iPhone 12 Lineup Leaks, Galaxy S11, Cybertruck & More Apple News!
Tons of 2020 iPhone 12 lineup leaks, AirPods in box, 6GB ram, smaller 3D camera, Samsung Galaxy S11 design leaks, my Cybertruck event experience, iPhone SE 2, 2020 iPad Pro & more Apple news!
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  • HoNeYbUnJaY

    nothing doesn’t have to come after anything we just want it to happen

  • Diyaanah Bhyat
    Diyaanah Bhyat

    I hope i can win the iphone se giveaway... Im liking as many of ur videos as i can. Btw love ur channel

  • Super Boomer Zoomer
    Super Boomer Zoomer

    Samsung s20 actually

  • Reshad Sadik
    Reshad Sadik


  • Event Horizon TM
    Event Horizon TM

    Here uzload.info/fun/onakkmngz4-m0X0/video

  • brechsgirl1

    Wow 🤩

  • Jay Lowery
    Jay Lowery

    Samsung is in the lead now

  • Raj sugu
    Raj sugu


  • Kethleen da Silva
    Kethleen da Silva

    If you got the pro version then you should get AirPods pro and if you got the low end version the just AirPods 2

  • Kethleen da Silva
    Kethleen da Silva

    Imagine you already have AirPods and this inbox AirPod things happen then literally every iPhone user would have AirPods and it already feel like that

  • John

    Bro he got unbox therapy so hard

  • irfan sayyed
    irfan sayyed

    I upgraded from an iPhone 7. It took a bit to adjust to the changes. (No home button and all the swipes) but I am enjoying it now allmy.tips/My-iPhone The battery lasts a long time and I enjoy putting it on my cordless charger dock. Sometimes I must power the phone off and reset it as it stops working on the dock. Other than that, it is great.

  • Verix

    1:58 right white wallpaper?

  • Mazd Javid
    Mazd Javid

    You freaking donkey the iPhone 12 on your video when I saw it is a Samsung >:/

  • Marivel Goosby
    Marivel Goosby

    Nice information!! I just received totally free Samsung Galaxy S9 phone cuz I signed up for a giveaway last week! I'm sooo happy, really can't believe it. Give it a shot - all you have to do is look for Samsung Giveaway Monster on Google and join free of charge.

  • Aidan Ral
    Aidan Ral

    I like your videos, but just a little thing got me. You said the 5.8 inch iPhone was the most popular, that would be the iPhone 11 Pro, which is incorrect as, like the XR, the iPhone 11, which is 6.1 inch is actually the most popular.

  • Chloe Duerfeldt
    Chloe Duerfeldt

    Listen I just got the iPhone 11 I’m too poor for the newest phone each year 😂

  • Божидара Янчева
    Божидара Янчева


  • MD Ariful Alam
    MD Ariful Alam

    what about the notch .....?


    MOTOROLA has had the best design for larger camera phones.

  • Michael Keith
    Michael Keith

    That truck is garbage!

  • Private Name
    Private Name

    Is Steve Jobs happy to this? Iphone era? Cause Steve want to make thing easier for us. Not to make so much iphone stuff for money.


    You don't have to talk trash, about Lew to make your product look better.

  • Mikayel Hovhannés
    Mikayel Hovhannés

    At least the ugly design will offer some functionality even though the lens is 108 megapixels the image captured will only be 12 megapixels S11 will combine nine pixels to make one big pixel so it will get more light per pixel making the quality of lowlight pictures at least twice as good as iPhone Ice has leaked the pixel sizes "S11+,108MP,9→1,12MP/2.4μm" (Samsung has also confirmed in official trailer of the camera sensor uzload.info/fun/bmCLn4OdppN8uac/video) for comparison iPhone 11 Pro max has a pixel size of only 1,4μm so on the hardware level alone S11 will offer a lowlight camera twice as good as the Pixel or the iPhone Also I like s11 + design more since the camera only has one hum and is flush iPhone 11 Pro has a two humps one for the housing and one for each camera and it is not blended in so it looks worse then S11

  • Aziz Nikbin
    Aziz Nikbin

    You took the biggest L by calling out Lew like that.

