Apple Watch Series 6 & SE, iPad Air 2020 & 8th Gen Released!
Everything you need to know about the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, 2020 iPad Air (4) & iPad 8th Generation!
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    • Sonia Duarte
      Sonia Duarte

      Miłęś Rėm̀m̀êł P P Lk

    • Colby Durant
      Colby Durant

      Is there anyway I can enter without following your Instagram? I’m not allowed to have Instagram I’m really sorry!!!

    • Up Your Game
      Up Your Game

      So exited to see who wins!😉☺️, whish me luck!

    • Ali Abdullah
      Ali Abdullah

      Already did that, Hopefully I will win

    • Giridharan Nanthagopal
      Giridharan Nanthagopal

      I'm your Biggest Fan.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    EAP: "You can't put a price on fitness." Me: "Try me."

  • Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb
    Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb

    Apple: Imagine a world where... Me: Where Apple Finally Becomes Useful 😂

  • Febler Novillos
    Febler Novillos

    Just WOW😲

  • Jannatan Firdaus
    Jannatan Firdaus

    i want apple product, but my wallet always told me, "don't". because i don't have money😭

  • Reiki MasterHealer
    Reiki MasterHealer

    Apple Watch Slideshow

  • save norman from TPN live
    save norman from TPN live

    this new ipad air makes me feel like downgrading from my ipad pro 11 2018 to this also bc of the color 😭

  • Nero-Chae T
    Nero-Chae T

    For someone doing graphic design should I get the new iPad Air? Or just get the most recent iPad Pro, how soon will we see an iPad Pro with the A14 chip in it? Should I wait for that?

  • Mr Aleo
    Mr Aleo

    I dont own an iPad but I want to get one , should I buy the iPad Pro 2020 or wait for the next one as there are some quite rumours about it , please help !

  • Steve Mano
    Steve Mano

    Haven’t worn a watched for 30 years.

  • Maj. A. Pagan
    Maj. A. Pagan

    Excellent presentations! Thanks for your great work!

  • Super Luxury Lifestyle
    Super Luxury Lifestyle

    Trillions likes and best comments for you because you are the best in the world but Please we ask you to create an super active account on TikTok and Likee because they are very fast and post videos in Full HD 60fps quality clarity or more , soon please

  • L Martin
    L Martin

    That blood oxygen feature is something I got on my $40 fitness smart watch from 1 year ago....

  • Fady Ashraf
    Fady Ashraf

    What about iPhone 12 any news

  • Maxpackts

    Why do they restrictively sell the space black stainless steel version with a super expensive hermes bracelet? I really wanted to get that one.

  • Louise Hill
    Louise Hill

    Wish I could afford one still have the 4

  • Venize

    HAAAAA he must be so hurt they didnt release the new iPhone after 3 videos in a row of "final designs"

  • N8DZN

    Always happy when apple announce something Because the android side is going to have a cheaper version with more features

  • Christopher Pimentel
    Christopher Pimentel

    Did someone else noticed that they had a dua lipa's song in the watch representation? Lol

  • TopSecretVid

    Are these watches waterproof?

  • selina 1
    selina 1


  • selina 1
    selina 1


  • Ahalya Abinash
    Ahalya Abinash

    At least they have 5g

  • Jamie .n
    Jamie .n

    I hate these smart watches 🤮

  • Sarah Schopick
    Sarah Schopick

    why is the series 3 instead of the 4 or 5? Seems strange.

  • Premjit M Vidyadharan
    Premjit M Vidyadharan

    Your channel name is wierd

  • H Laltlankimi Kimi
    H Laltlankimi Kimi

    i hate Advertismen

  • Szymon Brylewski
    Szymon Brylewski

    All thanks to jpc_hacker on Instagram he help me update my iOS in a chip rate and he is involved in all kind of Jobs and he can also get your 12pro chip on his site

  • Avocadopudding

    Apple Watch commercial: "Imagine a World where..." Me: "When Apple products are cheap.."

  • Rakesh Choyal
    Rakesh Choyal

    why didn't you get watch and iPad air for review

  • Tiger Doug
    Tiger Doug

    Is it just me or EAP change his name?

  • Mason

    Having issues with your ISO? Or you need help on any platform that need hack? zacck_Daniels on IG offers a better service and a good hacker

  • Chris Nils
    Chris Nils

    What do you daily drive right now? Phone, Watch, Earbuds, Computer? Would love to see a video on that.

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne

    No new iPad pros? Those are the only ones worth talking about!

