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  • AgentGlock19

    I hope apple make’s a foldable iPhone. Personally I want it to look just like the 2020 Motorola Razr 5G, but changed to iOS operating system and without the $1500 price tag 😭

  • qnwd nrrnnr
    qnwd nrrnnr


  • sylvanianlady

    When? How soon? I want it! If Samsung have it, when Apple do it, no question, it will be incredible!

  • Minh Khuê Phạm
    Minh Khuê Phạm


  • The cookie boy Groves
    The cookie boy Groves

    That’s not what it’s gonna look like 3 cameras iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro

  • Marcel Niehus
    Marcel Niehus


  • Stephen Junior
    Stephen Junior

    Who else came back to see if he was correct.

  • Gupt Raj
    Gupt Raj

    Like god told Eve don’t touch Apple or u gonna pay for it.

  • Satish Malaghan
    Satish Malaghan

    They already have 3 folding models *iPhone 6* *iPad pro 2018* *iPad pro 2020*

  • Michael Piziak
    Michael Piziak

    Android already has one of these flip phones on the market (Samsung).

  • Dancing Bear
    Dancing Bear

    Twitter leaker🤣🤣 is that what you guys call them ...you guys are twitter leakers i seriously laughed every time he said it

  • Time Line
    Time Line

    STOP ✋ DREAMING! Go get yourself Galaxy Z Fold 2. Apple will never allow this to happen because that will kill the iPad. Tim Cook is a financial guy he is only focused on MONEY. He knows nothing about technology. He is never like Steve Jobs!

  • genral greevus
    genral greevus

    You forgot about the folding iphone 6

  • Mimi Mills
    Mimi Mills

    I think i just felt in love

  • xfledermaus

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Muhammad Junian Nurrahman
    Muhammad Junian Nurrahman

    Eventhough apple was late but apple is trying to improve the price of the folded phone better than their competitors

  • Battlebond LP
    Battlebond LP

    Yoooo. Epic berserk shirt you have there!!


    Get the ipad 8


    The new iOS 14 GM 2 is smooth as the iOS 12

  • Ahalya Abinash
    Ahalya Abinash

    Probably in another 3 years lol

  • Ahalya Abinash
    Ahalya Abinash

    I don't think iPhone fold will be coming

  • Gavin Burnes
    Gavin Burnes

    The ifold sounds sexy as fuck

  • Machiavelli robles
    Machiavelli robles

    Please let me win...

  • imran juwale
    imran juwale

    Fake news about I phone

  • Luna Meshberg
    Luna Meshberg


  • Oleg Hubenya
    Oleg Hubenya

    Pretty gay Philip

  • maxamed Arbac 2020
    maxamed Arbac 2020

    Some people don't have it

  • wasif raja
    wasif raja

    Hello bro please send me Gift iPhone please 😣

  • Kresensia Eixas
    Kresensia Eixas

    That's a lie l watched the trailer of the iPhone 12 so that's fake

  • Alex Phiya
    Alex Phiya

    Can help me my iphon 11 max pro idont no abut apple id

  • Apdishakuur Ali
    Apdishakuur Ali

    2520636474592 .. please give me i phone I love you 💞 from somalia

  • Muhyodiin Apdirazak
    Muhyodiin Apdirazak


  • Henrique Franco Cardozo
    Henrique Franco Cardozo


  • Denis Kartavenko
    Denis Kartavenko

    Why did Apple copy Samsung Galaxy fold its like are they stupid in the head they have nothing else to do comment if im right

  • heaven's ipad
    heaven's ipad


  • Tural Todd
    Tural Todd

    Apple this is not the way

  • I Film U Watch
    I Film U Watch

    New IOS is new for Iphone but it's just a lot previous and not new on Android

  • Shiloh Severino
    Shiloh Severino

    that's a lie iphone!!!