  • Updesh Yadav
    Updesh Yadav

    after soooo long...

  • shashikanth gunda
    shashikanth gunda

    Let’s hope it will be alike leaks

  • Matthew Fill
    Matthew Fill

    Fuck you for throwing Lew under the bus just for views when you don’t know shit about his product.

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    0:54 that’s not true

  • Moses Germann
    Moses Germann

    No one: EverythingApplePro: I'm sorry for the absence.

  • Shahar Rozenbloom
    Shahar Rozenbloom

    Apple Will Make It From Rubber. And All Cases Will be Made with that Mold and it Cost 53$ for the 6.1 and 59$ for the 5.8. And 69$ for the 6.5. Even for iPad and MacBook. And Will Made Letter and rubber that cost 159$ and 300$ for Folio and will Rid The Rest and Cheaper To Make. You Earn in the End Of the Process Big Chunk of tens Millions in the End

  • Audi Rs5
    Audi Rs5

    Holly shit damnn son 🤣🤣 , i been not watching you for a while now because i change my iphone and i do not have the same account yt noMore. But i do remember you and i wanted to watch you new videos 🤣😅. When i been watchen you, you hair war damn small. Look at you now 🤣🤣 , time passt fast 🤣

  • Brian Mardon
    Brian Mardon

    Apple: we're releasing 4 phones a year to better compete with rival's Samsung: two can play at that game


    No good 11/12 iphon

  • Ra y
    Ra y

    If they're still gonna stick to that greedy, old 3Gigs RAM in 2020, I'm gonna go buy a 1+ 7. People should stop getting hypnotised so that Apple can stop alienating customers.

  • Blasp3m3

    Unbreakable glass that contains aluminum.... did they do that in Star Trek movie???

  • Alisa Klonnãl
    Alisa Klonnãl

    And y’all thought apple was bad😂

  • No-Fly Lo-Fi
    No-Fly Lo-Fi

    This is orgasmic

  • Pric3zulstarYT

    *i think im having some breathing problems here.*

  • caro

    when are we getting rid of the notch 😒

  • Fortnite X
    Fortnite X


  • Abades

    i can imgaine future of all smartphones XD twitter.com/rien18009088/status/1171402931372986368/photo/1

  • Rafa Borrachinha
    Rafa Borrachinha

    Better a new iPhone SE with 4 inch than the new iphone 8 wirh 4.7

  • Brandó

    John Rettinger: *You Can't Beat Apple* EverythingApplePro: *Samsung just one-upped Apple in the lens department* This is the difference between a stan and a fan.

  • Got It
    Got It


  • Yes It's Me
    Yes It's Me

    Who cares much better phones less than half the price

  • Bren Karl
    Bren Karl

    Bruh that hair made u look like a granny lmfaooooooo

  • Nathan Birdsell
    Nathan Birdsell

    Do you think its more likely for iPhone 12 to have smaller notch or no notch

  • A Hussain
    A Hussain

    Super iphone bhai

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    Omg it’s too early I am happy with my iPhone 11

  • sea

    is he wearing a wig?

  • Mohammad Hassan
    Mohammad Hassan

    I liked I promise and im a fan and subscribe may I please have normal AirPods or AirPods pro

  • Davidk Ngamiswa
    Davidk Ngamiswa

    This whole case thing since Lew dropped "his own" one almost everybody is throwing shade @ him 🤔😂😂😂

  • Regine Huan
    Regine Huan

    2019: No charging port 2029: HOLOGRAPHIC IPHONE 🤔🤔

  • ARichman

    I would buy your case over Lew anyways. First i saw the progress and second i think yours has better features

  • ARichman

    Shoots fired 😂😂

  • Erikkans

    what a ridiculous and shady way to promote your merch. you should be ashamed of yourself

  • Urself Boi x3
    Urself Boi x3

    2100, the year Donald trump actually has Great Wall also comes with solar charging and air speaker

  • Can I get 50k subs with videos?
    Can I get 50k subs with videos?

