iPhone 12 Pro Leaks! Navy Blue, Thinner, 6GB Ram & Huge A14 Gains
The iPhone 12 Pro is getting a new flagship color, thinner design, 6GB ram and huge 5nm A14 gains! 5G 2020 iPad Pros & more Apple news!
Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
Last AirPods Pro Giveaway!
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  • Dharminder Bhatnagar
    Dharminder Bhatnagar

    you were absolutely right !!! now 12 is out !!

  • zach Zubak
    zach Zubak

    All of this was right

  • Sterling Alexander
    Sterling Alexander

    That blue is sexy I been tryna get blue but my 11 is coo right now

  • Ash

    He was right

  • عبدالله الشمري
    عبدالله الشمري

    It's iphone 12 pro🤭

  • Taha Khan
    Taha Khan

    Gr8 leaks bro u matched finally

  • TundraPlays

    God DAYUM that navy blue iPhone look leng

  • AIC

    Do you think they will launch rose gold again?

  • Ani S
    Ani S

    The navy blue is fya

  • Filip Grigorescu
    Filip Grigorescu

    One day before first coronavirus case!

  • cj simangan
    cj simangan

    I can't wait to get my Samsung note 20 ultra

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen

    literally the iphone 12 pro max will be like your kitchen stove

  • kiswh alkhyayalah
    kiswh alkhyayalah

    اين العرب انا لا اراهم🤦🏼🤦🏼

  • Jiu-Jitsu

    I really like the new blue color

  • Krimson M •
    Krimson M •

    My dream phone😟

  • Krimson M •
    Krimson M •

    My dream phone😟

  • alex

    I’m so done with iPhones now, I’m gonna trade in my iPhone X for a Flip Phone

  • Game Program
    Game Program

    Man, why do companies introduce a great new color only to kill it on the next model. Midnight green is awesome now you're gonna kill it. That literally makes me not want to get a 12, and even before I saw this I had a feeling they would get rid of the green and that's why I'm buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max and not waiting for the 12, because I want that green and knew they'd kill it off. But then they keep the ugly ass product(red) for almost every single product.

  • BullyBlanco2SS

    Where did you get the blue housing?

  • Keith Taylor
    Keith Taylor

    I don’t like the boxy chassis. I like the chassis for iPhone 11 Pro

  • Keith Taylor
    Keith Taylor

    I want the navy blue so bad! So glad I waited and didn’t get iPhone 11 Pro

  • Mohamad Azam
    Mohamad Azam

    i want Iphone SE 2020

  • Truth N
    Truth N

    wait to see navy blue..my car color also navy blue lol

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel

    Who watches this after the more updated leaks 😂

  • MICH

    How will you use your phone when it's wireless charging and how do you charge it on the go? I call it dumb but APPLE fanboys will make it work because it's courage.

  • Anam Ahmed
    Anam Ahmed

    "\_(*_*)_/" iphone 12 hu hu yaaaaaa

  • bdosh Qhtani
    bdosh Qhtani

    When will Hallon come out?

  • Sam Forte
    Sam Forte

    yay navy blue

  • thedreadedzero

    I just care about what colors the base model iPhone 12 will come in this year. I liked the Coral XR and the mint green 11.

  • Muhammad Adnan
    Muhammad Adnan

    Best fOn ever...

  • Will James
    Will James

    Apple...please get rid of the stupid notch!!!

  • Ahmed ahmed
    Ahmed ahmed


  • asia simone
    asia simone

    I wonder what the price will be🤔

  • Sierra Kenyon
    Sierra Kenyon

    I just got the Pro Max omg

  • VetNick

    Airpods Pro

  • Carren D. Vlogs
    Carren D. Vlogs

    Can you give your iphone 12 to me as a gift?? I reaaaaaalllyy reaalllly love apple since grade school and I just can't afford it... :( I am really melting and dying when I saw this! OMG ....... :( :( :( so sad.. :(

  • Clay Held
    Clay Held


  • Anna Darling
    Anna Darling

    What about Apple car play..if they’re going port less

  • Abraham Nevarez
    Abraham Nevarez

    Keep going dude I hope u happy

  • Abraham Nevarez
    Abraham Nevarez

    Keep going man

  • Muhammad Usama Wajid
    Muhammad Usama Wajid

    Waiting for this

  • Aerodynamic

    I just don’t feel like the removing all ports will help anything. How will that work with Apple car play?

  • Event Horizon TM
    Event Horizon TM

    This could be the next iPhone uzload.info/fun/onakkmngz4-m0X0/video

  • KV B
    KV B

    That blue color is sick!

  • Rw1212


  • Moh Darwish
    Moh Darwish

    pls 🙏🏽

  • Ricardo Segovia
    Ricardo Segovia

    I think I will be getting the iPhone 9, the other's are getting too big, and I don't take that many pictures.

  • Zeptofit

    releasing new phone every year is dumb idea.

  • gaurav sharma
    gaurav sharma

    Some earthquake tremors felt in my bank account already !

