iOS 13.2 Beta 2! New Emojis, Camera Controls & Animations!
iOS 13.2 Beta 2 is HUGE! All new emojis, NEW CAMERA CONTROLS, awesome animations, new sounds & more! 45 features & changes.
New AirPods 3 Leaks.
iOS 13.2 Beta 1 Review.
Huge iPhone 11/11 Pro Giveaway!

  • justine_yancamo


  • Asjath Shakir
    Asjath Shakir


  • jaime alquisira
    jaime alquisira

    Question? Has anyone else’s photos come out blurry/pixelated with the iphone 11 pro max?

  • SnackySmacky

    Is there a jailbreak for iOS 13.2.3 that I can download no computer?

  • AdamDaDump

    Unfortunately the camera video feature does not seem to exist on iPhones 8 and lower (I have an 8 so I don’t know for sure)

  • lovinqlxla

    Le Monke Emoji

  • TreyWay J
    TreyWay J

    You the plug love your channel

  • d3v33na

    How do I get this beta??

  • シJorge

    I updated but didn't get emojis help

  • Cappooo

    My new emojis are not showing a d I updated and I'm not iPhone7 plz help!!!

  • Hanniah Samone
    Hanniah Samone

    YES!! Split screen would be amazing and the idea of Siri being smaller on the iPhone screen.

  • 人形sugardo11

    but no water bottle or pink heart 😔

  • Gutgut Calor
    Gutgut Calor

    The next update should have more Memoji features

  • This Needs a Name-
    This Needs a Name-

    but wait.. I don’t have all those features! because i have a iPHONE 7!! (rose gold btw) 😫

    • This Needs a Name-
      This Needs a Name-

      wrong emoji🥱

  • GrxnIRF _
    GrxnIRF _

    🦧 Uh oh

  • Gongl Gongl
    Gongl Gongl

    if they sped up every animation like the app switcher ios would feel light years faster.

  • KingOhSoBreezy

    The kneeling emoji tho not gonna be used for it’s intended proposes

  • Benjamín Juhás
    Benjamín Juhás

    On iphone 8 camera controls doesn't work

  • sagun gurung
    sagun gurung

    Can u please make video on ip 11 battery drain issue

  • - Rainyrxses -
    - Rainyrxses -

    How did you get this update I need answers 😫

  • Leila B
    Leila B

    Mine says up to date how do u get the beta?

  • payton


  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown

    iOS needs custom EQ settings in Music.

  • Riddhesh Khedekar
    Riddhesh Khedekar

    Running ios 13.1.2 on iphone 7 and this is absolutely very smooth ❤️

  • Riddhesh Khedekar
    Riddhesh Khedekar

    Running ios 13.1.2 on iphone 7 and this is absolutely very smooth ❤️

  • Alexander Lapin
    Alexander Lapin

    Can someone clarify this: Apple music in 13.1.3 has this weird bug when you delete a song from your library - it jumps to the beginning of your listening history instead of jumping to at least a previous song. So imagine that you are in the middle of your playlist and you decide that you don’t want a song anymore. Annoying... Is it fixed in 13.2? Thanks

  • diamlierx

    All they need to work on is bringing back that iCloud folder sharing

  • Alexander White
    Alexander White

    Did you know that if you copy something from your iPhone and you have "Handoff" enabled you can paste what you copied to your computer???? Just learned about this today by accident.. so cool!

  • Armstrong Souljah
    Armstrong Souljah

    Can we ask get dark mode on the AirPods battery indicator/ connect screen.

  • Alfa Medtech
    Alfa Medtech

    I am an inspiring medical student who loves tech! I just created my channel and would love your support. Thank you in advance!

  • Albin Hetemi
    Albin Hetemi

    When will we accept a new update of Ios 13 that will fix the battery life of older Iphones!

  • Selim Ceylan
    Selim Ceylan

    Why the profile management is gone on iOS 13.2 or how i found this?

  • Björn Granfoss
    Björn Granfoss

    One bug is that even tho I’ve chosen not to reveal my notifications unless the iPhone is unlocked. You can still see reminders in the Widget page. When you from the lock screen swipe right.

