‘iPhone’ 9 & 12 Pro Leaks, iOS 14 Features & AirPods X!
Apple's all new 'iPhone' 9 & iPhone 12 Pro leaks, major iOS 14 features leak, AirTags features revealed, AirPods Pro Lite confirmed & AirPods X spotted. Latest Apple News!
Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
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  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    Too many videos to post, had to take a break for iPhone news. Worked hard for this one, thanks 👍

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      dude my birthday is also 22 june but on 2005

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      Joshua Fondrenn, UZload music app would be cool 😎

    • Joshua Fondrenn
      Joshua Fondrenn

      EverythingApplePro house about UZload music app

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      your the best youtuber ever mr.filip im not joking

  • Ninja Raid
    Ninja Raid

    So. ..........the iPhone 9 is basically iPhone se?

  • Dyrrothcool14

    1:00 it called it lots to love. Less to spend

  • Sage Metzler
    Sage Metzler

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done” Why: Current Iphone screen shattered and got it replaced with an LCD at the mall and now one of the corners is dark RIP.

  • Diyaanah Bhyat
    Diyaanah Bhyat

    I hope i can win the iphone se giveaway.

  • Arsenic

    Who’s here after the iPhone se is out?

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    Save your money on the Air Pod Pros X or whatever they are called. I have always been an “Apple fan” but after my Pros failed to do the ear fit test and made a shrill noise when you put them in your ears I have moved to Sony. I recently bought the Sony 1000 XM3’s and the noise cancellation is by far the best I’ve ever seen, even better than my Bose and they blow my Beats out of the arena.

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    I don’t know why they would release the 9 after the 10

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    Why would they call it AirPods X ?

  • IAW Ro-Go-Dude
    IAW Ro-Go-Dude

    Instead of airpods x they should be called “Wrap Phones A” or something like that if u agree then liek

  • Judy Strauss
    Judy Strauss

    Why must you insult older people. That stinks!

  • Gabriel De Leon
    Gabriel De Leon

    ok but where can I actually buy that fake shell for my 11 pro????

  • Hayden Davis
    Hayden Davis

    Everything apple pro: telling us leaks for iPhone 12 Me: Stuck with a iPhone 6

  • Tzomaz

    Why did apple skip iPhone 9... BECAUSE SEVEN EIGHT NINE HAHA GET IT SEVEN ATE NINE K imma leave now

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson

    I want them-

  • Mr.Android mate
    Mr.Android mate

    Thank you bro for updates ☺😍

  • m4 memes
    m4 memes

    done any iphone any colour anystorage

  • Abdullah Lamfon
    Abdullah Lamfon

    the grid system multitasking is a lot better

  • Drakkus

    Apple should’ve had the gallium Hatcher’s long ago. Genkithings made the GaNFast™ switch dock and charger a while back

  • Baracudda Joe
    Baracudda Joe

    I'm watching all these videos about the new iPhone like I could afford one lol

  • Ahmed ahmed
    Ahmed ahmed


  • Myst1cc

    So is the iPhone 12 going to have the body type of the iPhone 5?

  • Pokémon_ Wolf
    Pokémon_ Wolf

    I really want the iphone11pro Max

  • Chanell Lewis
    Chanell Lewis

    Please put me in your phone and headphone give away I been following you for a while and I never win

  • Laurence Marquez
    Laurence Marquez

    Want one iphone 11:(( please give away begging please

  • Dzel

    4:39 how did you make the control center come out from the bottom

  • The Fashion Wrr
    The Fashion Wrr

    Progress ✌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  • Aarya Bhalekar
    Aarya Bhalekar

    Maybe might not happen but what I wish for future iphones to be like Is that it should: 1) Have a separate point for earphones and a separate one for charging ...like please 2) have a back button like the android because I'm so used to it at this point that if I use a iphone I press the bottom right corner thinking of it as a back button ...but it's not.. 3) get back the rectangle type edges ..thin but still similar to those 4) allow doing other things while you are getting phone calls 5) have that circle home button (to me that's so important in a iphone ...it's so cute😂)

  • Tyler Kimble
    Tyler Kimble

    What does he mean when he says “thanks for preordering”?

    • •R Õ Š Å P Ì Ñ K•
      •R Õ Š Å P Ì Ñ K•

      Tyler Kimble ordering before it comes out for cheaper i think

  • Katy Caddick
    Katy Caddick

    Can I have some airpods pls

    • Chris BigC
      Chris BigC

      Katy Caddick giveaway ended

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  • Will Kirkham
    Will Kirkham

    Looking at my iPhone 5...

  • Rumana Afrin
    Rumana Afrin

    Hello dere

  • Zameel

    Fingers crossed for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Giveaway 😁😁

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    Ari -36


  • Truth Street
    Truth Street

    60GHz is not good for the lungs. Ask the people of Wuhan. #fiveG #lookintoit

  • Milán Kovács
    Milán Kovács


  • Mohd Adil
    Mohd Adil

    iPhone 9 design renders awesome

  • Goopten Gaming
    Goopten Gaming

    When come 90hz in Apple

  • Out InHappy
    Out InHappy



    Wow apple 12

  • Aamir Hussain
    Aamir Hussain

    I would like to buy your new cases also but I have iPhone 6...😂

  • Makenzie Davis
    Makenzie Davis

    I also want to mention I love all of your videos and I like knowing all the new technology

  • Faizan Afz
    Faizan Afz

    I like the pictures in the start 🛫

  • ŁØRD K A S H I
    ŁØRD K A S H I

    Nice airpods

  • Rani Madhavan
    Rani Madhavan

    Apple products being launched every year....Me about to buy the iPhone SE2..... Coronavirus be like: 2007:nah 2008:nope 2009:ah,not this year 2010:No! 2011:let's wait for a while... 2012: again,nope not this year too! 2013: Not again 2014:I will find a perfect year soon... 2015:Nah! 2016:No,nope! 2017: :0 2018:+_+ 2019: :0 2020: Lemme end Apple's whole carrier...!

