2020 iPad Pros Released! A12Z, LiDAR, Ultra Wide & Magic Keyboard!
NEW iPad Pro 2020 Models Released! A12Z Bionic Processor, LiDAR scanner, 10mp Ultra Wide camera, Magic Keyboard + trackpad & iOS 13.4 Release Date! Also 2020 MacBook Air & Mac Mini Refresh & new iPhone cases! + Galaxy S20 Ultra Giveaway Winners!
Huge WWDC 2020 Leaks!
Last iPhone 12 Pro & iOS 14 Leaks.

  • Kittienbeast

    This vid made me mad cuz I bought the iPad Pro 2018 version and this came out the next day.

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri

    They should rename it to ipad bend 2020

  • Hilda Elson
    Hilda Elson

    I have one from 2018 (12.9) and the 2020 (11 inch), and they really don't feel that different from each other.

  • Why We Love Film
    Why We Love Film

    I heard they're releasing another iPad later this year. Supposedly it's being released at the same time as the new Apple Watch. But do you know if the new iPad is going to be an upgrade on the iPad Pro? Or if Apple is just releasing a smaller, more affordable iPad? I've heard people say they are and I've heard people say they aren't. I just don't want to spend the money on an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil just for them to release a new version of both in a month or two. So does anyone know? Thanks for your time...

  • Alfred Everything
    Alfred Everything

    10MP, not 8. Get ur facts right.

  • Matt King
    Matt King

    Bro I rly thought my screen was being magically pulled down because I have the same background 😂

  • Tony Yapchin
    Tony Yapchin

    I have an i pad pro 2020

  • S. E. C-R
    S. E. C-R

    Hey Filip, I got my 2020 iPad Pro last week, what screen protector do you recommend?

  • Cle-Oh TheVirgo
    Cle-Oh TheVirgo

    I haven’t seen this guy in forever & just realized the notification bell wasn’t set to “all.” I’ve been watching strangers (folks I’m not subbed to) for daysss! 😩😭

  • Zibran Khan
    Zibran Khan

    Nice one

  • Dương Thanh Hải
    Dương Thanh Hải

      

  • Ayaan Chaudhry
    Ayaan Chaudhry

    is there going to be a ipad pro with 3 cameras

  • π

    2:50 I did not Z that A14Z

  • DragonPlays PG3D- and more
    DragonPlays PG3D- and more

    I have an 11ich iPad Pro and when I realized it was out I got triggered cuz I just bought this in 2019 so yea thanks apple and I’m talking about the new one not mine

  • Mohammed Abdulqareeb
    Mohammed Abdulqareeb

    Dear everything apple pro, could you do an iPad Pro giveaway please.For a long time I wanted an iPad Pro ,it would mean everything to me !And I need it for studying and drawing.Thanks if you help me!

  • Calm Your Sences
    Calm Your Sences

    Apple products literally break the laws of physics

  • kunal

    I am from India please give me Ipad ..

  • Alexander Burnside
    Alexander Burnside

    Wow! I have subscribed

  • Driton Adili
    Driton Adili

    Can u use xcode to build ios apps on it ?

  • Bergen

    ive already bought one its coming next month 😭

  • luke gallagher
    luke gallagher

    im sorry to say it but i gotta stick with my 2018 ipad pro... it works great and has plenty of power for anything and everything i do, including running Fortnite better then my playstation 4 can lol

  • Look UpHere
    Look UpHere

    Does it bend tho?

  • TheCuckservative Destroyer
    TheCuckservative Destroyer

    Not a major upgrade from my IPad 11inch but I’m glad they have at least 6 gigs of ram for every version, and at least 128gigs of storage now. I wish mine had 6 gigs of ram as I did not want to spend a fortune for the 1TB model but that’s fine. 12Z though is about the same performance which is the first time Apple didn’t really upgrade the performance (which probably is do to already how fast the 12X is already). Other than WiFi 6 and cameras, not really worth the upgrade. The GPU has got only 1 more activated core apparently so 8 instead of 7. Again, very minimal difference. However I’m hearing about micro led display IPad Pro possibly later this year with maybe a13x or 14x. Maybe it will be IPad Pro +? Considering they are releasing this IPad just so they can get out a refresh as the IPad Pro has not been upgraded since 2018, it would make since to do something even higher end soon. Decent upgrade but not for me with already 2018 model.

  • Jelly_donuts

    It just copied microsoft

  • Kelvin Choong
    Kelvin Choong

    Should I wait for the end of the year 14x version ?

  • Christopher Bernard
    Christopher Bernard

    No its not what you expected cause you guys were capping

  • Cadogan Crete
    Cadogan Crete

    Who else is more excited for the keybrob than the new iPad


    A macbook air for $900. Thats a steal

  • am hj
    am hj

    what about bending ?

