iOS 13.2 Final Review! Best One Yet
Final & Ultimate iOS 13.2 Review, releasing October 28-30th. All the new features, Deep Fusion, in-camera controls, hidden features & more before updating! Best iOS 13 update yet!
AirPods Pro Exclusive Leaks:

  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    Still shocked that Apple has managed to add almost everything I wanted in iOS 13! Excited to see 13.3 & beyond!

    • Heather Satterfield
      Heather Satterfield


    • Heather Satterfield
      Heather Satterfield

      Ryan Gerrity bnnnn

    • MrGHLover107

      make a jailbreak tutorial with the checkra1n jailbreak

    • عبدالحميد الباشا
      عبدالحميد الباشا

      I was born in Saudi Arabia and I do not have the nationality of Saudi Arabia I work as a cleaner and my salary is very small that I worked 5 years I can not buy the iPhone because I pay the rent of the house and the costs of treating my mother helped me and gave me even if I imitated Yvonne

    • Rick

      Did you notice that when u crop or edit any video. u ACTUALLY still have the FULL original of the video(same amount of space in ur camera roll), rather than having cropped the video and saved space.

  • Alexandre Lacroix
    Alexandre Lacroix

    1:17 WHAT ANIMAL IS THAT? I would be totally flipped out

  • Fahad Muh
    Fahad Muh


  • Updesh Yadav
    Updesh Yadav

    good updates

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling

    4:58 Selena Gomez? WTF?

  • Kanwar Anand
    Kanwar Anand

    I have had the iPhone11 Pro Max for about a month now. This is my first time using Face ID on an iPhone. It is easily the worst thing about the phone and unlocking is such a pain in the ass.

  • Chiraag Panjwani
    Chiraag Panjwani

    Anyone experiencing low lock sound and keyboard sound after this update?

  • ferric0243

    theres a platter? been here since 2009, never heard about a platter FML

  • TheRealWeaZ

    ANYONE having an ALARM problem. Iphone 11 - 13.2.3 Iphone in locked sleep mode. Alarm goes off, but no vibration. If face ID connects, & phone unlocks, then the vibration happens.

  • tiddies

    Can someone help me because my phone screen was lagging and apps were closing by itself so i got my phone’s screen replaced and its still doing it but not that much

  • Sharul Ducatista
    Sharul Ducatista

    Waiting for review on ios 13.2.3 that just released.

  • Henry Velasquez
    Henry Velasquez

    they should a pizza roll emoji🤣🤣

  • Joe Lunsford
    Joe Lunsford

    talk about Checkra1n, its the first permanent jailbreak we had in YEARS

  • Georgiew BG
    Georgiew BG

    IOS 13.2.2 is out when will you make a video about it 😡😡😡

  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales

    Hi! I have this weird experience. After charging I screenshot the widget for my screen on time to monitor my usage. Upon using it continuously for almost an hour I checked it again it only had a 10-12 minute increase. It’s supposed to be on its 4 hour mark. I restarted my phone but it’s still the same what’s weird is it decreases by 2 mins when I tried to take another screenshot. It is the first time that this thing happened to me. IPhone 11 on iOS 13.2

  • Julhulaifa Al Sadaf
    Julhulaifa Al Sadaf

    Please do a what’s on my iPhone

  • Susan Brar
    Susan Brar

    Where can I get ur iPhone case

  • Usman

    has the connectivity problems been fixed?

  • Luma

    Everyone talking about how he points out the ‘insignificant’ changes, but I appreciate them lmao. Keep up the great work!

  • Johnny2x

    I lost all my pictures in conversations with people Whyyyy ????

  • Arcane

    Here i am stuck in 13.1.3 waiting for Checkra1n so i can get my tweaks.... : (

  • Joseph Paderanga
    Joseph Paderanga

    Hi! Just to share an additional information for iOS13 update since looks like this was never mention by anyone before, not sure though which exact version this update became available but when you go to settings, display and brightness, when you turn on bold texts/fonts, it no longer restarts your iPhone. ☺️ - using iPhone 8 Plus - Joseph Paderanga from Philippines

  • Ian Graban
    Ian Graban

    @everythingapplepro can you download iOS 4 on to an iPhone 7? If so, how?

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods

    Battery is shit

  • Lxquid

    I wish I had an iPhone 11☹️😞

  • Fiaz Ahmed
    Fiaz Ahmed

    iOS 13.2 made memory management worse

  • Markus Flavour
    Markus Flavour

    Iphone SE users , how is IOS13 working ? Im still on ios 12.3 and im not sure if i should update it

  • Let’s-play

    Are you still doing the iPhone 11 give away or have you picked winners yet

  • AhmeD

    When I’m playing pubg on my iPhone Xr why does the sceeen goes dim ? Coz the phone heats ??

  • Aldrin Fernandes
    Aldrin Fernandes

    Now the wallpaper will be cropped by 0.000000000001% Wtf Apple

  • oskkkar ortiz
    oskkkar ortiz

    Drain my battery on iPhone XR.. I downgrade to 13.1

  • FareAlert

    This update blows. Wtf apple

  • Justin Teasters
    Justin Teasters

    I can't edit+trim=save as new video on this new update!!! it saves to the same video!! HELLLLLP :((

  • Anik Ghosh
    Anik Ghosh

    I have 6s should i update it guys?

