Testing New AirPods Pro Clones! Huawei FreeBuds 3, Vivo TWS & Oppo Enco Free
Rise of the AirPods Pro clones! Testing the new Huawei FreeBuds 3, Vivo TWS & Oppo Enco Free! Fake AirPods have come a long way!
Latest iPhone 12 leaks.
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    • Joey Lopez
      Joey Lopez

      Can i have a a pair of airpods 2 please

    • Jose Sway
      Jose Sway

      How was oppos sound better have u seen the liberty 2 pro 2 drivers in the headphones a in ear studio performance

    • Anurup Mondal
      Anurup Mondal

      pls can i get it bro

    • Adonis Quezada
      Adonis Quezada

      Done Done Done

    • shawan khan
      shawan khan

      Nice bro ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lorenzo Iotti
    Lorenzo Iotti

    please review Airlabpro.com fake pods as they're newer and better, I've been using them regularly during quarantine and they're easily better, the ones he tried here are pretty outdated... like if you agree

    • Alessia Baudelaire
      Alessia Baudelaire

      Ohh yess thank u for this😍

    • Nicole Davoli
      Nicole Davoli

      How is the battery? Thinking about getting them myself

  • 777sasha333

    Ahah: "Не стреляй"

  • Aisyah khairina
    Aisyah khairina

    Mai Love Air Pods

  • Be Fair
    Be Fair

    The best Airpods clones I found are from podsoutlet.co they also have a Fall Special going on Buy 1 get 20% off on 2nd

  • tal32123

    what are your favorite airpods clones that you've tested?

  • Hasan Gamer
    Hasan Gamer

    Am sorry to say this, but the freebuds 3 has the same design as the wired headphones they have been using since for ever...

  • Stephanie Salvio
    Stephanie Salvio

    Wireless Earbuds Oppo Enco Free Airpods Airpods 2 Airpods Pro Airpods Pro 4 Samsung Galaxy Buds Samsung Galaxy Buds + Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Happy Plugs Vivo TWS Huawei FreeBuds Realme Buds Air Oneplus Buds

    • Harbizero


  • James Jennings
    James Jennings

    "it just amazes me that it took 2 years for everyone to catch up to apple" Apple: Widgets!!!

  • Azrulfitri Azimi
    Azrulfitri Azimi

    Here's a suggestion mate. A close up view on the earpods when you're comparing them to airpods could be very beneficial especially when it comes to size and shape.

  • Tomas Smith
    Tomas Smith

    My replicas are from iplaypods.com and they are awesome. I love them because they are same as apple ones. Great sound and quality. My recommendation.

    • Mike Kelly
      Mike Kelly

      awesome ones out there.

  • David B.D.
    David B.D.

    OMG the biass... "Surprisingly" he likes the shape of the Freebuds case... WTF

    • David B.D.
      David B.D.

      "The fact that they came out first means everything to me". Jeeeesus...

  • Богдан Колесников
    Богдан Колесников

    не стреляй ?

  • Aaditya Khare
    Aaditya Khare

    So, basically its all bout apple😂😂... Deep down we all know its a biased review 😆😆

  • thum wei
    thum wei

    hello put the site for buying the airpods down stupid


    The ones with no bass, you say sounds good. But I guess you're not getting paid to say that, so you say. REPARATIONS-MATTER - ADOS101. COM

  • PryK HodkO
    PryK HodkO

    НЕ СТРЕЛЯЙ????

  • Poe Dameron
    Poe Dameron

    I'd only buy the freebuds quz they come in black, and for me it makes a huge change

  • sai nikhil b
    sai nikhil b

    How to connect buds to multiple devices [pc and phone] and toggle between the same

  • Sami S.
    Sami S.

    Stop calling them clones, it hurts lol

  • Виталий Степанов
    Виталий Степанов

    Я же не один русский там увидел "не стреляй"? Im not alone Russian who saw on backstage "не стреляй"(it translates "(do) not shoot"). Its very fun)))))

  • MondaesSkik

    4:25 Yet it has taken Apple longer to develop an iPhone for a decent price or even with the same features as a normal Android phone this day in age :)

  • D T
    D T

    Clone? What a joke!

  • Shivam Agarwal
    Shivam Agarwal

    Huwaei freebuds 3 vs Vivo Tws 1 - which sound better?

  • Imre Gabor
    Imre Gabor

    I bought ones from iplaypods.com and they are awesome. I see them on comments here on yt and i go for it and i am very happy with them. My recommendation.

    • Information i5 Smart Watch
      Information i5 Smart Watch

      I got them to throught comments and they are amazing.

  • Makarand Salunke
    Makarand Salunke

    Trying zooming on product.. Will be much better and engaging

  • Tomas Smith
    Tomas Smith

    My clones are from iplaypods.com and they are awesome. Best quality clones.

    • Mike Kelly
      Mike Kelly

      They are awesome. I got them to.

