Insane Apple Glass Leaks! Exclusive AR Glasses Features
Exclusive Apple Glass Feature Leaks (feat. Max Weinbach), Apple's AR Glasses coming 2021 for $499! Apple Glass + LiDAR concept, all leaked features, iOS 13.5 jailbreak & more!
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Jon Prosser Apple Glass Leaks
Max Weinbach (Apple Glass features source)
Concept Creator (Apple Glass modeling)

  • Dr christian Carter
    Dr christian Carter

    lil baby

  • Rolando Bandon Jr.
    Rolando Bandon Jr.

    At first I saw the trailer and after that I didn't believe and after everythingapplepro posted a video about Apple glasses I said to myself what the heck it's real

  • The Gamingwithc And Vlogs
    The Gamingwithc And Vlogs

    But can you use those with prescription

  • cu- cu- cool
    cu- cu- cool

    wait what this information was leaked 5 months ago and I barely received it, I thought he barely posted the video and on Instagram I saw a similar post about apple glasses. thank though

  • Nazarene

    I need an invisible mask 😷, cos Face ID is pants 🩲. And Apple Pay is even worse. Maybe one day they’ll invent a fingerprint button (hi tech)

  • Alexander Marin
    Alexander Marin

    No, these are real. I am an official apple working agent, and I specialize in the development of these new products. We are currently working on apple glass, which could also be called i glasses, and these are official and real. I am under high security and I cannot tell you when these will be launched, but expect next year or the year after that. Who am I? I am the official apple developer for i glasses and other products. That is all I am allowed to tell you. But I can tell you one thing, these are 100% real.

    • Orhan G
      Orhan G

      i am the ceo of apple. can confirm. 100% real.

  • Bobby Davidson
    Bobby Davidson

    Holy crap, your videos have way to many ads.

  • tia abdel-sater
    tia abdel-sater

    Soon all the people who wear glasses (including me) will constantly be forced to take their glasses off

  • GT Cloud Gaming
    GT Cloud Gaming

    cant wait

  • H

    Literally iGlasses

  • Jesse Dombek
    Jesse Dombek

    Is he holding rather glasses right there?? Wthhhhh.

  • Tito Torres
    Tito Torres

    Just wait until we have apple AR contacts... whoa...

  • T Chavez
    T Chavez

    Gazer gazer predicted this yall

  • T Chavez
    T Chavez

    Gazer gazer

  • Resolve Tube
    Resolve Tube

    apple always innovating with revolutionary products that works

  • Mrorangechair32 yee
    Mrorangechair32 yee

    Aye where the apple glass huh ?

  • Chris the gamer
    Chris the gamer

    I am excited for this

  • crazybutlazyyy De
    crazybutlazyyy De

    Thats the only apple product I am exited about and I wont care about the prose cuz I wear prescriptions and their not cheap so ill pay whatever they say

  • Dark King
    Dark King

    Why don't you begin by explaining what those glasses do?? You talk like we all know what they are!

  • Depressed Skittle
    Depressed Skittle

    I hope you don’t need a phone for this 😅 Edit: never mind you need to 😩 oof.

  • atman343

    They want to be the apple of your eye.

  • EDC Gadgets
    EDC Gadgets

    My eyes are very sensitive, if it isn’t cloudy I have to wear sunglasses. I hope  brings the 2nd gen of glasses with photocromatic glasses (that get darker when hit by sun). If not, my use of them is limited to indoors and winter

  • Tsundere Child
    Tsundere Child

    Oof I need tinted glasses.

  • Jonathan Meyer
    Jonathan Meyer

    As someone who has worn glasses my entire life and works in both VR and AR I can confidently say I WANT THIS!!

  • Pink Spoon
    Pink Spoon

    Why are there 19 ads on this Ad?

  • Rana Sajjad
    Rana Sajjad

    introducing: apple glasses, a new (enter a big word which means good) which blinds you and only we have the cure for it it sounds scary but influencers will buy them anyways glass cost 50 thousand per part frame and each nanometer of the lens sold speratly (bad grammer sorry) cure cost (more money then in the world)

  • TheNightcoreReaper

    how do you select stuff do you touch the sides or something someone tell me??

