

  • han solo
    han solo

    3000 dollars for a case, thats amazing

  • Sammie Tam
    Sammie Tam

    Do they make a protective case for the titanium case? Just incase I drop the case...

  • Jonah Lynn
    Jonah Lynn

    The Cat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tutorial Nation
    Tutorial Nation

    Wow I think I will just stick to my $40 case

  • Kris T
    Kris T

    not worth 3000

  • Marco

    Nice house

  • Unknown Dude
    Unknown Dude

    Looks sharp, but just wait until you drop the phone in that case and it hits the edge of a table...

  • Macintosh Fan
    Macintosh Fan

    0:20 Notice that cute cat over there?

  • Rdove Gaming
    Rdove Gaming

    Who spends more money on their case then their phone???

  • Jabbar Shaikh
    Jabbar Shaikh

    Please give me that case.

  • Elijah Stephen
    Elijah Stephen

    When the case is more expensive that the phone🙄

  • DizFeed

    when you need to buy a case for your phone case

  • Shyqyri

    is there any cheap copy of this or of the advent titanium case?

  • Jason Amuah
    Jason Amuah

    Never seen a case more expensive than the phone its protecting


    So where do you buy a case for the case?

  • Brian Erwin
    Brian Erwin

    $3k and the presentation is shit

  • Abdulla Pavzn
    Abdulla Pavzn

    I’ll be protecting the case more than the iPhone

  • Rose Ramirez
    Rose Ramirez

    The design looks like caca

  • Err Yabut
    Err Yabut

    And here I am believing the $999 XDR Display is too damn expensive

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy

    Drop test time

  • Sensual D
    Sensual D

    3 grand for a case? Fuck it I’ll just machine it myself

  • Abekhoukh Mohamed
    Abekhoukh Mohamed

    Oh beautiful case❤️🔥🔥

  • Joe Maggi
    Joe Maggi

    Imagine when you drop it and get a scrape. 😖😖😖

  • rogger iyyen
    rogger iyyen

    Omg its a jowk yeah

  • gracefully unknown
    gracefully unknown

    It doesn't even look nice

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Is it made in China ? No coronavirus please

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Run it over with you Honda Civic

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Throw it to your cat

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Throw it outside your window

  • cleanwing3000

    Are your hands always sweating?

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel

    Who else thought he was going to drop test it 😂


    Can you donate to poor people or children on world now they need food only 19.99 months a year 239.88 not much because you bought case 3000$ I think 19.99 months for poor people not big deal for you

  • mahbubul islam
    mahbubul islam

    So UGLY !!! i wont use it for free even !!!

  • Tq Gamer
    Tq Gamer


  • Tq Gamer
    Tq Gamer


  • horizon308

    When the case costs more than the phone... 🤭

  • horizon308

    When the case costs more than the phone... 🤭

  • Illyria1217

    This is when you go “am I more worried about breaking my $1400 phone or $3000 phone case?”

  • Adyaan Khan
    Adyaan Khan

    I like your 🐈❤️❤️😺😃😃😃

  • Roman Clemens
    Roman Clemens

    Anybody else think he is Daniel Tosh’s doppelgänger? Lol

  • El Hakimou
    El Hakimou

    I like eating my poop

  • Saadat KB
    Saadat KB

    This guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Harrison

    what's your cat's name? They look nice.

  • G Fire16
    G Fire16

    I want airpods 😢😢😢😢😢😣😖😖😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dave Bras
    Dave Bras

    Gonna need a case for that case

  • Ammar Saleem
    Ammar Saleem

    This case is expensive than 11 pro max Hahahaa

  • apple Design
    apple Design

    You're a professional and that's great, but there is a problem. There is no shipping to Kuwait directly

  • Polight shakka
    Polight shakka

    This case is more everything but less one thing that is protection

  • Judy Strauss
    Judy Strauss

    I think the case is ugly

  • Charles Follosco
    Charles Follosco

    3:43 that screwdriver

  • bee

    More expensive than the phone 🤣

  • Joshua Fondrenn
    Joshua Fondrenn

    Not worth the money 💰

  • Oderfour Tv
    Oderfour Tv

    Great and beautiful, thumbs up

  • Melena Howard
    Melena Howard

    It’s simply beautiful but I can feed and shelter a lot of homeless dogs for $3000.

  • InvertIdols

    I'm sure i can find a similar case on alibaba for 10 bucks lol

  • DungStealsMemes c:
    DungStealsMemes c:

    The cat behind him just doesn't care

  • clips for you
    clips for you

    Wow what a great way to west money 🙄

  • Tech. Tamil -டெக் தமிழ்
    Tech. Tamil -டெக் தமிழ்

    Do a drop test

  • DomeGD

    When the case is more expensive than the phone itself

  • Vapor

    When your case costs more than your phone...

  • Saxton Segu
    Saxton Segu

    Anyone realize this case more expensive than the phone😂

  • Rufina Yurchak
    Rufina Yurchak

    I see that little cat walking around in the background

  • Alen Mathew
    Alen Mathew

    Yeah it is really expensive 😇🤪

  • Jp Heredia
    Jp Heredia

    Lucky for iPhone users they can still use that same case for newest iPhones (12, 13, 14...34) models to come... lol

  • Rick Corey
    Rick Corey


  • CJSimmons88

    Wow just wow!

  • Isaac Azocar
    Isaac Azocar

    This is the first video he doesn’t start with “hey what’s up guys everything Apple pro here” hahaha #airpodsprogiveaway

  • Salvatore VIVACQUA
    Salvatore VIVACQUA

    That is an uncomfortable case

  • mohamad karake
    mohamad karake

    Airpods pro

  • Muhammad Adnan
    Muhammad Adnan

    Too expensive man. . .

  • Biber567

    I just liked watching the cat in the background

  • suppermanzz zz
    suppermanzz zz

    it's pretty nice looking case!

  • Siddhanth Chatterjee
    Siddhanth Chatterjee


  • Goldboy121



    Fan from India 🇮🇳

  • Luisa Kühner
    Luisa Kühner


  • David Cienfuegos
    David Cienfuegos

    Here for the giveaway!! 🔥

  • Mohan KC
    Mohan KC

    i would rather go for caviar phones then these case. they are way to expensive.

  • J


  • Abraham Nevarez
    Abraham Nevarez

    I hope I win

  • Carlos Eduardo Iunq
    Carlos Eduardo Iunq

    Rich people don’t know the meaning of the word limit. 🌝

  • Ili Braci
    Ili Braci

    I love that you are shooting in 60fs, its a huge difference

  • Beni Hurlov
    Beni Hurlov

    Wehr can i Bus your case

  • Rhakesh G
    Rhakesh G

    You know that things expensive when it’s the same colour as that one csgo knife

  • Octo 08
    Octo 08

    This looks amazing and airpods pro giveaway

  • Barbados Slim
    Barbados Slim

    This is a prime example of what rich people who wont be rich for long spend their money on.

  • Megan Duncan
    Megan Duncan

    Titanium is expensive but not $3000 expensive in high school the shop students do their final project using it. This is a good idea for a project.

  • Richard Trinidad
    Richard Trinidad


  • Ka’wayne Brown
    Ka’wayne Brown

    🔥AirPods Giveaway🔥