iPhone 11 Pro vs First iPhone! 12 Year Comparison
The iPhone 12 Years Later! iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone 2G compared! iOS 13.2 vs 1.0, cameras, teardown, speakers & more. 2007 - 2019.
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New AirPods 3 Leaks.

  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    Always love the perspective videos like this bring, we are living in the best era of tech. Thumbs up for the next 5 years of iPhone!

    • Matthew Dietrich
      Matthew Dietrich

      Max Nevelev lll

    • floxts

      EverythingApplePro s10s display still looks better to be honest

    • Sean K
      Sean K

      Are you doing a clear back for the pro because I want see how a clear camera glass would look

    • Vinay Naidu
      Vinay Naidu

      Sir , can you please research and do a video about how to dualboot parrot OS on a 2019 Mac , no other youtube video is helpful. Please help . Thanks .

    • Sergei Bezrodnov
      Sergei Bezrodnov

      Ты крут

  • justine_yancamo


  • Roberto Sanchez
    Roberto Sanchez

    I can't beliévé that finally i got my iCloud unlock with the help of *scozhacker_* on iG You did a great job bro

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever

    Waiting for iPhone 12 vs iPhone 2g!!!

  • Siri


  • Fatima Tahir
    Fatima Tahir

    I think there all amazing

  • Tirath Bal
    Tirath Bal


  • DontHaveName

    If it was Steve Jobs, he would have made the iPhone 11 $299

  • TimGamerPlayz

    yknow.. in like 200 years Apple's gonna launch the iPhone 100... #iPhone1VSiPhone100!!

  • Liam Aleman
    Liam Aleman

    iPhone 2g wins.

  • Zesty_Dragon_

    They’ll still have the same notch in 12 years

  • Tasso Demo
    Tasso Demo

    12 years, so much changed. In 25 years, oh boy that’s unimaginable

  • Milind Kulkarni
    Milind Kulkarni

    I like the design of iPhone1 better than iPhone 11 pro.

  • R Islomzoda
    R Islomzoda

    A time will come when we would hate to spend our money on iPhone 11 Pro just like how we now hate to spend our money on iPhone 1 (if it was still on sale).

  • cynical flipz
    cynical flipz

    Why is it that I’ve had to watch 6 ads now and I’m not even halfway through the video

  • TheRyaniscoolio

    S20 ultra is better. Shit, I mean Apple gets their displays from Samsung. Among other components. Apple has been falling behind the last couple of years.

  • XxNot_CxnnectedxX Roblox
    XxNot_CxnnectedxX Roblox

    in 2032: So, this iPhone 11 Pro Max from 2020 had that time the most durable glass ever! Also, this iPhone only has 3 12 Megapixel cameras, comparing to the 20 5670 Megapixel cameras from now. I can’t believe this! This iPhone only has a battery duration of 3110 mAh, comparing to the 100450 mAh from now!

  • Undaground. Playa
    Undaground. Playa

    Remember when PSPs was the shit back then,the good old days.

  • You already know
    You already know

    I think disney gon buy apple

  • Elvis Tafa
    Elvis Tafa

    EAP: Buys 11 pro to make an unboxing video ME: still using iPhone 6s since December 2016

  • Kayla Mitchell
    Kayla Mitchell

    1:46: yeh it’s the first time they ever made an iPhone lmao

  • HAHA !
    HAHA !

    Honestly not that far from the original when you compare them like this

  • Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020
    Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020

    something he didn't mention: the iPhone 2G's camera is about the same size as the 11 pro's LED flash

  • Nicole Kelly
    Nicole Kelly

    Ha ha first iphone

  • Nugget YT6
    Nugget YT6

    How can this man have every iPhone ever and still not know that the left grill on the bottom of the iPhone is the microphone for calls?

  • D34D Westlands
    D34D Westlands

    I dont think this vid got many views on the first day because everyone was watching ''FoRtNiTe ChApTeR 2''

  • P J
    P J

    This makes me feel old. I vividly remember going to a GameStop next door to an AT&T store and I saw a long line outside of AT&T and wondered why all those people were there. I found out later that the iPhone had been released that day although I knew nothing about iPhone at that point.

