AirPods 3 Final Design & iPhone SE 2 Confirmed!
AirPods 3 (Pro?) final design has leaked! First look, features & release date! iPhone SE 2 confirmed for Q1 2020 & more Apple news!
Phone Rebel cases:
Last 2020 iPhone Leaks.
iOS 13.2 Review.
iPad Pro hands on:
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  • justine_yancamo


  • DandyInGaming

    I love how I’m watching this after they come out

  • xXAnni3LuvsYhuXx

    White iPhone with purple back looks so BEAUTIFUL 😍

  • Dark Assassin
    Dark Assassin

    Airpods 3 looks more better than airpods pro & airpods 2.

  • mohit bhagat
    mohit bhagat

    Should i buy airpods pro now or wait for new ones?

  • DeliaBesgorl

    I got cheap wireless earbuds from Walmart and I’m telling my friends that I got the new AirPods 3, and they’re gonna be all like, “AirPods 3?!?! How come I haven’t heard of them?!?” And I’m just gonna tell them I got a product tester release thing and they’re gonna get so jealous 😂

  • Stefan Prole
    Stefan Prole

    Dont waste money on original one, when you can buy fake ones that looks same as real one. Fake ones have great sound and mic quality i love them so much. I got my at

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    they truly love bellsprout

  • Emma Mc Keating
    Emma Mc Keating

    When will these come out

  • _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X
    _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X

    I'll buy Iphone 12 Pro with Old Ear Pods Pro

  • Omar Hadi
    Omar Hadi

    lmao are anyone else watching with AirPods Pro?

  • Asjath Shakir
    Asjath Shakir


  • _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X
    _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X

    They look bad the airpods pro looked good

  • だにえる

    I don’t think the AirPods 3 would be so ugly....

  • XXLoxerxX 17
    XXLoxerxX 17

    I have a question. When you open the IPhone 11 and you see AirPods why is there a wire??

  • adammourad

    wtf this is all fake like the airpods is literally airpods pro, the ipad that’s a flattened out iphone 11 pro, and no comment on the iphone se 2✊😌😤

  • TwitchTwitch187

    ok there is gonna be tons of memes about these ugly earpieces and they are probably gonna sell them for like 350$!!!!!!!

  • ZariaEditsx '
    ZariaEditsx '

    Why does the new iPhone coming up look better than the domino iPhone 11

  • Mr. Wray160
    Mr. Wray160

    Why do the airpods 3 model remind me of the hindenburg?

  • Daniel Byrnes
    Daniel Byrnes

    Is it just me or does anyone else look at rumours of products that already came out to see how weird they look?

  • Starcode_ Unformala
    Starcode_ Unformala

    Did you make the AirPods three out of titanium four and then it could be full proof and people cannot stop complaining about the AirPods just breaking

  • XenonDied!

    Since it actually came out... Those leaks look way worse than the real ones.

  • Drew Himmelberger
    Drew Himmelberger

    Me: waiting for airpods 3 final design Also Me: Yeah I'm just gonna buy the airpod pros

  • Kreate


  • Choonguus

    who else is here after the airpods pro came out and it wasnt the airpod 3

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez

    I still use the iPhone 6s

  • Sakina

    For the iPhone SE2, do you think there will be Face ID due to the home button and the fact that it's a budget iPhone? Comment down below what you think!

  • Josegotband J
    Josegotband J

    Apple should make a phone that comes with airpods like if u agree

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh


  • Python

    Apple needs Money

  • Fernando De sousa
    Fernando De sousa

    I’ve still got a iPhone 6 would be appreciated if I could get a new one🙏🏾

  • Eshal Shah
    Eshal Shah

    Airpods users: thus you see my superior status Airpod pro users: I'm sorry I could not hear through my noise cancellation feature peasant

  • TechPimp

    Where are the clones for these?

  • Itachi

    Bruh they look like bell sprout from pokemon

  • Karma

    they look like NIPPLES 🤢🤢

  • UtubeVanzy

    Just got AirPod first gen for 150$ and it’s great. In my opinion I don’t like the new AirPod 3s at all

  • The Trader
    The Trader

    Who’s here after the release

  • Jay Bankz
    Jay Bankz

    Is these gonna be louder than power beats pro 🤔

  • Jay Bankz
    Jay Bankz

    Power beats pro vs these

  • Ravedaze

    At last something to fit in my ears

  • robert

    haha they showed it online

  • Kyle Vincent Martos
    Kyle Vincent Martos

    And just when I bought my Aiprods last week, they then release the Airpods pro just now. So sad.😭😭😭😭😭

  • mohammed shanib
    mohammed shanib

    Looking good. AirPod 1and 2

  • Sagar サガル Hamal
    Sagar サガル Hamal

    Toothbrush to hair dryer 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Always Jay
    Always Jay

    Whate the fuck for crap is this

  • Md Hossain
    Md Hossain

    How reliable is Ben Gaskin?

  • Amir Rana
    Amir Rana

    When will se 2 finally comes out?😒

  • Reave Lagrisola
    Reave Lagrisola

    Who liked the old airpods better than this? I miss the old ones..

  • MG the Engineer
    MG the Engineer

    Sad news about the notch.

  • Jameson W
    Jameson W

    Fuck I hate apple

  • Its_HeroCast

    I LOVE JAILBREAKING MY IPHONE!!! I got UZload Premium for free, I increased my phone speed, and best of all, I upgraded my phone security by 500% by adding FaceID / Passcode Protection to all apps, to shut my phone down requires FaceID / Passcode, so its impossible to steal cause airplane mode also is protected by FaceID / Passcode. I use the best jailbreak tool unc0ver ->

  • Anthiety

    This is great, because that means the gen 1 airpods, which is completely fine, will be cheaper.


