Top iOS 14 Features! What's New Review
iOS 14 Beta 1 Is Incredible! Apple finally added Widgets, Picture in Picture, App Drawer, Smaller Siri, Small Call Interface, Default Browsers & So Much More! The BEST iOS 14 features to get excited about.
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  • Ronabee

    POV: your watching this before you updating your phone to be sure that the update don’t change much

  • sᴜɴɴʏxᴅᴀʏs

    doesn’t work for me!

  • larry zan
    larry zan

    when will we have pic in pic straight from youtube app dont worry youtube i wont cancel my youtube premium when i get this feature hehehehe

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    This is totally unbelievable was checking out the features of iOS 14 and was recommended to *zachacks0 on Instagram* just got me full access to my wife's iPhone really appreciate your service.

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    This is totally unbelievable was checking out the features of iOS 14 and was recommended to *zachacks0 on Instagram* just got me full access to my wife's iPhone really appreciate your service.

  • BrowniezXO


  • Pedro Murray
    Pedro Murray

    Why does the phone look so small??



  • Aashish Ray Mallick
    Aashish Ray Mallick

    I wish if Android could have all these features too...

  • Upd8

    wait what 🤯😳 you can speak russian?

  • Edan George
    Edan George


  • Rashid Malik
    Rashid Malik

    IOS 14 has the features android had invented years ago

  • DaisyGirl Studios
    DaisyGirl Studios

    Who else saw his other phone in the background when he was calling...... 👇

  • Jannelle Luma
    Jannelle Luma

    Can you plz help me. When I want to return to a call and I try to tap on the call on the upper left of my screen it does not work. I now have to slide up from the bottom to get yo the call page to end the call

  • Edgar

    Picture and picture won’t work for me I try to do it but when I exit safari it just closes

  • Barbara Monto
    Barbara Monto

    Hey does anyone know if ya can change the messages bubbles can be change colors,,,,,

  • Semper Shaman
    Semper Shaman

    Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

  • Comrade Johann
    Comrade Johann

    someone help meh What time of the video he spoke russian?

  • Hardik Patel
    Hardik Patel

    Hey @everythingapplepro, I just installed iOS 14 yesterday and tried to do PiP in UZload in Safari browser. But when I click PiP then it shows small window but then it fits to UZload website default video set up. I showed in this video that your video is showed in PiP but mine isn’t . Can you please tell me know that what is the reason. Actually I tried for other website and it worked perfectly but not for website. Thank you


    why do i feel like watching an android review from 5 years ago?

  • Hisoka _moanz25
    Hisoka _moanz25

    OoaooOoOoOiOih iosfourtEeeEeeEeeeeEeeEeEeEEEN

  • It’s Lenn & Rose
    It’s Lenn & Rose

    How do i get that icon on my UZload videos i need that 😩

  • Logan Cuddy
    Logan Cuddy

    Aye just realized today we’re both Russian, all the way from Vladivostok here! Keep up the vids

  • Katy Pril
    Katy Pril

    Apple needs to give credit to jailbreak community ;-(

  • Ben Quadinaros
    Ben Quadinaros

    Wow there most definitely has been a rise in people learning Russian!

  • micheal richard
    micheal richard

    Hi hope you’re well, was wondering if you can do a video on all the changes made to AirPod settings in iOS 14

  • sara nono
    sara nono

    Love from my heart

  • 6919 Chhayan Jain
    6919 Chhayan Jain

    How to split view ?

  • Yuwan Escudero
    Yuwan Escudero

    I already downloaded this os in my grandma’s phone. And yet the coolest feature in this os was BackTap.

  • Razorsharpedge

    Nothing in this update is exciting for me. Just more blah blah.

  • elkedim youcef
    elkedim youcef

    Love this video

  • Samir Diab
    Samir Diab

    Love this video

  • Johnny lor
    Johnny lor

    So it took apple almost 13 years to add widgets? That's so 2008 on android. People really have been living in a cave.

  • Gary Bratton
    Gary Bratton

    Is it possible to customize the app drawer at all? Rename folders, etc

  • MercifulFather

    It is sad that Apple fans think that widgets and home screen customization and pop up call is all new thing. I can do this in samsung galaxy S2.