  • Nathaniel Bosun
    Nathaniel Bosun

    Samsung copyed Apple now Apple has copying Samsung

  • karen sfloo
    karen sfloo

    What is this

  • karen sfloo
    karen sfloo


  • Michael EL
    Michael EL

    IT not real

  • Smackzz

    First of all you need a haircut and second everytime your titles and thumbnails have some bs like the iPhone fold they never even come true you might as well become a clickbait channel lmao

  • TechWithTyler

    Are we even sure it's going to be 12 this year? We had 11 last year, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get 11S instead of 12. Although we haven't seen an odd-numbered S since the 5S in 2013.

  • Trinikid_Xar

    Wait samsung created the samsung fold wow copyied they should call it copied flod 12

    • Trinikid_Xar


    • Trinikid_Xar


  • Aladdin Baroudi
    Aladdin Baroudi

    I prefer apple more then android!

  • STAR official
    STAR official

    Lei 😂

  • Endri Alija
    Endri Alija

    iPhone Z flip 😂 😂 😂

  • Piper Wojtylo
    Piper Wojtylo

    It looks like an iPhone 5

  • Abdul Aleem Saim
    Abdul Aleem Saim

    When is at 2029 there will be so special phones

  • King Law
    King Law

    He's a Apple rip of fan boy ? His caes are rubbish no body in UK would buy them only us jerks

  • King Law
    King Law

    Why do find this guy to be a clown ????

  • Mulder's Mayhem
    Mulder's Mayhem

    I'm not a fan of 4 camera lenses...symmetry is not your friend with this design. I think the asymmetry of the 3 lenses on the 11 pro is very appealing. Not enough is changing for me to care, I prefer my 11 pro until the next round comes, I think it is one of the best designs we've ever had and that it's gorgeous. It stands right up there with the classics of the past. I also think that the X and Xs were roughly designed and not so good, but were perfectly refined once they reached the 11/11 pro's design.

  • Vibezz_ world
    Vibezz_ world

    nobody can know how they look?

  • kksocool4.3 Lincoln
    kksocool4.3 Lincoln

    Why are u coping Samsung

  • Lee Gameing
    Lee Gameing

    That is galaxies prominent like stop doing that that’s annoying

  • Patrick de Haan
    Patrick de Haan

    Apple is trash

  • UseStarCode_BAC0N

    huh why u bulli samsung bc u copy lol im not a samsung fan

  • ZI0DD

    Iphold $5000

  • Marilyn Brown
    Marilyn Brown

    Good video!!

  • ItzElectro

    iPhone users: SAMSUNG COPIED US!!! Samsung Users: Oh Really!? FlipPhones: Nah y’all copied us with those flip phones

  • Thunderstormz_ 123
    Thunderstormz_ 123

    What I’m just wondering is will there be fortnite

  • Lee Moulton
    Lee Moulton

    Shit bro fix ur hair

  • iiFoogie

    The iPhone that folds will probably have a weak screen. Glass can’t fold but plastic can.

  • Tyra Divino
    Tyra Divino

    Whaaaat?? That can’t be possible. Impossible, I might’ve seen the Samsung galaxy Z flip, but to be honest it sounds weird for an Apple phone 🤔🤨 Its better if the screens always opened because foldable liquid glass can easily break

  • Grayson Jangi
    Grayson Jangi

    I cantik believe that apple copy samsung fold and fold2

  • Anonymous Plays
    Anonymous Plays

    I havent watch ur vids in a long time i just realized u had a haircut

  • Hemendraj Ayanger
    Hemendraj Ayanger


  • kurt pie
    kurt pie

    Samsung is the best

  • H Dorman
    H Dorman


  • trscsaeg

    I want an iphone with windex built in so i can clean any dirty window I encounter

  • GoatTrix

    Apple users are gonna have a fit when this comes out

  • ATL Exterior
    ATL Exterior

    No! Apple does not need a folding phone cause that’s gonna be so easy to break the insurance on that thing gone be 500k cause Apple out her expensive