  • Ice Cream Rolls Guy
    Ice Cream Rolls Guy

    Yugioh. That’s all I have to say.

  • Fazbear Gaming
    Fazbear Gaming

    are they making a lens for it , or 2.0

  • Miguel Escobedo
    Miguel Escobedo

    Imagine when your classes die and It don’t let you see anymore😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • darren Schultz
    darren Schultz

    0:53 Love this moment

  • L

    “Iphone 11 pro entry” Why: Because I want it 😝 Plus my iPhone 7 is acting strange 😞

  • Acethegamer

    Hope apple glasses will work with an iPhone 11 pro

  • Noway1379

    What test do I have to fail to get these? Are they going to be 12X more expensive as normal glasses?

  • Mike M
    Mike M

    wow such guns you have there!

  • Zakaria Abbasi
    Zakaria Abbasi

    Look like apple missed the chance to call it the “eye phone”


    I can’t wait for Apple Glass

  • Pat

    Your case looks so outdated, genuine feedback, don't mean to be rude :)

  • Kidus_10

    It really irritates me that it won’t be called the iGlass

  • Kirky Waffles
    Kirky Waffles

    Are other people gonna be able to see what your seeing?

  • Kirky Waffles
    Kirky Waffles

    Driving a car and your group chat starts spamming 😂🤣

  • Kirky Waffles
    Kirky Waffles

    The things that’s weird is that glasses are made for vision. Could they make the glasses where it detects your eyes and can focus your vision spasifically to your pair of glasses?

  • Randomly In accurate
    Randomly In accurate

    Apple need the extra time between announcement and release to increase its battery life from 22 to 27 minutes between charges

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson

    I wonder why they didn’t call it an iGlass 🤔


    Apple Glasses already shouldve been out with access to icloud

  • Tahir Iqbal
    Tahir Iqbal

    Well this be my house and my car price 😂

  • Bald Uzi Vert
    Bald Uzi Vert

    Apple steady getting in my pocketsssssss

  • Philipp Yeo 2
    Philipp Yeo 2

    The actual video starts at around two minutes. Anything before this are garbage ads.

  • YoungDragon

    I figured it out. I'll accept $$ Hmu on social media

  • 3flawdaboys

    what happens if it drops

  • B1llionz

    Porn is gunna be muaddddd

  • MaRs

    My motorcycle helmet does all that and i got it for 299.

  • shavar boyd
    shavar boyd

    I really hope this comes out this year

  • Shabadoo Shabadoo
    Shabadoo Shabadoo

    Hah, buy all the Apple Glass you want fools. I will still win the fight every time since they don't tell you my power level.

  • Gytis Stankevičius
    Gytis Stankevičius

    we'll I guess the advent of 5G will be the game changer for the AR-VR devices

  • Memory Mlambo
    Memory Mlambo

    Will siri be on the cool Apple glass

  • Tegheosase Omorogbe
    Tegheosase Omorogbe

    Who else thinks that it sounds stupid

  • Vazzlo

    EverythingApplePro: It's smooth, it's clean. Apple fan boys: 👁👄👁

  • Adam Elafrangy
    Adam Elafrangy

    Every one going to be a nerd after this

  • Adam M.
    Adam M.

    What happened with people who wear glasses and have to charge this when it’s charge is over.they need another glass then

  • D'jeane Husbands
    D'jeane Husbands

    It should be compatible with the iPhone SE

    • BasicallyImOrlly

      No it shouldn't. Samsung don't even support their S7 and Apple supports so many phones. Give them a break.

  • mytro

    Later that year: recall apple glasses snap on face

  • Alpha_4TW

    Idc how much they cost. Exams coming up, I’m copping

  • Kamikadze Ze
    Kamikadze Ze

    Artificial intelligence will make all of us slaves, you do not even imagine humanity in any danger now.