    Looks like a freakin blow dryer -_-💀

  • InDeinKeller Rein
    InDeinKeller Rein

    This Design looks like Shit, Like Tampon.

  • Reda Bonna
    Reda Bonna

    I have Airpod v1 blutooth and iphone 7 plus ..but after i updated ios 13.1.3 I notice that microphone doesn't work at all when i play PUBG mobile ... although all the microphone settings is turned on from the game and also from the phone settings...please anybody has the solution ???

  • M C
    M C

    I come from 2120 and the Iphone SE2 just launched! Apple are still using the notch as a marketing thing.

  • José Angel Centurión Basso
    José Angel Centurión Basso

    I think Apple plan to have two low priced, two medium range and two premium models, as today; so next step could be to stop selling A11 chips in 8 and 8+ ( related to the hacking issue ) and instead create the Xe, an iPhone 7 chasis with an A12 chip, which alongside the Xr could be the low priced ones.

  • S_hadowRBLX

    those are garbage

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Old style is better. They rest in the ear instead of stuff plugging it with the soft tip. Those kind suck

  • MaksMaksTV

    My dad still has iphone 5s and he is just searching where can buy another 5s...😂😂😂

  • NintenMax

    Me: watching this video Ads: SONY WF-1000XM3! BuY tHeM iNsTeAd EaRshit

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller

    2016: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2017: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2018: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2019: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2029: iPhone se 2 confirmed 9877776653777419: iPhone se 2 confirmed *last black hole in universe evaporates* : iPhone se 2 confirmed

  • Chris’s Top Level Media
    Chris’s Top Level Media


  • Ray

    Wth is that EVERYBODY RUN!!!!

  • Safwan Rahman
    Safwan Rahman

    When you let Area 51 workers design airpods

  • Saad Ahmed
    Saad Ahmed

    Who else didn't liked the style of new iphone se 2 ⬇

  • Adrian

    The airpods 3 look like a pair of blowdryers

  • Jake

    Air pods looks like ass wtf is this awful design no one gonna buy it

  • Aviral Mishra
    Aviral Mishra

    i have been waiting for these

  • Saimir

    250-300$ oh hell naaaa. the airpods 2 look better anyway

  • arkar arkar
    arkar arkar

    roughly when will airpod 3 be released ?

  • Love Ajpw
    Love Ajpw


  • CrazyButterToast

    They ugly

  • Jes Ng
    Jes Ng

    I like AirPods because it’s comfortable to wear. Idc if it’s ugly or not as long as it’s comfortable, better sound and noice cancelled for the third version. I’m good. I will buy Apple Watch S5 too.

  • Rabbit food is good.
    Rabbit food is good.

    I got the iPhone 11 pro and there is a se2? Coming out

  • Xsii


  • TwistedReality 117
    TwistedReality 117

    Airpods (2016) they look like tooth brushes, who'd buy them Airpods (2019) it smells like poor in here Airpods 3 (2019 or 2020) they are ugly as hell I would never wear them Airpods 3 (2023 or 2022) all this broke people have me sick

    • Arseni

      ur ugly bitch

  • Iliana H
    Iliana H

    They look like 💩

  • Yen Therese Barroga
    Yen Therese Barroga

    my phone’s lcd is broken and the screen has a big dark spot at the upper right corner 😭 that’s why I’m really hoping that I can win your giveaway cause I badly need a new phone rn, it’s an essential thing for a student, also I’m a graduating student so it’s really important to me😭

  • Hibah Siddiqui
    Hibah Siddiqui

    I hope i win

  • nobodycaresTTV

    My first gen airpods are useless now Id use them all day and now I get 30 min of battery well worth my money

  • Actionbastard

    How about you keep your fucking commercial pretending to be a video out of my recommended section. THeirs enough shit clogging it up these days.

  • Henry Gurjar
    Henry Gurjar

    sooooi fuck*** guddd🌚

  • TwoFiveSix

    The AirPods 3 look like knockoffs of AirPods

  • Theresa Shores
    Theresa Shores

    I actually thought the Microsoft earbuds look better. Lol. Like they'd actually stay in my ears.

  • Sam Edits
    Sam Edits

    I just brought airpods😢🤬

  • Toni Wisdom
    Toni Wisdom

    I really wished the AirPods matched phones in colors

  • spaceyface

    Can’t wait

  • Win

    just get the AirPods 2 the wireless charge

  • jolly_.rancherz z
    jolly_.rancherz z

    They keep getting uglier and uglier🙄🤦

  • Adreanna Johnson
    Adreanna Johnson


  • Erick Posada
    Erick Posada

    🤣🤣🤣 Ugly.


    SE kind of dope

  • mitesh mahajan
    mitesh mahajan

    Airport super design and sound quality good Battery backup awesome Twitter I'd @Mitesh22392014

  • Louis Jacq
    Louis Jacq

    Why has apple just given up on actual designing things well? First they have the 3 camera phone that doesn’t blend at all with the phone and now they’re making wide ass klunky AirPods

  • Ramish Saeed
    Ramish Saeed


  • MrJogurt120

    Finale AirPods that will fit!!!!!!!

  • Can’t relate
    Can’t relate


  • Sushan Tamang
    Sushan Tamang

    Waiting for iphone12

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana


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