  • Haoran Gong
    Haoran Gong

    1:15-1:23:Everythingapplepro unboxing the iPhone quickly Me unboxing a iPhone:Slowly slowly, opening opening, duuuuuunnnn!!!!!! Peeeeeeeeeeelll very slllllllllooooooowwwwwwwwllllllllyyyyy

  • hbgstorm

    Did you say that you got ripped of on a fake iphone and you payed 3000 dollars for it?

  • Brendan LE
    Brendan LE

    4:52 Its normal clocking speed is 620 MHz.

  • Tasruna Hoque
    Tasruna Hoque

    i still love the original iphone

  • Myk The official
    Myk The official

    Tbh I rlly liked the old design because it was super detailed

  • Myk The official
    Myk The official

    I’m getting the iPhone 11 Pro gold in August :)

  • electrowolf 525
    electrowolf 525

    iPhone 2g won by far

  • Boy Van Os
    Boy Van Os

    I think Apple will still release Iphones in the coming 10 years, but with less frequent major changes, at most an iPhone without bezels and notch and a foldable iPhone, the smartphone is almost fully developed, Apple is aiming for augmented reality and that is the future . AR glasses will be developed, which will allow us to See Things in 3D and other applications, of which it is still unknown, I'm sure Curious what Apple will bring in the next 10 years!

  • Joshua Pangan
    Joshua Pangan

    People Seeing The iPhone 2G; IT CAN GO ALL THE WAY TO 16 GB??!! THAT’S AMAZING! iPhone 11 Pro: Imma Bout To End This Phone’s Career

  • tech world
    tech world

    no the iphone se is the 13th iPhone

  • sora sugimoto
    sora sugimoto

    10 years after the IPhone 11 is released IPhone 21 comes out then talks about what it was like Using the IPhone 11

  • Tousif Ahammad
    Tousif Ahammad

    Can you please link that flowers wallpaper

  • Stella Shipley
    Stella Shipley

    The first iPhone looks more like a toy than a phone...

  • Anzzilla

    I love my 11 pro. So satisfiedddd

  • Hema Bhagawandas
    Hema Bhagawandas

    He was holding an A12

  • Eye Of Nelms
    Eye Of Nelms

    gets rid of headphone jack keeps mute switch. Non-greed driven explanation for this plz?

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming

    Who is here after factthechz Hit like 👇👇

  • GG 397
    GG 397

    i am 12 y.o same as the first iphone and i born in september

  • Lachie Bright
    Lachie Bright

    Hey need for speed

  • Boston Garrett
    Boston Garrett

    Ur the best

  • Petrick Star
    Petrick Star

    imagine if steve jobs is still alive now the iphone would be better

  • Joshua Pangan
    Joshua Pangan

    Why Doe The iPhone 2G Looks Like It Has A Case?

  • Reshad Sadik
    Reshad Sadik

    badly need a s20 ultra. never won a competition. I guess this is the last try 😇

  • Wiki Motors
    Wiki Motors

    Hey guys I put in the serial number in applecare.com everything is expired look --------------------------> checkcoverage.apple.com/ca/en/?sn=7U741JXRWH8

  • bean09NHACKS Rodriguez
    bean09NHACKS Rodriguez

    Bruh. The new iPhone is obviously better. What kind of question is that?

  • Fish Fillet ʟoveγou
    Fish Fillet ʟoveγou

    can you buy me one???

  • Nikola Pretrysevski
    Nikola Pretrysevski

    it's actually the iPhone 1

  • Jomar Oliveras
    Jomar Oliveras

    Filip: you've got look around Me: dont you mean: Street View.

  • Robbie Yo
    Robbie Yo

    They should remake the first one as a limited release but packed full of upgraded hardware. I remember going to get this thing when it first released and having to remove myself on my parents sprint family plan in the middle of the night so I could activate it.

  • Parham. exe
    Parham. exe

    The iPhone 2G’s camera is the smaller than the flashlight f the iPhone 11

  • ETDM

    They should keep the 4gb for young kids my age for a way cheaper price rather then kids my age getting the 512gb

  • Ethan Genoff
    Ethan Genoff


  • Noob Business
    Noob Business

    People who find Bigfoot must take pictures with the iPhone 2G

  • The Trender
    The Trender

    I remember when watching a 2008 Big Bang theory episode, I spotted Sheldon holding an iPhone 2G

  • Limerence

    4:00 with this new software you an do things you could not even dream about doing before!!! I'm thinking gps, multitasking.. "CHANGE THE MENU COLOR IS THE MOST AMAZING NEW FEATURE OF 2020!!!!"

