Most Durable iPhone 11 Pro Cases Drop Test! Top 10
Which iPhone 11 Pro case is the most durable? Top 10 best iPhone 11 Pro cases drop test from 50 feet! Phone Rebel, Mous, UAG, Pitaka, OtterBox, Dbrand, Spigen, Rhinoshield & more!
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  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

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    • C B
      C B

      Need the phone rebel for iphone 12

    • C. កេន ស្រស់
      C. កេន ស្រស់

      Can you give away your uag case?

    • sirpapaFOX

      We’re still waiting for the iPhone 12 version right? Also, any chance you can one day create the rebel with textures on the back plate (for added grip)? I think that would be a solid addition.

    • yawns smith
      yawns smith

      You mention that every phone has a screen protector, but most of the cases (if not all) didn't look like a screen protector was built it. So assuming you put screen protectors on in advance, what type did you use? I know Zizo comes with one, and Unicorn Beetle has one built into the front piece, but neither of those were tested.

    • Jason Cavinta
      Jason Cavinta

      Can you send me 1 of those broken phones , its fine with me cant buy one those

  • Alex Rempala
    Alex Rempala

    Hi evrything apple pro

  • Bezerka Gaming
    Bezerka Gaming

    Just wanna say the more you drop the same phone even though you swap cases it isn’t gonna be the same as the first time you drop it would love to see the mous case drop with a new phone not one that has been dropped 3times

  • Shiv Mehta
    Shiv Mehta

    Love my Frosted Series case. Ps. I have a promo code below! Use "TAKE20" when you buy PhoneRebel for 20% off!

  • Ben Lockhart
    Ben Lockhart

    Watching this for the first time :) so impressed by your cases! Will you be making them for the iPhone 12’s?

  • Just_zak_.

    No hate but you were kinda bi about your phone case compared to all the other one. For all the other cases after you drop them you took of the case to see the dents. But when you dropped you phone you were like “the screen is perfect let’s drop it again” without looking if there were dents.

  • Shane Thomas
    Shane Thomas

    Cases in order from best result to worst: 1. PhoneRebel Crystal 2. Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro 3. Otterbox Commuter 4. Dbrand Grip 5. Speck Presidio Grip 6. Casetify Ultra Impact 7. UAG Civilian 8. Mous Limitless 3.0 9. RhinoShield Solid Suit 10. Spigen Tough Armor 11. LaterCase

  • Shooter War
    Shooter War

    Send me one please 😉

  • The pals
    The pals

    Hey I love watching ur vids and am looking at buying the Otterbox clear symmetry case. Could u please consider testing that one so i can see if it is protective?❤️🥺

  • Icytugboat

    The true is if you drop the phone on the back no matter what it’s going to break

  • Game Play Boy
    Game Play Boy


  • John Nealis
    John Nealis

    Who’s gonna drop there phone from that high up????


    Give me a broken phone

  • For Heaven’S Cake Family!
    For Heaven’S Cake Family!

    He burns later case hahaha

  • Alejandro Bravo
    Alejandro Bravo

    Hey bro, Will you sell these Rebel cases for Samsung too ? they are sooo nice ! That is innovating. I love what you did there !

  • Alex Gordon
    Alex Gordon

    I feel like he was talking trade about every one but his in some sort of way or like I would not do that like he is a pro designer

  • Dan Da boi
    Dan Da boi

    Boi has a million dollars and cant powerwash his concrete 😭😭

  • SKY Shade
    SKY Shade

    should have done a tech 21 case those things are tough as nails and there very thin and clear as well

  • Just Vibin'
    Just Vibin'

    See you soon for iPhone 12 😅

  • iJackson 8
    iJackson 8

    Who else is waiting for iphone 12?