  • Mr RBB
    Mr RBB

    The new RAM management is catastrophic. They need to fix it

  • Joel Hriney
    Joel Hriney

    Have u guys find the Ram in iOS13.2 a little strange, it closes Apps running in the background very frequently, especially when you’re using UZload while you need use camera but once you switch back to UZload, it is closed and need to reopen or reload

  • Nathan McCormick
    Nathan McCormick

    My reaction to ios 13.2: 🥱


    playing pubg mobile with 1 gb ram ( I phone 6 ) and ges what rank or tier got plz look my frist video

  • Retrofied

    we need multitasking

  • Kevin Azar
    Kevin Azar

    I wish they would ‪go back to double tapping word and it selecting just that word not an entire name or phrase. And what happened to the 3D Touch for hard pressing on a word and it selecting the word? Made erasing words so easy. ‬

  • Angel Moreno
    Angel Moreno

    anyone noticed the 😍 heart eye emoji looks different. the hearts look weird. i don’t like it 😞🤬

  • Allan Ø.N.
    Allan Ø.N.

    The by far best “new” thing in iOS 13.2 is the scene shortcuts when long pressing on the Home app.. oh boy I have been missing those.. I for instance open and close my front door using them!!! Thank you Apple for re-introducing them!

  • Mango

    I have iphone 7 plus, should i upgrade to ios 13.2?

  • Cloud Ashmore
    Cloud Ashmore

    I got bugs back that I had previously With this update wtf

  • jey nakar
    jey nakar

    While sending i message Press the send button for 5 seconds there u will see the diffrent effects of send msg. Is it available after i o13 or it was from beginning??

  • Vipul Gupta
    Vipul Gupta

    The apps are reloading like crazy with multitasking. Anyone else facing it?

    • Joel Hriney
      Joel Hriney

      Vipul Gupta yes

  • RJ Bautista
    RJ Bautista

    Is it possible to have an IOS 13.2 in IPhone 6

  • Joseph Fitzsimmons
    Joseph Fitzsimmons

    99.9% of videos on youtube begin with, "Hey guys".

  • Fernando Castillo
    Fernando Castillo

    This update made my CarPlay look horrible! Worst idea to update CarPlay. Looks very cheap, l love the original update for CarPlay 😭😭😭

  • Matteo Greiner
    Matteo Greiner

    Anyone know where he got that sick keyboard for the iPad Pro??

  • GodDamn 666
    GodDamn 666

    Iphone 6s user. Screen freeezing soooo much ...... plus 3d touch is messed up. Tooo sensitive. So irritated😟😟

  • mbda

    why I am getting apple tv option during phone call's audio option on 13.2, tried everything! pl help!!!

  • Du wüsstest gerne wie ich heiße xD :D
    Du wüsstest gerne wie ich heiße xD :D

    2:51 you habe Fortnite?????? I Too I’m Mobile Player


    Just a question, the deep camera is only for the new iPhones 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max, why should we update iOS 13.2 to our old iPhones like Xs or Xs max? If the deep camera is not the old one?

  • Orion

    This update is amazing!!! The pictures look ridiculous, Apple is by far the best.

  • Abaas Hussein
    Abaas Hussein

    Keep saying Cleaner cleaner cleaner 😓

  • Noah Ortega
    Noah Ortega

    The new haptic touch sound, sounds very similar to the 2013-2015 and 2016 limited when you touch the touch screen, and it goes TINK.

  • Honey’s Asmr eating channel
    Honey’s Asmr eating channel

    Hey I just wanted to say how much I love this channel

  • Mohammad Ghiasi
    Mohammad Ghiasi

    One problem, the camera app stick to the last mode although the feature is disabled in setting

  • XxOsirisxX

    There is a “new feature” I noticed that is not mentioned. Now in this version, with the screen off, when you press the Volumen Up button and it’s already on the max volume, you will receive a vibration feedback. In previous version, this only happens with screen on.

  • David Pippenger
    David Pippenger

    Any fix to the battery drain issue? My 6s barely makes it through an 8 hour day now!

    • EL

      David Pippenger same on 11 pro max

  • amira gs
    amira gs

    i need one iPhone 11 pro or 11 pro max because idont have a phone and this is my dreem to haveiphone for the first time in my life

  • Maximum OD 666
    Maximum OD 666

    @EverythingApplePro can you do a review of iOS 13.2 for the iPhone 8

  • Muhammad Najib F
    Muhammad Najib F

    It’s good for new iphone but not worth for iphone 6s... Playing any games and having many issue Like poor ping issue even with high speed wifi or cellular data And start facing its tiredness like stuttering little bit, heavy lag on games that never experienced lag in it, app ussually having to restart on background system, battery drop

  • dankyeet7 7
    dankyeet7 7

    I hate xxdrugaddictlandxx

  • Kirti Ranjan Nayak
    Kirti Ranjan Nayak

    How can one make sure that fusion actually works on his iphone 11 pro with 13.2 update? I see some of the features missing even though my update of 13.2 went without any error.