  • 63MacGuy

    Will we ever see an edge to edge screen ?

  • Jamieus Rowlando
    Jamieus Rowlando

    I'm not upgrading to a new iPhone until they get rid of that darn ugly notch. Apple pls get rid of it. (still rocking iPhone 6 lol)

  • coolboombox160

    Will the cases be available for shipping to Europe?

  • emily s
    emily s

    How do you know if your car has nfc? My car doesn’t have wireless charging But it has Apple car play. A key fob with remote start and keyless entry along with being able to roll down windows.

  • ŁØRD K A S H I
    ŁØRD K A S H I

    I want to win s20 ultra n airpods

  • Unknownhim

    Hey send me one smartphone from your country please my phone broke and hear is hard to buy one

  • Gabe’s Aquatics
    Gabe’s Aquatics

    I would like some AirPods pros

  • po

    I Will buy the iPhone SE 2 (9) But i Will still miss my normal iPhone SE 😔

  • VetNick

    Airpods Pro

  • jasi jaseem
    jasi jaseem

    Me iPhone SE

  • Kristofer Seblos
    Kristofer Seblos

    ghad when will i own iphone 11 💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️

  • Chris William
    Chris William

    March 5 is my birthday

  • Eli Bonny
    Eli Bonny

    Information on the giveaway is weird? All it shows it follow 2 instagram accounts and sub to youtube, how do you choose the winner?


    Hello sir

  • TheKID HB
    TheKID HB

    Don’t really care much for anything since I’m up to date on Apple products for the next 2 years or so, just excited for iOS 14

  • J rock Man
    J rock Man

    iOS or android

  • ThyGreek

    Don't buy anything new from Apple or Samsung you risk getting affected by the coronavirus . Stick to what you have.

  • Daniel Springer
    Daniel Springer

    Spassiba Balshoi

  • Jamzam

    What do you think of 3D Touch leaving the iPhone?? Do you want them back on the 12???

  • latif miller
    latif miller

    Been a subscriber for a longtime . Entered the giveaway .

    • Chris BigC
      Chris BigC

      latif miller been ended

  • CatSmack

    This is getting interesting. If apple makes a phone that’s actually affordable, they could dispel the whole thing about apple not being affordable and androids being the only affordable option. First steps to redemption. I might be more supportive if that trend continues.

  • Free.tutorials Enjoy
    Free.tutorials Enjoy

    Will there be air pods in the iphone 12 box

  • a deep fryer
    a deep fryer

    0:00 apple is in galaxy

  • Jorge

    Damn, I just upgraded to the 11, I’ll need to wait xD

  • Danyelle Keene
    Danyelle Keene

    AirPods x? We haven’t got that far with AirPods yet it should be AirPods 4 or AirPods pro 2

  • Walter Lee II
    Walter Lee II

    What's the date for the Apple event this month? Should I wait on AirPods Pro Lite or just get AirPods Pro now?

  • icykilla903

    2008 a phone with a camera 2020 a ps4 pro with a phone


    Hey, how much do the iPhone 9 cost? Please respond to me in the reply on this comment

  • New Breed Records
    New Breed Records

    Watching on Phone 11 pro Max Already ready For The New iPhone 12 I love tech gadgets esp Apple products !! I’ve had this phone since Dec 5th gettin old already lol I may get a slick wrap to get a new look

  • Kev O
    Kev O

    Couldn’t finish your video, waaay too many ADs right in the middle of a sentence

  • alectric alexia
    alectric alexia

    If the button is back I will definitely get the iphone 9

  • Gee Knight
    Gee Knight

    wow. more of the same. apple is way behind the competitions. When are they gonna do something different? all they're focusing on is the stupid camera

  • Saleha Tasneem
    Saleha Tasneem

    There is no iPhone 9🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff Studios

    Just wish Apple would give full access to the file system

  • Rams Hacks
    Rams Hacks

    They better make a iPhone 9 plus model sucks having a little phone in your hands

  • Last Iphone
    Last Iphone

    iPhone 📲 always have problems and always will have problems for such a expensive product they should minimize the problem Hate iPhone 📲 so much no more new iPhone 📲 sticking with old iPhones 📲 and older version

  • DungStealsMemes c:
    DungStealsMemes c:

    Me : my ipad 2 Also me: wait there is another ipad? FRICK


    Don't know why the airpods are called pro they sound awful

  • Shang Su
    Shang Su

    Can’t wait for the iphone9 or se2

  • Frankie Dean
    Frankie Dean

    can't wait for the iPhone 12

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    Koteswararao Maddineni

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    A. I

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  • Lekgotla Ntshole
    Lekgotla Ntshole

    When will iOS reduce restrictions on iStore Apps for certain regions in Africa like Botswana. Its 2020 i mean :-(

  • Meru Review By TGC
    Meru Review By TGC

    I WIill buy that "IPHONE" Because that name makes me happy , dont have to explain my number series just The Name "IPHONE"

  • dhairya malhotra
    dhairya malhotra

    Wish i could get that beautiful apple airpods pro😍😍

  • Yousef Jubran
    Yousef Jubran

    Stop trying to leak it I used to watch you last year before the iPhone 11 came out and so alll of it was fake instead of the news of the last month until the publish . please stop confusing prope

  • Slit

    You are the best at this

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    Abdullah Afzal Raja


  • ClickPond

    If apple reveals a switch to arm processors for their Macbooks in the march keynote i'm gonna beat up Tim Cook

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    LA Love

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  • Lloyd

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    Eduardo Baeza

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    papi a

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