  • SurichRicks Pool
    SurichRicks Pool

    7:16 great feature


    UZload no longer supports the video window because then less people will pay for the yt premium account

  • Trending Pending
    Trending Pending

    Comment below if you’re not getting iOS 14 anytime soon due to waiting for jailbreak lol

  • Ethan Mags
    Ethan Mags

    Wow look an android phone Apple just made everything that is in android but some features were not taken by android And i don’t hate the update the update is great

  • Dream Cousin
    Dream Cousin

    Russian SPY

  • S Keegan
    S Keegan

    That UZload feature at 2:04 wouldn't work for me. I used Safari like he did and still no luck, it kept bouncing right back into the original picture... is UZload already on to it?!

  • Kaan Games
    Kaan Games

    Am i the only one who downloads the update on September 22?

  • MohondhaY

    Looks like this update brought a lot of Android features into iOS. Apple is like, "if we do this, more Android users would switch to iOS" 🤑💰💵

  • Titus Feliciano
    Titus Feliciano

    You're camera settings is making me dizzy. It looks HD, but it's quite shaky

  • Cereal Gaming
    Cereal Gaming

    I can’t get it to let me watch without being in UZload

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez

    Why can’t I take UZload videos out of the app

  • HeyGeesh

    Everyone when he spoke Russian: 👁👄👁

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith

    Does the UZload part where the video goes in the corner require the paid part of UZload?

  • Corey Hayes
    Corey Hayes

    Please read all 1. Sounds and haptics now have reduced use sound when having headphones 2. Siri can now answer to hey siri while faced down shown in accessibility 3. In the phone section in settings you can chose to have the full screen take or the banner, same for FaceTime. 4. In the messages section in settings theres a mention area where when someone says your name you can get notify. Also these a filter unknown senders area where it will separate everyone who is in your contacts from the ones who aren’t 5. In the photos section in setting theres a area that says hidden albums, now you can fully hide you photos. 6. You can now share apple cash with the family shown in wallet. 7. Sorry about it being messy I accidentally deleted everything so i went back to redo it👍🏽

  • Chance Farrow
    Chance Farrow

    i can’t do picture in picture it just glitches out and stutters, i have the newest phone to.

  • romTV

    The UZload feature works for me just for a second

  • James Pam
    James Pam

    Nice video , thanks to Jpc_hacker on iG who has been helping me in recovering my locked phones and also blocked access 👌👌

  • prettyfacesema

    huh phone calls that don’t take up the whole screen... another thing they copied from samsung

  • Giovanni Gang
    Giovanni Gang

    Yesssssssss the phone call part this was my favorite part of the update I used to hate eating for them to hang up to go back to doing what I was doing

  • Kyle Howard
    Kyle Howard

    I’m not getting the translate in safari

  • Kyle Howard
    Kyle Howard

    The language apps sucks it doesn’t even have that many languages

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza

    Why does you tube look the way it does I mean there’s a border n I can’t zoom in now🤔

  • Its.Mxxn_Siena

    At 1:58 with the UZload thing when I press the thing to make it go in the corner of my screen it just goes back why does that happen??

    • Abi Luna 408
      Abi Luna 408

      Mine does the same thing someone help 😩

  • irshad Ob
    irshad Ob

    When will we get call recorder application in iphone😫😫

  • Gaming with ilovehero_online9
    Gaming with ilovehero_online9

    on 1:58 it wouldn’t work for me

  • TheprOGg6 1
    TheprOGg6 1

    2:50 the person keeps waiting not you😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony

    *Question For Android Users and EAP UZload Channel Owner:* Are widgets actually useful/helpful? I’ve tried out the various different widgets on iOS 14 today (September 19, 2020) and honestly, I don’t really see a need for any of them. Everybody has stated they want widgets though so I must be missing something. How can I make widgets useful? What do YOU use widgets for? 🤔. Thanks! ☺️🙌

  • The Gripsion_Gaming
    The Gripsion_Gaming

    Awesome video!

  • Create One
    Create One

    iOS 14.0 official update finally available

  • bad heart
    bad heart

    why won’t car key matter to us? you saying we broke?

  • Fatima Patel
    Fatima Patel

    Does anyone know why I can split screen on UZload

  • Big dick daddy Gaymer
    Big dick daddy Gaymer


  • Taliyah Vlogs
    Taliyah Vlogs

    To be honest I absolutely hate the new update.