  • Dakota Leadbeater
    Dakota Leadbeater

    Can’t wait for a navy blue, but it should be added to the current lineup instead of replacing the midnight green.


    may i know the exact name and brand of the black sweater/jacket you're wearing? please.

  • Sean Tavares
    Sean Tavares

    AirPodPro pls!!

  • katy gaga
    katy gaga

    Can I get a iPhone 😭??

  • Patricia Rivas
    Patricia Rivas

    I thought my Apple pro max 11 was the bomb and of course I have to get the 12.

  • Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce



    Not going to lie I’m not a iPhone junkie but your vids and presentation are amazing love it keep it up u got a new sub

  • Ebola Jr
    Ebola Jr

    I got the Xs I skipped the 11 pro will be getting iPhone 12

  • J A
    J A

    Too many phones . I’m confused

  • Ashton Bosah
    Ashton Bosah

    Where did the square housing come from

  • Varinder Sindwal
    Varinder Sindwal

    Did u see get lost u dreamer

  • LukasMe

    Have the Iphone 6. This year i will upgrade to probably Iphone XR/XS or so. I would love to have a iphone 11 or better, but of course its too expensive.

  • Fabio Speranza
    Fabio Speranza

    Hahahahahaha amazing

  • Hardik Agrawal
    Hardik Agrawal

    Are there any leaks on the new airpods or shall I get the pro ones?

  • Asjath Shakir
    Asjath Shakir

    Excellent great

  • Pranav

    lmfao imagine believing that they will remove all ports, i will come back to this comment in 2021 to prove you all wrong

  • Donatas Nilakshan
    Donatas Nilakshan


  • Arthur Peter
    Arthur Peter

    I need to win d s20 ultra pleaseeeee

  • MJ

    iPhones are like the Ferrari of phones and Sami is the Mercedes Benz or the Mclaren

  • Moh Darwish
    Moh Darwish


  • Md Mehedi Hossen
    Md Mehedi Hossen

  • Isa Del rosario
    Isa Del rosario

    I love your voice ita crystal clear

  • gustavo c.a
    gustavo c.a

    Who won the AirPods pro?

  • Blaise Dahl
    Blaise Dahl

    Will the thinner girth sacrifice battery life?

  • Garett W
    Garett W

    Why do y’all keep saying these are leaks. No....they are not. You can’t even get invited to an Apple conference. You get invited to samsungs

  • W Cook
    W Cook

    Bruh apple got a bunch of u guys under their thumbs. You don't need to upgrade annually if u can't afford it

  • Glizz9

    It’s gonna feel like an android with the square frame Keep the curves

  • issaKorean

    So the iphone has 6gb of ram while all of the s20s has 12gb...

  • Pavan Krishna
    Pavan Krishna

    Since I have never won any of your giveaways and I am a subscriber from 90k can I bypass and can you send me an iPhone or a watch or airpods ? Thanks in advance Lol

    • Pavan Krishna
      Pavan Krishna

      I feel wierd asking this way

  • FantasTECH with Muhammad Haris Mir
    FantasTECH with Muhammad Haris Mir


  • Ghandi

    Still reppin the 7 😂 Broke gang

  • Paul in Ireland
    Paul in Ireland

    Usb type C... No notch... Expandable storage.... 5000 mah battery .... 90 htz 4k super amoled display with gorilla glass 6 ..... And I will think about purchasing.

  • Nico las
    Nico las

    we would all have to get new power banks that can wireless charge haha

  • Didar Farage
    Didar Farage

    youtube just unsubbed you without me doing anything lol

  • Qumar Zaman
    Qumar Zaman

    Apple are good in ripping off customers with the same design used for at least 2 to 3 years, ☹️ and the 5G model coming out in Sep 2020, where as Samsung’s s10 is already available in 5G.

  • A A
    A A


  • Brandon K
    Brandon K

    I need those AirPods Pros. I hope I win

  • 76 76
    76 76

    They used to be the game changers, the best in segment. And that is why people used to buy i phones. Now its just the brand value and lazy upgrades

  • 76 76
    76 76

    I was going to buy 11 but was dissapointed. the things im looking forward to this year are: ▪︎C-type ▪︎No-notch ▪︎A proper design

  • owen daboss
    owen daboss

    I want square housing

  • Andre Cancelinha
    Andre Cancelinha

    I’ve stuck with the 8 plus bc I’ve seen no real changes in the past couple of years that made me really want a new iPhone. Hoping that iPhone 4/5 design comes back and no notch then maybe I’ll get the new one.

  • Saleh Zubair
    Saleh Zubair

    We love you guys amazing videos ❤️❤️🤍

  • Amine Miller
    Amine Miller

    Great video

  • rlyhoodie

    AirPods pro pls

  • Tyler Dowd
    Tyler Dowd

    I hate how massive they're making these phones

  • Tirth Detroja
    Tirth Detroja

    Nice job

  • Kevin Barrios
    Kevin Barrios

    Rip kobe

  • SWAX

    Where do I get these sick wallpapers on the iPads?

  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn

    Are you talking about Ming Cheese Everything Cr💩pple Kuo?

  • Raj sugu
    Raj sugu

    I love it apple products

  • Shadab74