  • phillip jackson
    phillip jackson

    The "leak" was on purpose to build up momentum. Duh

  • Onyinye Okwuowulu
    Onyinye Okwuowulu

    It looks so masculine...are ladies excluded

    • BasicallyImOrlly

      Looks uni-sex , what makes it look masculine?


    I love Apple Glass

  • Bas Looman
    Bas Looman

    I want that

  • IAmAFailureAtEatingSpaghettios

    I want some

  • Lukas P
    Lukas P

    “Budget” iPad Only 899$ for 64GB

  • Lukas P
    Lukas P

    Saw the price - immediately quit watching

    • BasicallyImOrlly

      It's only 500$ ... That's a deal bro.

  • Joel and Pets
    Joel and Pets

    Yes i can watch movies in class

  • Russia Power
    Russia Power

    anyone think of the chuck intersect glasses watching this??

  • Tha Goat
    Tha Goat

    Apple stole my idea ... I have another idea for the iPhone I just hope the CIA didn’t hear it ....

  • Fit Potato
    Fit Potato

    I waiting for apple to release Icoffins for the dead.

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Still not a big fan of Apple, but I can't deny that some of their products are revolutionary.

  • Catmeowi

    “iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Because I have an old Samsung galaxy and my grandpa gave me his old Apple Watch and I can’t even use it :c

  • Ricardo

    but will it be usable for people who actually wear glasses?

  • Beck Iverson
    Beck Iverson

    I wonder if you could fit prescription lenses in them

  • Warrior Of Peace
    Warrior Of Peace

    Apple Glass: Glasses sold separately

  • Santosh Bannur
    Santosh Bannur

    After Steve jobs...I guess innovation has stopped innovating

  • Just Chaos
    Just Chaos

    Finally i can watch porn in the public

  • Bangtan 2013
    Bangtan 2013

    I did not know they made apple glasses until now (I need to get out more.)

  • BdashRain

    i Glasses

  • Josh Campbell
    Josh Campbell

    What kind of nose support will it have (nose pads or plastic flaps)

  • Catty Patty
    Catty Patty

    I wonder what kind of AR apps it will have?

  • Ramon Gepigon
    Ramon Gepigon

    I’m wondering how are tech reviewers gon be reviewing this glass.. like will there be any screen recording or will this even be called screen recording??

  • Vishnu Seshadri
    Vishnu Seshadri

    Imagine if you have prescription and the glasses stopped working at 0%

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A.

    I never really understood how smart glasses are supposed to work

  • Zain Muzaffar
    Zain Muzaffar

    Iphone 11 pro entry done ✅ why becaise want to upgrade

  • Alex Hügel
    Alex Hügel

    Blah Blah Glasses blah blah Can I get my 5 minutes back?

  • Salinas Angel
    Salinas Angel

    “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” Why: I’ve had a 7plus for a while and have had the screen replaced twice because of my dog and would love an upgrade from this phone

  • Dieter Horvat
    Dieter Horvat

    Imagine an AR Apple glasses and Apple Watch that could display a full phone type screen on your arm

  • Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang

    So they are copying Huawei now?

  • Gupt Tura
    Gupt Tura

    why there is always 'leaked' info comes out before a big Apple, Samsung events?

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze

    Google glass. Did they buy Google’s tech and repackage it.

  • London Stewart
    London Stewart

    iPhone 11 pro entry Why:I have a iPod and I want to be able to take a small device somewhere without having to connect to WiFi or bing my iPad

    • London Stewart
      London Stewart


  • Lea

    Iphone 11 entry!!❤️ Why: To replace my iPhone 6

  • Siege Villegas
    Siege Villegas

    Been using my glassess for five years now. Gunna need that upgrade

  • Ernesto Parada
    Ernesto Parada

    I have placed an order for a phone case on 4/18/20 and received them last week order #6212 but they sent me the wrong size. I had to resend those cases and still no update on my cases. I’ve emailed and no response. This is horrible !