    How you didn't try the tech21

  • Jmkassassin

    Keep in mind they are all great cause in your life you won’t drop them for 50 feet

  • Karam Samarah
    Karam Samarah

    I love you ❤️

  • Roger Gonzalez
    Roger Gonzalez

    Bruh you have to use a new phone for each case, of it doesn’t break the first time, it will break the second time lmao

  • Peachy

    how does he get all of those??? he must be sooo rich p.s he probably only needed one iPhone 11 pro lol

  • wide 392 scat pack
    wide 392 scat pack

    Can't wait for the iPhone 12 one

  • Kunal Soni
    Kunal Soni

    When you know why he said later hater at later case 😂😂

  • Qasim Naushad
    Qasim Naushad

    You should stop reviewing cases since you are selling your own, conflict of interest right there

  • FRLU

    There is screen protection per minute 7:40


    Can anyone suggest me which case is very protective please tell me

  • DanyPrasad T K
    DanyPrasad T K

    awesome..very expensive, appreciate ur video.❤️ #piece

  • OhHelloThere

    2:04 4:27

  • Mr Zebra
    Mr Zebra

    I’m new and I’m wondering if you’ve done a moose screen protector drop test

  • Shooter War
    Shooter War

    Send me one please

  • Me Hippo
    Me Hippo

    Him: This case cost $50 Me who got the same case of amazon for $10: 🧐

  • Ryane Olivia
    Ryane Olivia

    At the beginning of this video I got an ad where a woman dropped an iPhone 11 Pro Max to test the case and then an ad for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I am shooketh.

  • Harley Sanga
    Harley Sanga

    I recommanded for next video if you can do top 12 cases drop test for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro from 50ft.

  • Arturo Penuela
    Arturo Penuela

    Will you guys make a 12 pro max case?

  • James Lebatt
    James Lebatt

    So can I have it

  • James Lebatt
    James Lebatt

    I forgot that if you still have one of them I found 11 pro Max can I have

  • James Lebatt
    James Lebatt

    Dude if you still have one in the boy from the living can I have it

  • gucha guchavar
    gucha guchavar

    i think its bullshit defends how its drops which side

  • Lorenzo Grilli
    Lorenzo Grilli


  • Gaming 6FeetUnder
    Gaming 6FeetUnder

    Best advertise idea

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann

    Ah now i get it. This is the profession you have, as a apple pro user. Dropping phones... Oh man

  • Logan

    No 12 pro max cases yet and when

  • Dr. Vijay Paul
    Dr. Vijay Paul

    I’m confused, which is the best one. Pinned the link to buy that, I’m in India.......

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores

    Damn flexing super hard

  • Hugh Lloyd
    Hugh Lloyd

    "I'll just get out the iPhone 11 pros" Picks up 10 iPhone 11 pros stacked like a pack of cards with mf elastic bands to hold them all together😂

  • Joe Frondozo
    Joe Frondozo

    I’m surprised mous failed ): still gonna rock it tho

  • John Garry Oronan
    John Garry Oronan

    can I have 1 iPhone 11 pro max pleasee

  • JieFong

    When is the rebel case releasing for the iPhone 12?

  • Giovanni Elijah
    Giovanni Elijah

    2:17 "3, 2, 1" *insert youtube ad*

  • Your boy JESSE
    Your boy JESSE

    Can I have one of the phones

  • FMK_27

    13:12 results

  • xyz 123
    xyz 123


  • Warly Bonifacio
    Warly Bonifacio

    Can i have any iphone plsss

  • SanteeNL

    N=1=truth, learned something new today. Drop each case/phone at least 10 times. You can't compare drops on the top or bottom with front or back... This is fun, just to see iPhones crash, not to find actually the best case..

  • GVJan10

    Can you make a list of all case you testet? It's to fast to dected the invidual cases

  • Erik Davila
    Erik Davila

    The problem I see with this drop test is that the phones are taking damage and weakening per drop. Meaning, that it won't actually test how well the cases, that follow next, will actually protect. If the phone starts to crack or delaminate on one case, that phone is now compromised and the next drop on another case will just further that damage.

  • Courtney Clark
    Courtney Clark

    Don’t buy from rebel. I’ve been waiting since July for my order and still have yet to receive it. I disputed it with there contact email and they answered asking for my confirmation number. I gave it to them and they ignored the messages. SCAM!!!!!!!!!

  • Aikano9

    I accidentally kicked my iPhone 7 down 3 floors in a UAG Metropolis case, survived with 0 damage

  • Gaming got real
    Gaming got real

    does this case fit iphone 12? the rebel case

  • Skaarf Vagly
    Skaarf Vagly

    wait... you didnt test Apple's own cases!


    Later hater 😅

  • Vicious

    I’m pretty sad that the case I just ordered did not survive the test in this vid 😂

  • Daniel _ 202
    Daniel _ 202

    When is the rebel series for iPhone 12 coming out?