  • ObiJuanGaming

    If only they could bring back the original way the apps looked

  • SYNX

    iPhone 2g perfect for make retro videos

  • ETDM

    I’m watching this because First of all, I watch you all the time, and second of all because I ordered an iPhone 2g to compare to my 8

  • RaDeecal Dee
    RaDeecal Dee

    You VS The guy she told you not to worry about

  • Whatchamajigger

    The original iPhone will always be the same and the newest model will always be better. Y’all apple folk with these pointless comparisons...🤦‍♀️

  • Jpeezy 419
    Jpeezy 419

    Everything apple pro: yeah this is the iPhone 11 Pro. Me:buying my moms iPhone from her

  • Rush Gamer
    Rush Gamer

    If Steve jobs was alive , iphone 11 would be more better

  • Jacob Cudlitz
    Jacob Cudlitz

    The first iPhone was the first time Apple used gorilla glass on an iPhone. Well duh

  • Karma

    iphone 12 only has A14 chip and 5 G.. A13 is good enough!! you need no more if you have 512 GB! FACT iphone 11 is good enough

  • iiLasx

    That my age!! Xd

  • The 4 Ultimates
    The 4 Ultimates


  • The 4 Ultimates
    The 4 Ultimates


  • The 4 Ultimates
    The 4 Ultimates


  • The 4 Ultimates
    The 4 Ultimates


  • 10K Subscribers but Without Videos
    10K Subscribers but Without Videos

    I have a feeling this guy works for apple

  • Zexrt

    Did you know iPhone was the very first iPhone made by apple

  • Frank Romero
    Frank Romero

    Wow, software looks the same, no change.

  • Prankster guys
    Prankster guys

    I have a The first iphone

  • Maggie Grace
    Maggie Grace

    1:15 I have never opened a gold iPhone 11 before... DUDE!!! I have never opened ANY iPhone 11!

  • Drake Thornton
    Drake Thornton

    Who’s watching this in 2020 lol

  • Celeste Lopez
    Celeste Lopez

    Or 12

  • Celeste Lopez
    Celeste Lopez

    How's watching this with the iPhone se in the future

  • Burak Yener
    Burak Yener

    Wrong info, we first had multi tasking in iphone 3g not 3gs

  • Jess D
    Jess D

    me:iphone se, only dreams of iphone 11 Everything Apple: Sees iphone 11:meh

  • TyTystick

    “The next iPhone is rumoured to come with a terabyte” Bro my SE doesn’t even have 30 GB 😓😭

  • YinYang Hassen
    YinYang Hassen

    The first iPhone dosent even have a flashlight just a camera

  • GreenTea_ 69
    GreenTea_ 69

    Give Me an iPhone 6s Plus One

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    2007: Your iPhone has a nice camera 2020: your camera has a nice iPhone

  • Gregorio González
    Gregorio González

    Wow!Apple is copying alot from android!😂

  • Mikley Arroba
    Mikley Arroba

    Fun fact: if you multiply he 2g storage 4 times 131 is equals to 524 minus 9 minus 1 is equals to 514 GB of storage

    • Mikley Arroba
      Mikley Arroba

      Even though the storage of the 11 pro is 512 GB

  • Thatcrazygamer 128
    Thatcrazygamer 128

    I’m only a few hours older than the original iphone

  • Mali HAIDER
    Mali HAIDER

    Imagine that you time-travelled with the iPhone 11 Pro to when iPhone 2G was released and everyone is like......WHAT????????? And awkward silence.

  • ItzAltexce

    I love watching your vids but I hate how much ads I gotta watch just to watch one vid

  • Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc.

    You could use old iphones to compare , then why would use new one?🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Da Bob
    Da Bob

    Can you post a updated guide on how to activate mine is stuck on the activation screen

  • JustSeb

    Dang, I really wanna buy that beautiful phone, wish I had enough money set aside for it

  • DannaGoat

    Wow, this is amazing

  • UncausedPizza

    Hey you leeked your wifi location..... lol fix it in youtube blur.