  • sania kamran
    sania kamran

    They are copying samsung

  • Rome_Anemone

    if apple makes a flip phone im done

  • Dwayne Amatkarijo
    Dwayne Amatkarijo

    Can i have de iphone pleas i have no phone

  • LilHeartBreak 999
    LilHeartBreak 999

    iPhone flip looks like a game boy color

  • Tyson Young
    Tyson Young

    I want the iPhone

  • Mason Carter
    Mason Carter

    the thing is samsung already has all of the things apple does and apple got them later and people still say they had it first

  • E L •
    E L •

    You apple people crack me up.... a foldable TABLET is the Future ...I remember when the samsung note came out,you apple people Freaked out and made it looked like a joke...Hell i still have my note 3...as it works like DAY 1...In fact i have it playing my classical music all day and night ...And when i sleep...Now i have the note 10 plus...Awesome phone..And no big secret ..you can get almost App for free..through mods... I think i have payed for 2 apps ...?? over the 10 years with android....Can watch all movies on there,and even stream to my tv now with DEX.. Im going to buy the Fold z 2 this year...It may not be perfect...But damn...it looks awesome when you unfold it ....into a big screen..And 2000 grand for that tech is freaking cheap...I thought you apple people were all the big spenders....I have Pro 11 for my 10 year old boys...Twins and i have samsung Tab 6 ...They use both Equally,but they Really love modding games,and getting them for free...And just having blast...Out side of being in a BOX....Which Apple puts you into ....The day Apple stops being so damn greedy with everything is a day i might consider an apple.. But as i age...43...I need a bigger phone..that would be a Tab fold phone...Sammy messed up on the first one...Always baby steps...Crawl before you walk...i know version 2 is not going be the one...im thinking ...Fold 3 is going to be the must have phone ...like the note 3 was...Just saying...

  • Fake Vs Real
    Fake Vs Real

    I believe apple my make foldable iPhone in the year 3000 or 4000

  • Rabbits

    August 17, 2754 “Introducing the NEW Iphone 11S Pro Max 11RX Generation 2 Pro S R with a ming boggling size of 69 Meters! This phone also comes with Airpods Pro Max Generation 16 S R + Pro! All of this is all for the starting price of a SMALL $353573573572562524466!”

  • Mango Juice
    Mango Juice


  • Mason U
    Mason U

    Apple fold come on man!

  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson

    They copied samsung

  • tony mackelve
    tony mackelve

    i bet an android guy made this concept

  • Hasnain Khan
    Hasnain Khan

    Can you give me an iphone?

  • Inosuke Hashibira
    Inosuke Hashibira

    Samsung like IOS comment

  • Barry

    They sont change anything! And you are just giving them 1000$ only so they can name the phone different

  • Anja Rusic
    Anja Rusic

    Apple fold is copy by Samsung...

  • Technical Gamer Ovi
    Technical Gamer Ovi

    6:55 sounds like satisfying

  • Bryan James
    Bryan James

    You know, apple would have more customers if they made actually tv's, appliances, a stylus for their phones, and more models. For example, Samsung has the a series phones, the s series, note series, z flip, and fold. The iPhone just has the xr which is just a budget x that they are clearly gonna keep on making until the budget 12 comes i Out and the 11 will replace it, the 11 pro, and 11 pro max. They need more models. Just sayin

  • Joaquin Dimaranan
    Joaquin Dimaranan

    I personally don’t need a folding phone.

  • Hadyn Happy Me
    Hadyn Happy Me

    Watch how apple saying their fold is a unique and innovative design😂😂😂😂

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    But why? Lmao

  • Chrisintokyo

    Samsung has these same looking fold phones already so i dont want to buy a Samsung who is apple's supplier for lcd on mac and phones

  • Colin_Plays

    I KNEW IT... Apple is copying samsung again 🤣


    iPhones are literally a scam, they add one camera and double the price when Samsung ads 4 plus more storage, better sound quality and the price is 👍

    • Colin_Plays


  • Amusicmix Entertainment
    Amusicmix Entertainment

    Cause u cam afford to advertise

  • Lizard gamer
    Lizard gamer

    Macbook + phone = phonebook