  • Steven Wymor
    Steven Wymor

    Why do you NEVER mention bug fixes other than the speed at which the camera app launches and other useless interface speed responsiveness that most of the time would be virtually undetectable by human observation. Pointless.

  • Steyr001

    I still can't believe that these reviewers paid by Apple can keep a straight face while talking about these "updates": new emojis and rearrange hope scren, in 2019, lmao. That's one of the reasons why Apple still sells phones because of these asshole reviewers. If ANY other phone would have these "updates" or specs for the price they would trash it. Thank god iphones are being sold mostly in USA, which says a lot :)

  • Alex P
    Alex P

    Show more CarPlay with when Show Album Art is off!

  • Btbtn Nntnt
    Btbtn Nntnt

    I finally go to update and it is so sick !!

  • Penelope

    But still no plain pink heart??

  • Sam Bell
    Sam Bell

    These videos really aren’t that helpful ! for one you people talk way too fast about deep things that need further explanation , and you have to rewind about 30,000 times to try and get some comprehension of what you’ll are talking about , if you’re gonna do videos do them right , so we can learn, I’m not being pessimistic ! Just being real.

  • Josef Bohorquez
    Josef Bohorquez

    Whats the keyboard of your iPad? Looks interesting

  • tnprime

    still cant justify the icons to the bottom....

  • Scott Delisser
    Scott Delisser

    Can u check the Safari bug in iOS 13.2 that seems to always keep reloading the web pages ??

  • AirRookie

    I heard rumors when upgrading your iPhone to version 13 that a bug will cause the phone to be unusable like wifi phone calls and etc, is it true or did apple fix it?

  • Michael Brewis
    Michael Brewis

    Has anyone installed this on iPhone XS - how does it perform? I'm on iOS 12.4.1 and I'm worried about glitches

  • Bonni pratama nugraha
    Bonni pratama nugraha

    Battre draining on 13.2

  • Anup Biswas
    Anup Biswas

    Can’t u see green line in camera

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S

    best software update ever.... we made the icon a little smaller.... mind blown!

  • Abhishek Parija
    Abhishek Parija

    what is that case on the table ??

  • Saralina Smith
    Saralina Smith

    Thank you for your great videos! I‘d loooooove to have this green wallpaper showing up on the end of the video. Can you tell me where to find it? Would be so nice of you!


    Great video but, I was wondering if you could be more specific as to how the app drawer work? I kind of got lost there.

  • dec t
    dec t

    Are you taking the piss if apple had an arse you’d be stuck kissing it iOS 13 has been decreasing consumers batteries from the 7 up to the 11max pro , they are clearly setting out planned obsolescence

  • Nav J
    Nav J

    No dual space and no call recording ???

  • geedoo459

    I’m really happy they brought back the history feature in the music app. But has the new update fixed all the music app bugs yet??? I’m losing my mind with all my playlist art flip flopping around and random songs saying they are not available in my country.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    Useless update. Music is STILL broken. Still freezes when you scroll your music, albums or just scrolling in general. And I can't go back to 12.4 so I am pretty much bummed because I use the Music app all the time. Maybe I'll dump Apple Music, since they don't want to fix it, and go back to Spotify.

  • Jensen Marshel
    Jensen Marshel

    Steve jobs: who wants a stylus? No body wants a stylus Apple in 2019: The all new apple pencil 2 Steve jobs: >:(

  • Christian Morgan
    Christian Morgan

    Y’all don’t kno how long I’ve been waiting on a WAFFLE emoji👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Luis Coppin, Jr.
    Luis Coppin, Jr.

    Hello, is there a way to close all of the apps at the same time like the Android devices? Thank you.

  • TommyHF.L

    Bro how can a phone have a camera so good that it makes the pictures look like the pumpkin and leaves in the back are 3D on the phone

  • Peter Braun
    Peter Braun

    Is everything apple pro gay?

  • Tyler Penrod
    Tyler Penrod

    Can you please address the issue so Apple will see it; the fact that they didn’t add the ability to change camera settings within the app in any model except the 11 is ridiculous. It’s a software feature that every single iPhone is capable of and SHOULD have. Just because my phone X is two years old doesn’t negate the fact that it still cost $1,200 and should receive features like that. So greedy of Apple. And that’s coming from a major fan. Sorry for the rant, just want them to hear that we aren’t happy with them playing dirty.

  • Snowy

    They should make the volume hud on the top of the iphone like they did with ipad

  • Alextraordinary

    Next patch will move the volume bar down by 0.0000000002%

  • guinnesss2003

    Can you now delete more than one photo at a time from the iMessage camera roll? Before it was one image at a time within a thread 😫

  • Nurudin Jauhari
    Nurudin Jauhari

    How to Turn On CarPlay Interface on iPhone?

  • Ashon Dowell
    Ashon Dowell

    Wait so Apple released iOS 13.2 with over 400 new emojis yet we still don’t have no black/brown families🥱🖕🏽

  • Liam

    4:48 look at the time

  • Telvin Tyler
    Telvin Tyler