iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone Unboxing!
First iPhone 12 Pro clone unboxing! Up close with the quad lens camera, two months before release! How bad can a $150 iPhone 12 Pro Max be?
iPhone 12 latest leaks.
iOS 14 latest features.
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  • Oscar Larsson
    Oscar Larsson

    Who’s watching on their REAL iPhone 12? 🧐

  • Ed1t Z1r0
    Ed1t Z1r0

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  • Newbie is Live
    Newbie is Live

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    YASH Mahayavanshi

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  • George Lista
    George Lista

    I came here hoping there would be a side by side physical size comparison of the Pro Max with 11 and previous XS Max...

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    Haroon sharifi

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  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

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  • Enes faruk Yilmaz
    Enes faruk Yilmaz

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    What r u doing with all those iphone , u can Present me as Gift 🎁 , LOL 😂

  • Jodie Benjamin
    Jodie Benjamin

    we will appreciate you tell us where you guys bought this clone i know its a clone but its looks real....

  • Astri Groth
    Astri Groth

    Oh, ha ha, its a pile of carport from China! Thanx for checking them out here! .))

  • Astri Groth
    Astri Groth

    What is that clone-phone actually? Ive never heard of that..

  • Gaming Agent
    Gaming Agent

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    • ImThe Red
      ImThe Red

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    Irvin Magampon

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  • chaithanya Reddy
    chaithanya Reddy

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  • Mickalia Hill
    Mickalia Hill

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    • Sam

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  • Obunga Emongole
    Obunga Emongole

    Where did you buy it and how much

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    Hằng Milk

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  • Jay Magdoza
    Jay Magdoza

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  • Daniel Marius
    Daniel Marius

    Excuse my,??? iPhone design don't even look like that 🤨

  • Harsh Ratanparkhi
    Harsh Ratanparkhi

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  • Jordan Owens
    Jordan Owens

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  • Charlie Dub Dela Cruz
    Charlie Dub Dela Cruz

    apple released a new version of phone , but im still using iPhone5s :

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    Zeen Cruise

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  • Zeen Cruise
    Zeen Cruise

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  • Musa Bizimana
    Musa Bizimana

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    • Samantha Rose
      Samantha Rose

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    Isaac Valdes

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    Mucaad Adan

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  • JR.

    Hey I'm not sure about these phones from this sight but tell me what you think do me a favor and go to this site and ask for there iPhone 12's I believe they might be the real thing and do a video on this site or a video on there phones its supposed to be there international version from the UK Europe and tell me what you think is it the real thing or a clone Newtecmobile.com just tell me what you think are these clones to as well thanks I'll be waiting for your reply now these guys also already have the iPhone 12's by the way and they look like our version

  • hyzilla vlogs
    hyzilla vlogs

    the iphone 12 has 2 cams not 4

  • Paulina_

    So pro max has 4 cameras in the back?

  • Miguel Bonilla
    Miguel Bonilla

    Not trying to be rude

  • Miguel Bonilla
    Miguel Bonilla

    I dont know what’s the point of iPhone 12mini and pro when they look the same except for the curve.

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy

    He isn't caring the I phone 😥😥

  • Nicola Hlanga
    Nicola Hlanga

    I feel like we going to be driving in the air soon

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  • Merry I.
    Merry I.

    This is not the design.

  • ZZ Gamerzz
    ZZ Gamerzz

    We will know we are in the future when the clones don't have a chin

  • Francis Jose Caminos
    Francis Jose Caminos

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  • Vimalkumar Chawda
    Vimalkumar Chawda

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  • Qatar Qatar
    Qatar Qatar

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  • Nur Mohammadbd52
    Nur Mohammadbd52

    Brother iphone 12 pro max when will it come in the market..Bangladesh

  • Srey Ka
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    I Phone 12 Has release But i Didn't use Any i phone 🙂

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    Danish Oryakhel

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    esila soner

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    • HBK Afnan
      HBK Afnan

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    momodou lamin sam

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    Kiet Tuan

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    Robel Ephrem

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  • Ahmya

    Man what. We got the 12 already??? Ugh guess it's time to get the 4s

  • てい

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  • Don’t Say
    Don’t Say

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  • Mahin Ahmed
    Mahin Ahmed

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    Eleï MIVAN

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    Hayden B

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    Mohammed Rindo

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    swapnil Walhekar

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    Suraj Prakash

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