  • bilal mansoor
    bilal mansoor

    can plz win the giveaway, I have given 10 entries, I COULDNT DO TWITTER ENTRY AS I DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT IN IT. I would love to get an iphone.... plz... I DONT HAVE a mobile and I wish I will get a mobile from your giveaway...... plz plz plz and btw I love watching your videos... KEEP IT UP

  • Yen Therese Barroga
    Yen Therese Barroga

    my phone’s lcd is broken and the screen has a big dark spot at the upper right corner 😭 that’s why I’m really hoping that I can win your giveaway cause I badly need a new phone rn, it’s an essential thing for a student, also I’m a graduating student so it’s really important to me😭

  • silloweet

    Face ID without swipe Hide home bar Close all apps

  • glowingcreatures

    Will iPad 6 have iOS 13.2?

  • Hibah Siddiqui
    Hibah Siddiqui

    I really hope that i win the giveaway🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Hibah Siddiqui
    Hibah Siddiqui

    Really cool video👌🏻

  • Dj Kanhai Official
    Dj Kanhai Official

    iPhone Camera is a great and video recording very nice 🔥🔥🔥 #Google #UZload

  • Toby Vickers
    Toby Vickers

    Hey it’s my birthday 🎂 Haven’t got any gifts no one in my family remembered

  • Toby Vickers
    Toby Vickers

    How do you get developer beta


    I looovee itt 😍

  • Morgan Cozart
    Morgan Cozart

    when will it be released

  • spaceyface

    Very knowledgeable

  • Andrew Pek
    Andrew Pek

    Bro it’s crazy how bro finds out all these new details on every beta. Nothing but props! That’s why I fuck with this channel the most. 💪🏼🔥

  • Master King
    Master King

    I wish Samsung can release updates like Apple

  • Hangfire

    3,000 emojis and I still can't delete a letter in the middle of a word...

    • Hangfire

      @corbino thanks for your reply but, hold "what" down on the keyboard?

    • corbino

      Hangfire-13 yes u can. hold down on ur keyboard and move it to the letter.

  • Ayush Dhupar
    Ayush Dhupar

    Some features are just awesome😍

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    Who agree you are the best youtuber

  • rhydam dirtypunk
    rhydam dirtypunk

    looks good 😍

  • mrmarcus !
    mrmarcus !

    When are they gonna change it so you can still use your phone when someone rings without having to wait until the call ends?

  • Abdifatah Capalot
    Abdifatah Capalot

    plz give me one iphone 11 plz am a loyal fan

  • tony stark
    tony stark

    why doesnt anyone talk about how apple killed 3D touch for older phones??

  • g_aelll

    How to download

  • Juicetinino

    They should also stop the low battery warnings from stopping what you’re doing

    • Juicetinino

      ニラ no it would just be nice if it was like a banner o something. As it is now it stops what you’re doing so you have to press ok and usually the sound cuts off after.

    • Nyla Larman
      Nyla Larman

      I guess you want your phone to die in the middle of doing something important🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith

    My speaker is making sounds on this beta I have IOS 13.2 (17B5077a) an I can’t be on the regular call or FaceTime it’s making sounds an I tried yo turn the volume down and it’s stays at a high pitch even when I be on 3rd party app or regular apps with sound it makes a weird sound THIS IS NOT OK

  • Mirza

    Not sure why he is so happy about this update there is nothing there besides the camera part (12 years later ) WTF

  • CyberCubeTV

    Why you have so many ads greedy bastard !

  • D0ni

    Do he buy all those with his own money or like do they get sent for free?

  • Tim Haigh
    Tim Haigh

    Do you think older iPhones (e.g. iPhone 7) will receive the added in-app camera settings (resolution and frame rate) when this update rolls out?

  • OfficialSezer

    r.i.p broken screens xD

  • The World of Hannah
    The World of Hannah

    Yea but it won’t give me the update 😅

  • Sofia Marie
    Sofia Marie

    how do some ppl have these

  • Aj Lee
    Aj Lee

    When's that give away winner chosen again?

  • Chronic Awesomeness
    Chronic Awesomeness


  • dirtnasty

    Is the in app change for FPS only on the new iphones cause it isn’t working on my XR

  • xCapiiX

    How come it doesnt let me change the skin color for the emojis couples? I upgraded to the latest software 13.1.3

  • Andy the Cat
    Andy the Cat

    Naming group chats that have both ios and android users, without having to install a third party app would be nice.