  • Mel Yo das
    Mel Yo das

    I hate how they totally ignore the ipad mini. It's a good device, has slightly better features than the ipad (but significantly more expensive) and has a large display that isn't too large in the same time. They could have removed it's bezzels but for some reason (probably money) they stuck around with the same old design it always had

  • Kuramaky Kurama
    Kuramaky Kurama

    Can we use apple pencil gen 1 on ipad air 2020?

  • Zeitgeist

    Karen’s gonna hate this new oxygen feature

  • MOW

    Can you explain the difference between the iPad Air and pro

  • Bessie Hillum
    Bessie Hillum

    Thanks for the round up, Apple's keynotes are too woke to watch these days

  • Kethleen da Silva
    Kethleen da Silva

    Who actually sleeps with they watch on like what

  • Davi Mello
    Davi Mello

    Apple Watch is my favorite gadget by far. The SE model offers an unmatchable cost-benefit.

  • Saeed Khan
    Saeed Khan

    This channel makes so much money by just repeating rumors lol

  • hritikh bhasin
    hritikh bhasin

    can we measure blood oxygen in seres 4

  • Jose H.
    Jose H.

    I bought a series 5 Apple Watch for my birthday last year and ended up selling it like 3 months later because it was sooo uncomfortable. The wrist sensor stuck out way too much, I don’t get how they expect people to sleep with them too like wtf

  • Sarah Kapoor
    Sarah Kapoor

    I haven’t been here in so long that I haven’t noticed he changed his name

  • Volts PC
    Volts PC

    enclave, not anclaw

  • HerobrineXPc

    Apple Watch commercial: *"Imagine a world where..."* Me: *"When they launch an actual affordable iPhone..."*

    • HerobrineXPc

      @Tray White have a good day too

    • Tray White
      Tray White

      HerobrineXPc, um chile anyways so Im done with this conversation so have a good day.

    • Tray White
      Tray White

      HerobrineXPc, okay and thats how apple chooses to make their phones...we will never see an 200$ iphone I dont think a brand new iphone has ever been under 200$ besides the iphone 5c which came out in 2013

    • HerobrineXPc

      @Tray White my $100 phone have smaller notch than an iPhone 11 lol. Its a water drop notch. Check the phone model realme 5

    • Tray White
      Tray White

      HerobrineXPc, sorry🙄 I meant a notch display.

  • U. C.
    U. C.

    Im calling it. Apple secret event october 9th. Its the time on every watch

  • Jassy BowMonster
    Jassy BowMonster

    Wonder if touch id will come back. I want it back..

  • Abdulrahman Mashnouq
    Abdulrahman Mashnouq

    just whyyyyy didnt they add more watch faces to the series 3 whyyy ihate them alot i cant even sell this apple watch no one wants to buy it from me

  • iani_3d

    I hate the new iPad air, why they made the body like iPad 1, it's fucking old, sharp, and annoying looking !!!

  • Ti Chi
    Ti Chi

    What if you have a case? Then how do you use the Touch ID on the top of the phone

  • Marketing Therapy
    Marketing Therapy

    Can S5 measure O2 ?

  • brandonnsrevenge.

    S10e lookin real hard at that power button rn

  • Peter Wissa
    Peter Wissa

    Wait, u changed ur channel name?

    • Peter Wissa
      Peter Wissa


  • Michael Ambious Tan
    Michael Ambious Tan

    I prefer having Face ID and Touch ID together combo. Face ID for fast login without touching and Touch ID for situations where we need to wear the damn mask.


    Still rocking the iPhone 7 Plus, on my second battery at 95% life. Haven’t had any slow down issues so I expect to keep replacing batteries until the iOS doesn’t support it.

  • MKZ89

    With all those seniors they want you to feel like you sick

  • Shahar Rozenbloom
    Shahar Rozenbloom

    It Should Have Been round TouchID with 11 inch Screen. It so Ugly and Lenovy. Yuks Foya. I Want Fires even for The Desinger. It Is Fault.

  • Malek Raad
    Malek Raad

    What should I do if I updated to iOS14 but SIRI isn't compact as it should be 😒 I've got an iPhone 11

  • Wayne Soe
    Wayne Soe

    I downloaded the beta, then deleted because I felt like it was not doing any good to my phone. But after I deleted it I still had iOS 14 beta software. So I tried to fix it and download the beta again. But every time I try I’m stuck on terms and conditions. Can you or anyone help please?:(

  • talha hammad
    talha hammad

    whats crazy is one of my professor's former student helped develop the oxygen sensor. small world

  • Aaron Quick
    Aaron Quick

    Does it have to stay on all the time? I prefer the old way of just lifting up your wrist and it turns on.


