iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X SPEED Test!
iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X Ultimate Speed Test. NOT as fast as you may think.. App launching, Face ID, WiFi 6, LTE & Geekbench 5.
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iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test: uzload.info/fun/noukkqHJsaiG33E/video
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  • Aaron Curry
    Aaron Curry

    XS MAX is king and best value right now

  • Iam Wvffless
    Iam Wvffless

    This song is lit 🔥 bro no cap

  • TSH Kazunie
    TSH Kazunie

    I wonder how many views came from juice wrlds official audio playlist

  • Riain Horgan
    Riain Horgan

    Mans sais the x is server also years old. BRUV

  • IDK -
    IDK -

    This song slaps 🔥 🔥

  • Ruben Morin
    Ruben Morin

    It’s not just with games , it’s also with heavy usage

  • BrokenBug

    Why is this in juice wrlds playlist

  • Fusion

    I love this song, it’s my favorite juice wrld song

  • King Psycho
    King Psycho

    What a beautiful juice wrld audio

  • Riftin

    yea fav juice aong

  • Vasco Gomes Figueira
    Vasco Gomes Figueira

    Only og juice fans are here

  • Joel LIU
    Joel LIU

    Why is this in a juice wrld playlist

  • Butch The *festive* Bully
    Butch The *festive* Bully

    We loved the speed in iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs 10 Speed test!

  • Nicholas Morgan
    Nicholas Morgan

    Juice dose love his I phones 999 forever

  • Cian Vandergrinten
    Cian Vandergrinten

    🥶 this songs a BANGER, I see why Juice made it!!!

  • Eyxles_RBLX

    So who else laughed because this was in juice wrlds playlist

  • Wololo Wololo
    Wololo Wololo

    I love this juice wrld song so much!

  • T Sul
    T Sul

    How was the iPhone X several years old..in 2019?!?

  • Alberto Giavani
    Alberto Giavani

    Is iPhone 11 using xr sensor

  • Alberto Giavani
    Alberto Giavani

    The sensor on the x series were so smol and bad

  • dFuZz3r

    My fav juice WRLD song this shit 🔥

  • rayling mo
    rayling mo

    Juice WRLD besto song

  • Qli ckz
    Qli ckz

    My favorite Juice WRLD song

  • Caydxn Official
    Caydxn Official

    The best juice song for sure, I think it might go platinum

  • Vikas R L
    Vikas R L

    can you do these comparisons after an update or so for the new iphone. cause the newer iphones aren’t optimised fully on release day. hence every year you see the previous generation iphone being faster than the newer one but soon after a few updates the newer ones are much faster. you can see this on your own vides like iphone 7 vs 8 speed test

  • Austin Lane
    Austin Lane

    Wait juice WRLD is white, he said the n word

  • A3 Pilot
    A3 Pilot

    Juice was probably looking for a new phone 😂

  • bill ツ
    bill ツ


  • Mike Lazzaro
    Mike Lazzaro

    You ain’t a real juice Wrld fan if you don’t fw this song 🖤🔥🔥🔥

  • Garrett Reyman
    Garrett Reyman

    I would also wonder if the iPhone X got faster with later versions of iOS 13. In my experience it seemed to smooth out around 13.4.

  • Ma Vi
    Ma Vi

    IPhone x uwu

  • ZachBaum

    this mans just got them free views from Jared’s mistake lmao

  • AceCraft

    Damn. This has to be the best Juice WRLD song I've heard

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    Never thought juice wrld would release this audio i personally love it😍😍

  • The Art_:]
    The Art_:]

    I literally love my iPhone X and I’m not planning to switch until 2022 it gives me nostalgia that is getting old like iPhone X that was the big thing

  • Bimsath Rajakaruna
    Bimsath Rajakaruna

    Very good Juice wrld song

  • RKW04

    Damn juice this 🔥 🚫🧢

  • alex kaschak
    alex kaschak


  • VZ Lightheaded
    VZ Lightheaded

    This go hard asf juice went off 😳😳🔥🔥🔥

  • imightdoyoutube


  • Positive 4 Life
    Positive 4 Life

    Wait why tf was this on juice wrlds playlist lol

  • MusheDude

    How is watching 1 year later on the 24 sep

  • Good Vibes Only
    Good Vibes Only

    Damn I wish I could buy him one Rip Juice WRLD

  • Vic Gue
    Vic Gue

    my fav juice wong

  • Raimund Bastian
    Raimund Bastian

    7:37 Model : Iphone 12.3 ? Damn!

  • Zaid S
    Zaid S

    Watching this on my iPhone XS

  • Glizzy Arist
    Glizzy Arist

    Why does Jared have this on his playlist

    • Glizzy Arist
      Glizzy Arist

      Adam Bravery apparently 😂

    • Adam Bravery
      Adam Bravery

      Loved his tech😂

  • Medul!

    my fav juice wrld speed test

  • TaylorPlayz Gamez
    TaylorPlayz Gamez

    Honestly one of juice's most underrated songs

  • Lowkeyamazing _
    Lowkeyamazing _

    i love this juice wrld song

  • Savage Wubbzy
    Savage Wubbzy

    Juice WRLD Ft. Apple - Apple Juice Gang

  • Edan George
    Edan George

    1:32 MINECRAFT!!!!! Like if its your fav game

  • Alonso Acevez
    Alonso Acevez

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Bruh this juice WRLD song is so fiiire!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • UNeedSumMilk LOL
    UNeedSumMilk LOL

    Best juice song..