    • Strahinja Prole
      Strahinja Prole

      thank you a lot

    • Robert Charles
      Robert Charles

      awesome ones out there. I got them to

  • Rev. Tyler Mallari
    Rev. Tyler Mallari

    Deisys skats

  • Muhammad Ali Iqbal
    Muhammad Ali Iqbal

    Huwei mad a copy of iphone over here named the Nova i7

  • Ean Foshner
    Ean Foshner

    By the way he got it from drippoutlet.com/collections/featured, very hard to find

  • Jamil Arifin
    Jamil Arifin

    im using oppo enco...so far...really nice and sound so great

  • Matthew Doriman
    Matthew Doriman

    Clone is like half the vid

  • DoNotEdit DNE
    DoNotEdit DNE

    Does the huawei freebuds also pop up on a huawei mate 10 pro

  • Илиян Колев
    Илиян Колев

    right behind him, the text НЕ СТРЕЛЯЙ means don't shoot. You're welcome :)

  • Roll No. 471
    Roll No. 471

    shit m late for giveaway

  • Soul Song's
    Soul Song's

    Definitely huawei huawei free the better sound 🔊 And huawei is the best ❤️ ❤️

  • Алекс Державин
    Алекс Державин

    Тут есть русские?

  • Happy Niki A4
    Happy Niki A4

    why do you have a pillow with russian text "don't shoot"???

  • Илья Бушуев
    Илья Бушуев


  • Makhach Aliev
    Makhach Aliev

    Не Стреляй???? Ты говоришь по русски?

  • Hailey Anderson
    Hailey Anderson

    He got them from drippoutlet.com/collections/featured, very hard to find.

  • Wonson Wang
    Wonson Wang

    Original Vivo TWS Neo & Vivo TWS Earphone www.aliexpress.com/item/4001141677862.html

  • AB0X

    Of course theres a fan base for Apple

  • It's just Me
    It's just Me

    2-3 years.? You ha e definitely been living under an Apple rock buddy. I’ve had clones that are better than my AirPods and pros. There’s been plenty of other buds out there, unfortunately you’re just catching up. Tisk tisk

  • Nocturnal 12
    Nocturnal 12

    Lol they are not clones

  • c l
    c l

    where did you get the Oppo buds? I would like to buy them but I only find shady sites...

  • Samuel C.
    Samuel C.

    My boy got 8.17 million followers and got hacked spotify😂

  • Stefan Prole
    Stefan Prole

    I got my at iplaypods.com best thing i have ever bought. They are awesome i got package and papers with apple logo. For me that is amazing. My recommendation.

    • Robert Charles
      Robert Charles

      thanks bro

  • ozan utku
    ozan utku

    OPPO 👍👍

  • secret yawn
    secret yawn

    apple is... sheep

  • Sander

    You can't call them clones when they come from one of the biggest companies

  • Debunker Debunkers
    Debunker Debunkers

    The way u hold these products gives me anxiety. Your hands are shaking like you didnt get a lot of sleep and just thinking too much for the whole week

  • rTech Reviews
    rTech Reviews

    The Oppo Enco is amazing but volume levels are lower uzload.info/fun/e6iFf4nfrW9ptYU/video

  • Ilya Savchenko
    Ilya Savchenko

    Мне одному интересно, зачем на диване надпись "не стреляй"? :):):) Спасибо за обзор!

  • 何晓烽

    There is an activity on Facebook's homepage-(Lucky Handbook) to try out wireless earbuds for free. Maybe You guys can try it.

  • Kenox sila
    Kenox sila

    Great reviews,

  • applemuzuka

    Не стреляй?

  • Ola Johan Bratt
    Ola Johan Bratt

    Huawei freebuds 3 isn't a clone huawei was first with that look. Look at huawei freebuds 1

  • Komal Sai
    Komal Sai

    Don't call them clones,if you call then you don't know meaning of clones,Huawei freebies are quite different from airpods pro,and it have ANC ,BUT fuckin airpods 2nd gen lack this ,SO the airpods are diff from these

  • Vladi Atanasov
    Vladi Atanasov

    It says Don't Shoot behind you :-)

  • Pave_Way Wiz
    Pave_Way Wiz

    thats very disrespectful to label some brands as clones.....

  • Rolyvir Samodal
    Rolyvir Samodal

    Wew thats not a clone

  • Roberto Escobar
    Roberto Escobar

    I liked this video, I'm looking for semi in ear earbuds and there aren't many videos on them. I don't think your video is that consistent because you call them clones but then you say "their version, look alikes". They're not clones, more like copies or AirPods style earbuds maybe. You sound biased but it's not like your channel's name doesn't hint it lol. Overall good video.

  • SaltyLemon 77
    SaltyLemon 77

    Umm so where do you get the vivo tws earphones

  • Parvesh Singh
    Parvesh Singh

    Apple sheep 😂

  • George Dimakopoulos
    George Dimakopoulos

    2 Questions for HUAWEI FreeBuds 3: 1. Can you connect with mac/pc to listen to music or for Skype calls? 2. Can you have it connected at the same time to your phone and mac/pc ?