  • MasterJack87

    You all know what is coming plainrock124 moving on

  • POGRZ_stronk

    $350 for an ipad case lol

  • Caleb Lawso
    Caleb Lawso

    Can the new keyboard support the last gen iPad Pro?

  • Sahil Shaikh
    Sahil Shaikh

    Never won.! Never will :(

  • Space Unicorn
    Space Unicorn

    How do you enter the giveaway?

  • Jaiyam Sharma
    Jaiyam Sharma

    You probably pissed off your viewers from Bangladesh. It's a whole different country in the Indian subcontinent but not in the country India.


    Will the keyboard work with the 2018 ipad pro?

  • Edify

    I saw the ad but I didn’t realize it was the new iPad. 😂🤣 The iPad looks the same as the old one.

  • Rifky Mahdiyah
    Rifky Mahdiyah

    people: i am really broke :( also people: flexing iPhone 11 Pro

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    2018 iPad Pro and iPad 2 owner wanting this lol. I need to control myself! XD

  • ShadowMistress4835

    OLED causes screen burn-in, mini-LED doesn’t.

  • Allen Berry
    Allen Berry

    LiDAR, let’s map you house! Me and my tape: No, you already scanned my face you don’t need anything else

  • Higher Self
    Higher Self

    Yaaay more microphones - even less structural integrity ...

  • Kevin Crossley
    Kevin Crossley

    Bro this blows, I've been participating in every giveaways since a long time. Iv liked and share almost all of your videos. Why haven't you noticed that. I really thought I was gonna win this time.

    • Empty

      bro chill i'm sure theres thousand's of people who are doing the same as you

  • L L.
    L L.

    Will the new magic keyboard fit for the older ipad pros too ?

    • Empty


  • Patrick Brathwaite
    Patrick Brathwaite

    Still cant use full version of word. "Pro" my ass. Can't even work in a professional setting with it. Overhyped toy.

  • Sara K.
    Sara K.

    Can't wait for that Magic Keyboard! It's exactly what I have been wanting for my iPad Pro!

  • Immune To Stupidity
    Immune To Stupidity

    Does this IPad Pro have an OLED display like the 11 pro or is it different I’m confused. Thanks

  • Mr. Hooty
    Mr. Hooty

    The new iPads aren’t even an upgrade... and the keyboard is just a wildly overpriced novelty. Jesus. I’m a HUGE advocate of the 2018 iPad Pro, but this one is a pass for those who already own the previous model.

  • Kenneth - The English 師傅
    Kenneth - The English 師傅

    Does anybody know if LiDar is capable of doing exact enough measurements to do body measurements for fitness tracking?

  • Joe Marzo
    Joe Marzo

    Who’s buying this when toilet paper is going. Lol

  • Kayseve .J
    Kayseve .J

    Canadian Price’s Hurt Though😞😞😞

    • Kayseve .J
      Kayseve .J

      Empty but i’m not in university yet.Can I Still Use It?

    • Empty

      use the student discount :((

  • Tim VeePee
    Tim VeePee

    Funny how Apple criticized the Surface apron and of course ignorant ass fans chimed in criticizing it too, though none if them never used it. Just like a stupid sheep. Yet Apple continues to try to make the iPad be similar to it. One YTber tried to compare the iPad to a Mac Pro. Any fool who would try to compare an iPad to a computer that runs a full desktop OS, already shoes how stupid they are. Sure the iPad can replace a laptop for many users because they do do anything but play games, watch movies, surf the web and check email and maybe an occasional document. Skip those people. But trying to compare performance for iOS where the cost may be 10M lines of code vs OSX which could be 5 times as much vs Windows which has over 80M lines of code alone, is completely stupid. I thought fans were so smart

  • Tim VeePee
    Tim VeePee

    $349 for the case/stand. What a frikkin tipoff. ANYONE who buys that stand Is a frikkin moronic fool. Yes you can spend your money how you want, but it doesn't make it any less stupid. Apple has lost their ever-living mind. Just like the display stand was $1000 and fools tried to justify it. I can have a custom stand made for my 65" tv and it will cost less than $300. Apple fanatics are know are completely stupid so they will buy it.

  • anupkumarrao

    I strongly believe the iPad pro , keyboard and MacBook air updates were planned for 2019 but they held it on. Maybe there was some small aspect of it they wanted to have it ready...production or MacBook 16" keyboard feedback, etc. this is pure refresh and apple never planned an event. I also believe iPad Pro - real update will come towards EOY. But take me with a grain of rice ..err..salt?

  • Joanne Ma
    Joanne Ma

    I just cracked my ipad air 2 and now im so sad

  • Mony Taane
    Mony Taane

    Aprle has good iPads but Samsung has good phones 📱

  • Villainous foreigner
    Villainous foreigner

    Do you know if lidar can scan objects and put them in to cad file? Then import it in to keyshot?