  • Hasan Ahmed
    Hasan Ahmed

    at the least hold the phone steady man, I just hit dislike cause all that shaking is making me dizzy

  • J.D

    Everything works but while watching UZload when your not on it

  • Voozie

    What about if you are on the youtube app? how do you do picture in picture then

  • Miles randomzz
    Miles randomzz

    Mine is updated but doesn’t look like that ?

  • Player

    Memories from cydia

  • Swervo_ Kasey
    Swervo_ Kasey

    How come my UZload and Netflix doesn’t do that

    • Fatima Patel
      Fatima Patel


  • DBR00

    What camera did you use to record this video? Good stuff bruh.

  • Hayden Carroll
    Hayden Carroll


  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants


  • GEORGE CL Ramos
    GEORGE CL Ramos

    Why would they let you change their music platform for another one that isn’t own by them lol that’s not gonna happen

  • シanahy

    Anyone in September 17 😏

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    Very helpful information...Thank you for sharing

  • El Largan
    El Largan

    I can finally ignore everyone and get back to my happy anti social shit.

    • DaisyGirl Studios
      DaisyGirl Studios

      @Quick records-Thanks but I’m ok

    • Quick records
      Quick records

      @DaisyGirl Studios daisy girl umm are u young? I mean you can report that guy.

    • DaisyGirl Studios
      DaisyGirl Studios

      @El Largan-Sinner.

    • DaisyGirl Studios
      DaisyGirl Studios

      @El Largan-😮

    • El Largan
      El Largan

      @DaisyGirl Studios oh no what will become of me using swear words it’s a word calm down and stop whining happy fucking tuesday.

  • Benjamin Mergele
    Benjamin Mergele

    Why can’t I use pip after update?

  • jadien

    How come my apps name are in black I want it in white

  • Brian Mahlstedt
    Brian Mahlstedt

    Wait. Why is your music icon still white? Or is that Apple Music subscription related?

  • ok ay
    ok ay

    How did you add that battery widget?? I can chose from 3 but the squared one does not show battery percentage.

  • J

    PIP but not for the UZload app, swing and a miss apple

  • MutedClub150

    1:56 can you do this in the UZload app?

    • ItsFaris


  • Awais Ilyas
    Awais Ilyas

    Everytime he said IOS13.I heard it like he’s saying when i was 13 🤪😂

    • Comment Man
      Comment Man

      same for ios 14 too

  • Slice Gaming
    Slice Gaming

    What’s weird is my phone and your phone had the same battery percentage

  • Tsering Tashi
    Tsering Tashi

    My camera keeps blurring

  • Zackary Stewart
    Zackary Stewart

    ooh, Russian. pretty soon trumps reelection will be your fault. There won't be evidence. There won't be any real reason. It will just be a fun little trip down the delusional lane. Its easier for them. That way they can't analyze their own faults. They would rather have a Russian to blame for the next election. Hopefully, I get some of the cash from the next multimillion dollar investigation they conduct.

  • strikerchooo

    One of the DUMBEST moves was to remove a highly valuable and UNIQUE feature - the entire call screen and lack of minimal call screen! The phone is FIRST a phone, then ANYThing else! BAD move, Apple, very bad! One of the resons my father to use an iPhone was it's impeccable logic and FULL call-screen, which overruns every other thing you do, because THAT is what a PHONE does! Now it does what every average android phone does - be a useless toy!

  • Miles Jones
    Miles Jones

    When does IOS 14 come out??

    • Bay Area 415
      Bay Area 415

      is out now

  • Lucas Giles
    Lucas Giles

    Why can’t the iPad have widgets like the phone 😟

    • Lean w it Rock w it
      Lean w it Rock w it

      It does tho

  • Chelsea8484

    You’re also able to minimize in Facetime calls! So you can go into an app and not show paused on Facetime!

  • Anthony

    I expected more from Apple. Aside from the emoji search, Apple is a snooze in 2020 😑

  • Sierra K
    Sierra K

    When is this released..

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J

    can you have space between apps yet, or are they still just lined up next to each other, with no gaps?

  • Chris Neff
    Chris Neff

    This just changed the game. Apple has finally given us our wings.

  • James Hopes
    James Hopes

    Safe and sound

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