  • Adam Alcala
    Adam Alcala

    That’s not the best way to test cause the phone will take a few hits and then the case will do less for it no matter the case on more drops and that 50 ft

  • Mr. Inhale
    Mr. Inhale

    How long will I have to wait to get an iphone 12 pro case of Rebels? I really like the way everyone on the internet talks about them but need to know if I should get a high-quality case before it's available or if I only need to wait 2 weeks before I can get it.

  • 12 23
    12 23

    what screen protector are you using?

  • Rizal_ Razi
    Rizal_ Razi

    May i have that phone ?😁 Please

  • jkirk1626

    Any of these test results could have been different. 10 different drops could have resulted in 10 different landings. I have a Mous Limitless 3.0. Still, it cracked me up to see Mous' vaunted AiroShock not getting the job done.

  • Crystal_Fire 01
    Crystal_Fire 01

    The funny thing is my parents and my brother uses otter box cases any unless you drop it from a certain height or way it be fine any type of phone

  • Ritwik Goswami
    Ritwik Goswami

    This video gave me anxiety attacks. (I just purchased a new iPhone 11)


    When is the phone rebel gonna have iphone 12 model ready?

  • Serge Pierson
    Serge Pierson

    Yo I dropped my phone with your case and only the screen protector broke

  • Jim Rodriguez
    Jim Rodriguez

    Really great review. Hope you are making a case for the iPhone 12!

  • Gertrude Castille
    Gertrude Castille

    2:05 civilian

  • dasaini

    So you drop a phone 2x from 50 feet and you expect the next case to protect on 3rd drop?

  • Carol Summers
    Carol Summers

    How is Apple’s new “MagSafe” going to affect the gen 2 cases?

  • KumuLaakapu

    Hope you come out with Phone Rebel cases for the 12 Pro soon! Looking forward to giving it a try!

  • Mike

    I think it's only fair a new phone is to be used everytime regardless of outcome. Just because there aren't visible damages, it doesnt mean the phone didn't suffer from any internal damage that could weaken the phone for the next drop. Nonetheless, I really appreciate this review.

  • PoaxzIOS

    im impressed because these iphones survive almost the hight of my apartments rooftop and when my iphone 11 falls from my pocket or my bed the screen chips off lmaoo (with a case on)


    I can buy ur rebal case its amazing but I don't have an iPhone at all 🥺

  • vyondd lul
    vyondd lul

    me on my iPad 6: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Shoied Malik OFFICIAL
    Shoied Malik OFFICIAL

    Please give me my mobile iPhone 11 Max

  • Jay Syon
    Jay Syon

    Great job! I'm really digging the style of the case. I like the protection and how it still displays the phone. Hopefully, we can get one for iPhone 12 soon? 👍🏼

  • Slice 0
    Slice 0

    i know im late but I was really happy your case worked

  • Itz Ariyan HYT
    Itz Ariyan HYT

    How the hell can he buy that many iPhones

  • UrbanLikeTheCity

    what screen protector did they have

  • mohammed a
    mohammed a

    I don't mean to insult him. Hontely, do you think he is just advertising his product or it really work?

  • Praveen Posina
    Praveen Posina

    @everythingapplepro: I trusted your branding Phone Rebel and ordered for a iPhone 11 Pro Max case on the 11th of September 2020. Now it is the 15th of October 2020 and I am still told the case is in transit. Now I am starting to feel this is all a scam. It can’t take so long for a case to be shipped and delivered. Stop cheating loyalists, we buy from you to support your channel so you can grow and is this how we are treated? Please issue a refund immediately if you are unable to ship the case.

  • Yugoofficiall


  • Vasco Vasquez
    Vasco Vasquez

    My phone dropped from the 2 floor of my house whit the apple case (silicon) and doesn’t break

  • Alex chai
    Alex chai

    Ordered My rebel right away after this video 😍👍🏻

  • PRNC Records
    PRNC Records

    wish you would have atleast given me one rather than using it to break it XD

  • Hunter Tran
    Hunter Tran

    Can't believe how bad mous's case would think all their advertising bullshit had some truth to it

  • Maddox Pottinger
    Maddox Pottinger

    That is a case I would buy!

  • Jean-Maurice Mamet
    Jean-Maurice Mamet

    i'm surprised about the Spigen.They have great reviews

  • Jeff Pack
    Jeff Pack

    i just stopped the video and bought the first one you dropped!!

4.5 mln
4.5 mln