  • vivek Ramavat
    vivek Ramavat

    i like heard about its camera 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • E drop
    E drop

    *Z* Jokes aside, It's still disappointing that it wasn't a full processor upgrade. I purposely _held off_ on buying the 2018 model this year expecting this model to have the latest chip (and micro-LED screen). But at least it's the same price as the last model! 😁

  • Ayamcingcang

    Unless it has full ms office

  • S Gill
    S Gill

    can you use the keyboard with the 2018 ipad? Just bought my ipad 3months ago and all the keyboards suck.

  • Deep S
    Deep S

    Will the magic keyboard be compatible with the 3rd gen iPad pros?

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith

    This video is cool and all but let’s not ignore that infinitepods.co has AirPods 75% off rn👀 I made a video on my channel

    • Brandon P
      Brandon P

      Kaleb Smith ayyye nice video

  • Sophonie Deliazard
    Sophonie Deliazard

    Hey, do u think there would be a second iPad Pro later this year as we predicted?

  • GamingwithLuxury


  • Gorety ANTY
    Gorety ANTY

    need one from paris

  • Eloisa Gonzales
    Eloisa Gonzales

    Hi! Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the new iPad. I currently own an iPad Air 2. So I think I’m ready for an upgrade.

  • PhoTheBowlOfNoodles

    I literally just got the 2018 iPad Pro. Why didn’t I just wait for this? aaaa

  • subhranil mitra
    subhranil mitra

    Apple iphone 12 tentative launch date ??

  • rv Devoe
    rv Devoe

    Cant trust you anymore. You are nothing but a jump the wagon Fruit

  • THE PROPHET —_-__ CXVII __-_—
    THE PROPHET —_-__ CXVII __-_—

    Here is your Coronavirus comment.

  • Latif Bangash
    Latif Bangash

    Forget the iPhone or iPad it’s corona time

  • CVX1000

    Stop supporting and pushing for 5G!!! That shit is not good for you!

  • Liam Paz
    Liam Paz

    It’s sad that all you care about is iPhones cars and money but there are bigger problems in the world! It’s sad

  • VF28WWE

    They still missed the headphonejack

  • Kane Dalziel
    Kane Dalziel

    who would want a camera on a ipad on the first plac when you have a phone

  • Shawn Cheng
    Shawn Cheng

    U should buy

  • just some minced garlic
    just some minced garlic

    I pretty much do everything from my iPad Pro w/ keyboard case now. I’m hoping the new style case will be made for the original 11 in iPad Pro, but if not, i think its gonna be worth the upgrade to the new one for the trackpad and new style keyboard case.

  • Harrio ASMR
    Harrio ASMR

    So basically a new camera😂

  • Furious George
    Furious George

    You’re not MKBHD. Stop ending you videos with “Peace”

  • wildmonkey

    Should I buy this if I'm not in apple's ecosystem

  • Karlo Josip Kardum
    Karlo Josip Kardum

    "Not quite Mini LED yet..." Saying it like it's something to almost be expected. Kind of like, it's still gas powered car not quite fusion powered yet.

  • Raphael James
    Raphael James

    The way you said “I did not Z that happen....” is so cute! And hot?

  • Darius- Minecraft
    Darius- Minecraft

    Usb killer vs avast antivirus


    How much is it in £??

  • Frogan Reactions
    Frogan Reactions

    Amazing videos! I can’t wait to get your cases. You have great content and I will continue to watch your videos all the time. I hope to become you one day!😀

  • Xx_Sad_xX Fields
    Xx_Sad_xX Fields

    Lol i have the iPad Pro 🤑

  • Rafael Ojeda
    Rafael Ojeda

    10 hrs but have they fixed the fact that it takes like 12 hrs to charge :/

  • Ogechi Dan-Okereke
    Ogechi Dan-Okereke

    Why don't you do a drop test with the Tecno Camon 12 Air and the iPhone 11 pro max

  • Saulius Plays
    Saulius Plays

    But does the iPad still have 120 fbs or more

  • Heiko 2003
    Heiko 2003

    Hey Everythingapplepro I have one question I have iOS 12.4.5 on my iPhone 6 and I want to know will it be that uncover released a jailbreak for 12.4.5 ?

  • carlo0717

    Damn was hoping for OLED

  • Mr. Donut
    Mr. Donut

    Why not A13X?

  • Aron Guzman
    Aron Guzman

    It’s the same shit a better cámara like always

  • L K
    L K

    Can someone please explain to me what a Mac mini is? I don’t understand

  • New-Tech

    Nice video bro

  • David G-4
    David G-4

    How big the iPad pro will be.

  • Mahan C
    Mahan C

    Why did they name the chip A12Z instead of A13X and why does nobody point that out

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing

    So essentially, Apple is making a computer with iOS and a disappearing cursor hat can't even move properly and only goes from button to button. So essentially, they're making another Mac? But with less specs?

  • Hridant Vakharia
    Hridant Vakharia

    5:45 Read what’s written on the iPad screen