  • David Hilman
    David Hilman

    which one would you recommend ...Freebuds 3 vs airdots pro?

  • veera muthu
    veera muthu

    Sry ,my english very poor,so I can't command your previous videos .i miss it

  • matek2808

    I have bought VIVO TWS1 they've been with me for 3 months now. TWS1 have good sound but... no control app that works on any phones whether it's Android or iOS, current app only allows you to update the software in the headset. Touch control is works but it's hard to know if it's two or three taps to stop the music. I also experience problems with calls through Messenger & WhatsApp basically they cat out on both of my phones Andrioid and iOS. Generally good headset but a bit expensive for what you get.

  • Rahman Arif Suyatno
    Rahman Arif Suyatno

    Airpod pro still the best

  • Jake From State Farm
    Jake From State Farm

    I got the freebuds 3 for 160$, I am very happy with them

  • Стас Пьянков
    Стас Пьянков

    Не стреляй

  • Naveen Jain
    Naveen Jain

    i hate this earphone kyoki ear dard krte. thoda chhote hote ya sounds samne hote i hate this earphones

  • John Wiechel
    John Wiechel

    I'll stick to my cheaper 40 dollar enacfire g 20s. 7hrs of play time, ipx8 water resistant, 42hr case charging lol

  • Marty DeLeon
    Marty DeLeon

    where do you buy the Vivo's from?

  • Serhiy Zakharuk
    Serhiy Zakharuk

    Не стреляй?!

  • Mohamad Azam
    Mohamad Azam

    i want Iphone SE 2020

  • Akshar Mukka
    Akshar Mukka

    Done AirPods Pro entry I have broken EarPods that are broken

    • Clinohumite

      ah yes saying broken twice

  • J-Wake N2REM
    J-Wake N2REM

    You move too much bro. I cant see those earphones.

  • Свинтус

    Он знает что у него сзади написано "Не стреляй"?

  • Kostyantyn Lysenko
    Kostyantyn Lysenko

    I want to buy good headphones so that they do not fall out of my ear, they sit well, so that I forget about their existence. And the most important thing for me is the conversation, when I am talking through the headphones so that I can be heard perfectly, there were no extra noise. Which headphones do you recommend? I am the owner of Android Between Vivo TWS, airpods 2, huawei freebuds 3, Oppo Enco Free Please help. Budget 150-250 dollars

  • Ean Foshner
    Ean Foshner

    By the way he got it from drippoutlet.com/collections/featured, very hard to find.

  • Mikhail Baburkin
    Mikhail Baburkin

    Я один у него на сумке заметил фразу "не стреляй"?

  • Boris Dvorkin
    Boris Dvorkin

    So do huawei freebuds 3 sound better than vivo tws ?

  • Cerdik Motion
    Cerdik Motion

    No, they are definitely different shape and technology

  • Mizani Arafah 23
    Mizani Arafah 23

    this video tested me, why did he call them airpods CLONE? did apple has copyright to ALL wireless earbuds? his choice of words are amusing

  • Wall-e

    Slammin those oppos down on the table like he's mad lol.

  • Wall-e

    My man is so insulted about this. It's a scandal lol.

  • Jonathan Ariel
    Jonathan Ariel

    Which one do you recommend the vivo tws or the appo ???

  • Jonathan Ariel
    Jonathan Ariel

    which one do you recommend the live tws or the appo?

  • russell M
    russell M

    But there just bluetooth earphones. Not all of them are "airpod clones"

  • Atanu Roy
    Atanu Roy

    Use Anker soundcore liberty air 2.you will be impressed.

  • Sony Toyota Camry
    Sony Toyota Camry

    Huawei Freebuds 3 is better

  • George Haike
    George Haike

    just to tell u that the freebuds 3 were lauched before the airpods pro bro

  • Sohaib CR7
    Sohaib CR7

    That is what we want from u to compare Other companies too, like oppo, huawei, realmi , xiaomi , vivo etc

  • Aaron O' Callaghan
    Aaron O' Callaghan


  • Los locos mueven el mundo
    Los locos mueven el mundo

    Hey, can you try to pair the freebuds to the iPhone?

  • Shano Wali
    Shano Wali

    I hate giveaways because I am not gonna win and when a person wins and the other people will be angry or sad so no giveaways

    • RpM_Evan

      Shano Wali lol pretty sure that’s just people with anger issues 95% of people don’t care at all if they lose

  • MICH

    Oh Apple will copy some OPPO features, and USB-C. They still can't charge their airpods on the back of their overpriced phones like Huawei. If Apple wants to be perfect they need it all.

  • Testament Legacy
    Testament Legacy

    Helloooooo what about Mic quality? 😂😂

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