    I wonder how the new cases going to look like

  • Dipping Sauce
    Dipping Sauce

    all your missing is intro and outro music or lofi background music, keeps people like me interested to finish the video. great content otherwise!

  • hiden1980

    Any idea when will we receive iOS 14 ? Still waiting.... some say they received ...

  • Joe Catone
    Joe Catone

    The thing I don’t get with Apple is, that they keep discontinuing the series 4 and 5 watches! Their all perfectly good watches, and I don’t see why they would cancel them after a year.🤔

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    Shouldn’t they have based the S6 chip on the A14 chip?

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    I wish they gave us better battery life for the Series 6 since the sleep tracking will definitely drain the battery.

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    I ordered the Series 6 Nike Edition and then cancelled it and ordered the Series 6 in blue aluminum. I can sacrifice the Nike watch faces for the blue aluminum. I have my mom to help me with this decision. I still wish the Nike Watch was available in blue.

  • Agent EagleT
    Agent EagleT


  • Mustaque Ahmed
    Mustaque Ahmed

    hope apple bring touch id to iphones too..

  • Geezy Inc.
    Geezy Inc.

    Should I be upset I just bought a 12.9 iPad Pro? Is this new iPad Air faster and more powerful for $400 cheaper?

  • The Golf Life
    The Golf Life

    Does the sapphire crystal only come on the stainless steel and titanium?

  • None World
    None World

    I am confused this ipad air i.e cheaper than ipad pro has the latest and the fastest processor of 5nm and the flagship ipad pro has A12z which is not at all 5nm and is not upto A14 standards i guess Than why should we buy pro ???? Becoz of only 120hz !!

  • Daniel Bagheri
    Daniel Bagheri

    you know all this is amazing but 1 thing WHEN IS IOS 14 COMING i’ve been waiting for like for ever like if you agree

  • Rania Kamran
    Rania Kamran

    The latest iPad Air is more pro than the latest iPad Pro

  • Sorav Goyal
    Sorav Goyal

    Just loved series 6 watch and ipad air .. Apple is a trendsetter in technology..

  • adeel shaikh
    adeel shaikh

    I am from Pakistan And a big fan of yours❤️ please get some giveaway material for me i would be alot thankful of you❤️

  • David Padilla
    David Padilla

    Good morning What time does the new update come out for the Apple watches?

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen

    Bring back the iPhone 5, but bigger screen like the iPad Pro/New iPad Air with the Touch ID power button. It would be awesome.

  • Asjath Shakir
    Asjath Shakir

    Wonderful awesome

  • Nick Dear
    Nick Dear

    What day is the air coming???

  • cringemeister

    They should make an iPad SE with the same front as the new air, but no back camera and maybe the old back case design.

  • J Mack
    J Mack

    Could you please compare the new ipads to the ipad pros?

  • Anabolic Assassin
    Anabolic Assassin

    Imagine a world............. Where iPhone 9 was announced

  • LordJake21

    Says video was uploaded 20 mins ago but comments from 20 hours ago🤔

  • Rithik

    He said 999 instead of 9.99

  • Count Dain
    Count Dain

    Thanks for the summary

  • DorianPlayerOne

    16 seconds ago: 537,390 views, explain.

  • weebo

    apple:*releases new product* my wallet: “my time has come”

  • Daniel Zeng
    Daniel Zeng

    I watched your previous Apple leak video. You mentioned they will re-design the Apple Watch next year. After the launch event, do you suggest to buy this new series 6 or wait one more year? I'm Apple Watch Series 3 user. Thanks!

  • Simone Buno
    Simone Buno

    This year's Sept Event was shorter than usual.

  • Mariel I
    Mariel I

    Hi Filip, I ordered your Phone Rebel Case Frosted on July 29, 2020 and still haven't receive it. I'm super eager to have it but unfortunately still don't have it.

  • beeg yoshe
    beeg yoshe

    GREEN iPad? I’m sold! It’ll match my Green iPhone 11 😊

  • bajen

    Do a comparison with the SE watch compared with S3. Is it worth upgrading from the s3?

  • Biku Singh
    Biku Singh

    The best keynote video on UZload

  • Rodrigo Sanchez
    Rodrigo Sanchez

    October 21, 2020

  • Jacob Robertson
    Jacob Robertson

    I ordered the Apple Watch Series 6 I’ve been waiting for a long time and I will order the iPad Air for my notes so that I don’t waste paper in lecture

  • Donghoon Y.
    Donghoon Y.

    I was disappointed ☹️