  • Zain Rahman
    Zain Rahman

    Where’s my iPhone 7 gang at

  • Dennys Guerra
    Dennys Guerra

    Me trying to find people saying that they came here from juice WRLD playlist

  • prince jaiswal
    prince jaiswal

    Compare tab s7 + 6 gb vs 8 gb ram variant vs 2020 ipad pro

  • Ahmed Chaouch
    Ahmed Chaouch

    Fuke you iphone 11 pro is the best 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼💪💪

    • buttxr

      aight man

  • R G
    R G

    This is one of juices best songs for sure

  • Dhruve

    This my favourite juice WRLD song

  • Mystic Godly 999
    Mystic Godly 999

    Juice was seeing if he needed a new phone ig 😂

  • Kristin Adhikari gaming tv
    Kristin Adhikari gaming tv

    How to download mine craft in iPhone

  • Marzou

    I guess Jared likes his iPhone's

    • Heinrich van Coller
      Heinrich van Coller

      Yeah I love juice and apple

    • Jonathan Ferrer
      Jonathan Ferrer


  • Itsallawesome

    XS performance is beast. But the camera is shit.

  • ילד רנדומלי
    ילד רנדומלי

    fr, all of us here just because juice


    Got 3408 SC and 10803 MC on my SD 855 S10

  • 原來當天

    Juice : is that a big change when I switch from iPhone X to 11pro max? Maybe juice wrld want to buy a new phone (tech lover?)

  • Sam 79icloud
    Sam 79icloud

    xmax will stay with its speed even with iphone 13 so no need to upgrade

  • Mohammed Master
    Mohammed Master

    😂 Why is this on juicewrlds playlist

  • KrZy Ace
    KrZy Ace

    Jarad tryna find a good iPhone 😂🤣 999 #LLJW

  • Troll Brothers
    Troll Brothers

    These phones are more similar than different😐

  • Aiden Bird
    Aiden Bird

    All his views are from juice wrlds playlist lmao

  • D TM
    D TM

    looks like im keeping my XS another year at least. thanks

  • Steezy2k

    Juice why is this here?

  • WS Valerio
    WS Valerio

    Juice probably just wanted to get the newest iPhone out that year

  • Cristiano Ronaldofan
    Cristiano Ronaldofan

    Who like see the product that you cant buy😂

  • ltz Alejandro
    ltz Alejandro

    I was trying to listen to juice wrld😭

  • Toxicity


  • Green Communist
    Green Communist

    Lmao this in juices playlist. He wants us to know which phone faster.

  • ƊƠƝ ƊƛƊƛ
    ƊƠƝ ƊƛƊƛ

    Went from a iPhone 6 to a 6 plus then to a iPhone X to a 11 pro max I must say they all performed really well but if you considering on upgrading any lower phones to the any new and low budget get the iPhone 11. Battery lasts for like 6 hours while using it and if your on and off. It will last probably the whole day. I’m not a big fan of phones. As long as it could perform well and call and text I’m satisfied.

  • Valentino Fernandes
    Valentino Fernandes

    My iPhone SE (older version) still in good condition. For basic operations it’s quite fast

  • Rio

    Well now I know that juice watched this i guess

  • MC Ruiz
    MC Ruiz

    This was 2 month before he dead 😭

  • Sleagh

    Did juice wrld wanna see if its worth upgrading to the iphone 11

  • LLJW

    wth is this doing on juice wrlds playlist??????????????????

  • zanderzuno

    Who else here from juice’s playlist 🤣😂

  • danny baldelomar
    danny baldelomar

    I’m upgrading to the xs from iPhone 5s lol.

  • Vith vith
    Vith vith

    So love iPhone X 🥰😀

  • William Sims
    William Sims

    Juice WRLD?

  • SANGIN 64
    SANGIN 64

    Huh in this video all the phones are the same size while in real life iphone xsmax is bigger than x

  • Mervel Asonipse
    Mervel Asonipse

    Watching this with my Xs max


    Getting a 10s

  • SaddWRLD ?
    SaddWRLD ?

    Juice wrld 😂😂😂

  • Hung dinhdang
    Hung dinhdang

    You should test it 1 by 1

  • Everything Videos
    Everything Videos

    I have the pro Max and the single core 1,335 and multi core is 3,383 that more performance than the X or XS Max if I’m not mistaking.

  • Casey_Aaron_

    Enjoy the Juice WRLD clout

  • HowToTutorials

    I am here because it was on Juice WRLD's Playlist. Who else?

    • Monkey D. Luffy
      Monkey D. Luffy

      Not me

  • Paul Day
    Paul Day

    iPhone 11 Pro gets too hot. It’s sad just from light use.

  • Muhaimin Aufar
    Muhaimin Aufar

    Laughing in IPhone XS Max, I bought early this year 😝😜🤣

  • Oliver Ashford
    Oliver Ashford

    Wait there’s a iPhone X?

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