    Apple releases iPhone 12 Everythingapplepro: here's some leaks for iPhone 50

  • Athul K
    Athul K

    10:07 was awesome request 😂

  • David

    I dont care about camera, screen, ram or whatever but one thing: is apple removing the freaking notch?

  • Marc David
    Marc David


  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray

    Uh, I am a apple fan, but the camera set up on the galaxy 11 looks better than the iphone 11 most definitely

  • illGottenGains

    Get some sleep man

  • 1000 Subscribers Without Videos
    1000 Subscribers Without Videos

    We dont NEED 5 CAMERAS

  • Simple_CFrame

    Why is everyone making cases now

  • Mitchell Penny
    Mitchell Penny

    i'm saving up for the 12

  • VioletDreams

    Am I missing something or did Pitaka's case start a new age for the standard for phone cases?

  • isaque de sousa
    isaque de sousa

    Vc é rico

  • insta r0mi0______
    insta r0mi0______

    Apple 2018 big screen Apple 2019 the screen is 0.000001 bigger apple 2070 finally full screen

  • Hera Queen
    Hera Queen

    You look hottt....just wanna say that

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez

    Ya making. Case is the hardest thing to do please stfu

  • Orin Schaffner
    Orin Schaffner

    If iphone 12 looks like that I'm jumping off a bridge

  • Ibrahim Ghalwash cz republic
    Ibrahim Ghalwash cz republic

    I start to save money from now for the I phone se 2 i love how he look, and the phone size Apple is the best with software

  • hottrendz

    S11 is soooo uglyyyy

  • Great Combination
    Great Combination

    Super phone

  • orion cartagena
    orion cartagena

    They look gud those case

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    I would get the iPhone se2 if it even came out

  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar Coke

    Let’s get into this

  • Poncho758

    Clickbait..it’s called unsubscribe. Oh shit, his shit is getting boring.

  • starre36

    Cool I Phone. SM

  • Littlebit94 94
    Littlebit94 94

    You are the most legit Apple product estimation

  • dabinguniacorn Ice cream sandwich:3
    dabinguniacorn Ice cream sandwich:3

    Why does galaxy s11 look like apple 11 pro?...

  • glenn sumalbag
    glenn sumalbag

    Sweet news for iPhone lovers

  • Michael Welch
    Michael Welch

    *watching on my iPhone 11 pro max*

  • Gurleen nanda
    Gurleen nanda

    Was gonna buy the Apple iPhone 11Pro Max with the money I saved but after seeing this video gonna save more and buy the Apple iPhone 12pro Max or whatever it will be named

  • Manolis Vlachakis
    Manolis Vlachakis

    man don't know if you have money or not but the effort you put on your case points out what lew did is ridiculous....

  • Zach Stone
    Zach Stone

    So there is going to be a new phone with a home button?

  • Gabriel Wohlgemuth
    Gabriel Wohlgemuth

    I think that the samsung s11 looks better than the ipnone 11

  • Red PQ
    Red PQ

    more bs..

  • Zhen

    Me: looks at the thumbnail of Samsung Also me: it’s bigger and uglier than the new iPhones

  • Ramos Balos
    Ramos Balos

    Dude I can’t even imagine getting AirPods in the box.

  • Syed Mohammad Ahmed Shah
    Syed Mohammad Ahmed Shah

    Lew later ouch

  • The Boss
    The Boss


  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres

    Woah. So many updates. Too many 🤯🙈

  • Savage Ninjas YT
    Savage Ninjas YT

    We were saying that the Iphone 11 had too many cameras but then watch the new samsung

  • UhHorizon

    Samsung part 8:39

  • Dawn Rodriguez
    Dawn Rodriguez

    Would love AirPods coming with the phone. But for the same price.

  • Driving With Taz
    Driving With Taz

    I hope I get an apple air pod pro

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh