2020 iPhone 12 Pro Plus Leaks! Major 5G Lineup Changes
iPhone 12 Pro Plus & iPhone 12 Pro Max! All new 2020 iPhone lineup details leak. New camera + battery technologies, price details & more Apple News!
5 AirPods Pro Giveaway!
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Last iPhone 12 leaks.
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  • Daniel L
    Daniel L

    Everythingapplepro, how valid are the rumors all over the net that 5G causes ED?! Anyone else have a comment?

  • Bionic Bob
    Bionic Bob

    2 camera phone low end Apple.....right. these are 859 in Europe. How so low end?

  • Vishal Vishal
    Vishal Vishal


  • Perelan

    Damn these early rumors kinda accurate to the current ones.

  • CoolCat

    thank you for informing me about the checkm8 ipwndfu hack. i was out of the loop for a while

  • YADID ShImAnto
    YADID ShImAnto

    Sir please help me i am bigest fan ever and i see your all videos And i love ur videos so much Sir can u give a iphone plz Sir plzz

  • Agung Saputra
    Agung Saputra

    Give me iphone please... From indonesia

  • jose c
    jose c

    Nice jersey 😎💪🏽

  • astute one
    astute one

    the phone should be for to call and receive calls and other than that is a toy

  • Thanate Singhmahaprom
    Thanate Singhmahaprom

    I still using iPhone 5s and it almost dead 💀 can’t wait to get a new one, 12 Max

    • Aditya Colvalkar
      Aditya Colvalkar

      Hey even I’m using a 5S 👍

  • JayStar T
    JayStar T

    Not buying until they comeup woth microLED and then 120HZ

  • Roque Matus
    Roque Matus

    Bro it sounds ridiculous to say iPhone 12 now.

  • blakey boy
    blakey boy

    Re he day iPhone puts an ad card slo in the phone is the day I will get one

  • xXAnni3LuvsYhuXx

    Is this guy Asian or white ?🤔

  • Rizy Morales
    Rizy Morales

    I still on my iPhone 8 but I’m still okey and contented

  • nicko

    It's only iPhone 12,iPhone 12 max,iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 12 pro max

  • Jenny Emens-carey
    Jenny Emens-carey

    Getting a 11 in green in first week in June. I’ll be happy with that.

  • Gaming Lucifer
    Gaming Lucifer

    THINK IF YOUR MOM GIVE IPHONE 12 ON YOUR B DAY and if my mom give me on b day I will throw my iPhone 7 from Burgul khalifa

  • DrClaw77

    A portless iPhone ensures I stop using iPhones.

    • Aditya Colvalkar
      Aditya Colvalkar

      They are not even giving charges in the box

  • Laila Harrigan
    Laila Harrigan

    I'm still running with a Xr 😭..

  • hemi 1990
    hemi 1990

    That jersey though

  • 500

    Wireless charging? Yeah can't use the phone for 1hour

  • 500

    Just want 120hz and smaller notch

  • Roos Perquin
    Roos Perquin

    is the smallest phone the 2 generation SE ?

  • MissJazzy

    so…the airpods gonna come with the phone since there’s not gonna be a port??

  • Miljan Stanojević
    Miljan Stanojević

    I guess that all the giveaways...are for US only!?

  • Abhijeet Bagga
    Abhijeet Bagga

    Looking forward for 5.4 iphone 12 to upgrade from iphone 6 Compact design still bigger screenthan 4.7inch iphone 6. And i think two rear cameras look much better than 3.

  • Evelyn cobos
    Evelyn cobos

    My iPhone XR speaker messed up I’m officially waiting for the iPhone 12 🙂

  • Jada Durand
    Jada Durand

    i just upgraded from my 6s to 11 pro man relax

  • Gaming With Mussel
    Gaming With Mussel

    Wow that looks so much like an iPhone 11 pro wow Samsung is so much better

  • Aamir Bedi
    Aamir Bedi

    Just release an ‘iPhone ONE X’ and get over with!

  • Ramzi Juega
    Ramzi Juega

    you are telling me that this guy is mexican. hum!! never notice..

  • Anabel White
    Anabel White

    My inst _naaaana20

  • Tehan Fernando
    Tehan Fernando

    I don't know why every popular *UZloadr* doesn't like to their fans comments. *THIS MAN ALSO THE SAME* *SO GUYS, DON'T LIKE THEIR CONTENT, JUST WATCH THEM IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS.* _I THINK THEY JUST WANT VIEWS TO EARN MONEY._

  • sameer K
    sameer K

    5g is bad for health you will get cancer!!

  • Truth-seeker

    People over at iPhone are crazy!!

  • Cai Howarth
    Cai Howarth

    Are they going to be cheaper or more expensive

  • xMurtuzaXR

    Yeah I was gonna be buying the iPhone 11 Pro Max but I’ll prob just wait until September buy the 6.7” without 5g if possible

  • Kenber

    Love this, if you want more of this just visit my profile I just uploaded this same type of video!! While your there please consider subscribing! THANK YOU!

    • David Flunderberry
      David Flunderberry

      Love that vid!

    • Olatunji James
      Olatunji James

      Kenber oh yeha love that vid of yours!

    • Alex Manis
      Alex Manis

      Kenber yeh that was a good video of yours!

  • Isaac Schrader
    Isaac Schrader

    I personally wouldn’t buy the 5G IPhone 📱 until the 5G network is set up enough around the US. However I’m not sure the Predictions from Apple’s Tim Cook say that the 5G iPhone will be in the near future.

  • Yoshua Bun
    Yoshua Bun

    Well next september 20 Will launch 12 i should save money to get that beast model :3

  • C Echo
    C Echo

    Has anyone’s attitude changed towards these phones? I used to be someone that HAD TO have the newest iPhone as soon as it came out. Now I’m at the point where I really don’t care any more. I’m currently using an iPhone X and although I’m thinking about upgrading when the next iPhone comes out, I’m still undecided. I just don’t care like I used to. Same with iPad. I’m still rocking my iPad Air 2 and have no plans of changing as long as it continues working.

  • Wade Pav
    Wade Pav

    will apple have the touch id on screen?

  • Damien Dumb dumb
    Damien Dumb dumb

    For the camera you ca. Still zoom in

  • Christina Warren
    Christina Warren

    Samsung is not copying apple lol lol

  • ChildSupport 911
    ChildSupport 911

    So you know who Raul Jimenez is?

  • Loreal L.
    Loreal L.

    I'm on the 6SPlus (my 5th iphone!) but wow, is it lagging these days on critical apps that I depend on for income. I was resigned to never ever buy another iPhone but feeling like my arm is being twisted at this point. I'll buy the latest super duper sweetest one they have because that's the way I roll when it's time to fork over the dough!.

  • Darius H
    Darius H

    People complain about the notch way too much. It’s not that serious 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tahj Epps
    Tahj Epps

    AirPods pro

  • Brenda Jackson
    Brenda Jackson

    Remove the notch

  • 《 Noble 》
    《 Noble 》

    Hello I'm a traveler from 12579 In that year there will be IPHONE 898 s pro ultra max mega super infinite 27 youth xe se supermegaplus integeer black sheep seventy series maxpromaxsuper mega plus metal super easy super easy very super nice eligable math science bebelu mash greyshock mama elige.............. D............ F.......... G......... H......... T....... U......... T....... Tant super mega apple seed San Sen sin son sun Dan den din don't dun lan len lin long lun get gegege candy sweet bark dog max max max pro pro pro ssss And it cost super cheap price just for $100⁴⁴¹ There will be no ports mean charging ports And there will be no screen with a super powerful sounds when u open the phones it will sin automatically 🎵ay yayay narikam butterfly 🎵

  • Katia Rayanna
    Katia Rayanna

    It’s Literally Like The 11, I’m Sticking To My Xs Max. All I Asked Was For The 12 Pro Max To Be In Red !!!!

  • Reshad Sadik
    Reshad Sadik

    badly need a s20 ultra or airpods pro. never won a competition. I guess this is the last try 😇

  • AhYaOkRgT

    Why do people think that 6.7" is so big? I want the biggest screen that can fit in my pocket. Every time I get a big screen It only seems big for a week. Give me a big display with no bezel that's all!

  • ベッラ

    *ultra premium iphone 12 pro max* WTF IS THAT AJSJSJSHHS

  • John lewis
    John lewis

    Can't wait to see if 2020 iPhone will bring me back to an iPhone. Last year I opted for s10 plus, but it was tough because it doesn't match up well with macbook pro and iPad.

  • Rw1212


  • Plato86

    Still on my 7 plus. Really should update.

  • Problem solved
    Problem solved

    Hello sir, I am a poor man, but I have a lot of love for the iPhone, sir. If you please give me one of the motherboards' then my iPhone will be full. hayderalibiswas98@gmail.com

  • Jason Villicano
    Jason Villicano

    Another iPhone with upgrades to the camera and slight upgrade to battery. This is all they do now. If they did Something exciting id consider switching over. Also I bet the watch will have better health tech and that's our. Like ALWAYS

  • Jedi Scum
    Jedi Scum

    Damn 5g radios are expensive!!! Now we get to pay more money to kill us faster!!! Damn you powers that be!!!!...... Ill take 2!! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Paul D
    Paul D

    I wish they would release this in March not September. 6S is giving me the shits

  • Md Mehedi Hossen
    Md Mehedi Hossen

  • Jorge D Quesada
    Jorge D Quesada

    Yes yes back to the 5s The revolution

  • TK

    5G is to big of a health risk.

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell

    Wait till the end of the year for the iPhone 20

  • PowerL1N3

    iPhone 13 Pro Max (If its called that in 2021) and the new iPad Pro (If the release a new one in 2021) Will be the final apple products I ever purchase for a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG TIME!!!!!! I'm thinking 10 years long. I'm currently running well with my iPhone 7 Plus and my iPad 4th Generation with all my adapters, Logitech K480, Apple Magic Trackpad 2, and external SSD. But I would love to upgrade the hardware at least one more time especially with how powerful the hardware for tablets and smartphones are today.

  • ian greenacre
    ian greenacre

    Shame they haven't increased the capacity to 1TB like they did with the Samsung models

  • Apostolic Penguin
    Apostolic Penguin

    What happened at 9:18

  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl

    I was fine when they removed the headphone port, I’ll revolt though if the charge port gets taken away. Unless they figure out a way to make wireless charging 10x faster. I don’t want to have to have my phone laying down while I’m trying to use it and charge it.

  • imopenminded

    Great Vid. Can’t wait for the 12. I haven’t been interested in a new iPhone since the iPhone X was released. Can you tell us if Apple is considering changing the interface at all? It’s getting a bit boring lol... also please put me in the drawing for those AirPods 😉

  • Juan Lopez Gonzalez
    Juan Lopez Gonzalez

    Love the shirt

  • Adeption

    Apple literally copies everything from samsung.


    In 2020 can apple do a hiding front camera? Or they can do more futuristic smartphone?

  • Angel Vazquez
    Angel Vazquez

    Bad ass Jersey 🔥

  • honest soul
    honest soul

    No pls pro should be smaller for small handed people..everyone not enjoy to use big phn..pls dont stop making small phn..i think u should decrease size more like 5.4/5 and u guys making it big no pls....those who like big they will buy max pro bt pls pro should be small pls apple #apple

  • Henrik Bartnes
    Henrik Bartnes

    i would say that huawei mate 20 pro had square on the back before Iphone so i think its the other way. just btw mr. Appel

  • Raj sugu
    Raj sugu

    I love it all apple products

  • The Rambling Ranter
    The Rambling Ranter

    Put more battery in the notch. Lol

  • The Rambling Ranter
    The Rambling Ranter

    Who cares if it has 5g. Most places other then large cities won’t get it for a decade. I’m good with 4g lte and save some cash thanks.

  • The Rambling Ranter
    The Rambling Ranter

    If it still has the notch, no wireless charging then I’m gonna pass again.

  • Tazzy 225
    Tazzy 225

    *EVERYBODY* Complain about the PWM

  • Danny RBLX Ee
    Danny RBLX Ee

    Square phones why

  • MICH

    Huawei started the square camera setup. So Apple can stick it.

  • Marco Cruz
    Marco Cruz

    I love the kit you’re rocking.

  • Jason C
    Jason C

    I want the 5.4. I hate a big phone. 6.7 can suck it

  • Michael Welch
    Michael Welch

    I’m gonna stay with my iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Chanchal Biswas
    Chanchal Biswas

    Why iPhone is so expensive in India 😔?

  • Chanchal Biswas
    Chanchal Biswas

    Android like iPhone comments.

  • Ifrah Ali
    Ifrah Ali

    I wish apple include iPhone 12 max rose gold color which i love so much i think there are a lot people like rose gold color same as me

  • Bunny Funny
    Bunny Funny

    We all already know iphone 13 will have 5 camera's

  • Roger Canda
    Roger Canda

    As always, the BEST review

  • Toktoka

    Upgrading my iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone 12 pro max seems hard but I’ll try

  • CalRailFan90208

    Okay what about DATES

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b

    new apple satellite with notch and no ports

  • Tukutaki Gamez
    Tukutaki Gamez

    The new iphone 12 is really fat

  • Clubryan 43
    Clubryan 43

    Is 5g not dangerous?

  • Gustavo Ramirez
    Gustavo Ramirez

    Nice shirt!!! 👍🏼

  • mahendra Prasad
    mahendra Prasad

    Still fijit spinner

  • Julian Grayson
    Julian Grayson

    I was thinking about getting the iphone 11 but now i wanna wait for the 12 🤔 but idk when its coming out. Does Anybody know 😂 idk if i wanna get the galaxy 20 i really just wanna FaceTime dont really care about anything else.

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