  • Jose Bautista
    Jose Bautista

    Choosing resolution and FPS for the camera is only for the 2019 iPhones :/

    • Jose Bautista
      Jose Bautista

      MorTimer Play have the 3rd beta

    • MorTimerPlay

      Jose Bautista but Do you have iOS 13.2?

    • kiiikyo

      Yes i tried with my iphone 8 & X .. it's not worked at all


    My 6s has ios 13.1.2 :T

  • Deepak Dhillon
    Deepak Dhillon

    Why apple removed the videos application from the App Store 🤔

  • lol amy
    lol amy

    Bruh I actually updated my phone but I don’t HAVE THE MF NEW EMOJIS WHAAAA

    • ahhyoukee._ 4
      ahhyoukee._ 4

      Lol Amy rightttt

  • gdigenis

    Are you seeing the location bug on your device where the location tracking icon appears in the status bar but the privacy settings do not show your phone as currently being tracked? My phone shows that it’s location is being used 90% of the time but nothing shows up in the privacy settings. Anyone seeing this?

  • DrYeahOrNah

    I got an iphone 11 in black today cuz its my 11th birthday today

    • DrYeahOrNah

      Today is 17.10.19

  • Bum Marc Alex
    Bum Marc Alex

    I'd really like to see the split screen mode on iPhones. This is one of the reasons I regret switching from my Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 8Plus. I don't understand why we still don't have it yet on iPhones, especially for the ones with bigger screen like the Plus models. Hopefully on the 14th iOS version they'll enable it... Also great video

    • Skarz

      Omg are you srsly daft? Consider venturing to settings - software update section and update your fucking phone split screen is AVAILABLE!! SEARCH IT UP

  • Mukesh Choudhary
    Mukesh Choudhary

    Apple should change incoming call interface. During we use iphone call should be just in banner instead of whole screen like in androids. Hit 👍🏻 if you too want

  • Yailin Claveria
    Yailin Claveria

    More emojis😂😂

  • Brayden Lentz
    Brayden Lentz

    2:50 hello

  • crynblub -
    crynblub -

    if you on IOS 13.1.3 will you have this emojis because i don’t see them?

  • Qyah_

    I Have Tha IOS 13.1.3 And I Dnt Have No New Emojis , Somebody Help ? 💜

  • Igor gomez
    Igor gomez

    all i just wanted was to play yt in the background ...

  • mkchomponthis

    Literally cant stand how videos just play on there own now. They need to bring back the Play button when scrolling through videos in your camera roll.

  • Jerome Lewis
    Jerome Lewis

    My couple race isn’t changing at all

  • Keith Underkoffler
    Keith Underkoffler

    but why no more SAVE AS NEW CLIP?!

  • RolandZ 1228
    RolandZ 1228

    Guys, can somebody help me? I upgraded my iPad 4 mini to the newest operating system and still, my dualshock 4 controller can’t connect with the iPad. Has anybody got a solution?

  • Osama Albadani
    Osama Albadani

    what's the difference between 720p and HD ???😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nathan Holewa
    Nathan Holewa

    They still need to fix car play so if using dual Sim it tells you which line is ringing!

  • Datxgurlxlee T.V.
    Datxgurlxlee T.V.

    How do I get this 🤔

  • ᛕouturiér ᐻanity
    ᛕouturiér ᐻanity

    I wish they’d give us the feature to put an app lock on our apps. 🙄

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar

    Sir give me one phone

  • KingChrisTv

    Need split screen

  • NY_PornStar

    No beta 2 for iPad Pro 11 and 12 yet

  • Brenden Mazany
    Brenden Mazany

    This like actually helped me because like I don’t know what to do after I like just updated my phone

  • Mike L
    Mike L

    A lot of this isn’t on the Public Beta on my Xs Max.

  • iSebastian

    2:16 What happened to it? :(((

  • Bradley Smart
    Bradley Smart

    Can u pls let me know if the settings have been added to turn the screen on and off with flip case thanks 🙏

  • KIAN[]

    nice video man

  • Dylan Metcalf
    Dylan Metcalf

    Everyone go add me pls I’ll add u back @dylanmetcalf19

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    areebah chaudhray

    i am commenting again i really need a iphone