AirPods Pro Review! Everything New vs AirPods 2
Apple AirPods Pro Are Here! Everything new review & AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 full comparison. Active noise cancellation, transparency mode, new design & more features.
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  • villegas24

    Airpods were always good? Lol dont know if this guy is such a fanboy or just a terrible reviewer

  • The Bandboo
    The Bandboo

    EAP: I like Bose headphones. Me: I THOUGHT U WERE AN APPLE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lipi Akter
    Lipi Akter

    This dude is dress like Steve jobs lol

  • TheHope12322

    I’m sorry I still prefer AirPods 1 design.

  • TheHope12322

    I’m sorry I still prefer AirPods 1 design.

  • Malik Perry
    Malik Perry

    Anyone know why my AirPod pros have static anytime base is in a song or movie I’m watching? Any troubleshooting methods?

  • Muhammad Medina
    Muhammad Medina

    I love apple products 🍏

  • Prabin Mahuri
    Prabin Mahuri


  • Manas Singh
    Manas Singh

    He is such a apple fanboy. 😂 I'm not saying this in a bad boy. It's just that it's too obvious how much he loves apple products.

  • Josue Gil
    Josue Gil

    Wait my icon is the normal AirPod logo is that normal?

  • Justin Zlauvinen
    Justin Zlauvinen

    I’m getting these next week, can’t wait to try it out.

  • llwllmll

    On apples nutttz pro

  • Nightmare _fnm
    Nightmare _fnm


  • Order in Chaos
    Order in Chaos

    When he says "interesting" he means he's ready to stroke off over them... 6:35 Oops these free Airpods Pro shouldn't fall off, I'm making them look bad! His face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cosmo!

    I think he just needed to change the ear pieces so they could fit better

  • oscar Peña
    oscar Peña

    nick eh 30

  • Idea Factory
    Idea Factory

    Here is the youngest reviewer in youtube for AirPods pro I sure ull like him he is so cute

  • The_Spectre

    I’m getting my AirPods Pro today I’m replacing my first 2nd gen wireless charging AirPods

  • KD

    The only reason I got the pros is the gym. Granted, the regular ones are slightly more comfortable, however without noise cancelation, they are practically obsolete in loud areas. If you regularly frequent noisy places and want to appreciate your music..definitely go for the pros!

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans

    Kanye doesn’t have any greatest hits 🤦‍♂️🙄

  • Thijs de Vries
    Thijs de Vries

    can i have one of those iphones in the back? It seems like you don't use them and i can use them.

  • Jade Campbell
    Jade Campbell

    He is so shaky

  • Kushal Solanki
    Kushal Solanki

    Waiting for your airpods pro gift 🙄



  • Theshalan Ramasamy
    Theshalan Ramasamy

    Waiting for AirPods Pro giveaway

  • Kristijonas Gorodeckis
    Kristijonas Gorodeckis

    If iPhone 12 will have a iPhone 4s Design i will be so upset cuz iPhone 11 looks so iconic with that notch and round corners , but if Apple gonna change the whole design...idk man

  • Melissa McAteer
    Melissa McAteer

    dolly parton

  • Beejay Sarento
    Beejay Sarento

    I wish I will have that one even if it is fake or real. 😆

  • Hamood

    He was probably that one kid in school that laughed at his own jokes

  • NotTeeWarren YT
    NotTeeWarren YT

    Me just now getting my Apple air pods pros

  • Kulkulan

    There is a huge thread in the Apple Discussions about these new tips causing people itchy and infected ears, yet Apple is not even bothering to reply. The tips they use are not the same silicone ones as other brands and are causing people some serious issues, so if you have sensitive ears, think twice before investing in these overpriced health hazards.

  • SloAce

    You never seem excited


    If you see this get the AirPod pros it’s worth it you’ll thank me later they will blow you away

  • Cle-Oh TheVirgo
    Cle-Oh TheVirgo

    When you said Plants vs Zombies, it brought back so much middle school nostalgia for me 😭 Made me wanna cry a little 🤣


    They're $50 off today on Amazon and at Staples, just bought them.

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez

    Ugh the give away was 10 months ago😔

  • Fernandobandzzz _
    Fernandobandzzz _

    Not gonna lie but the pro look gay asf 😂

  • The Gladiator
    The Gladiator

    F you

  • The Gladiator
    The Gladiator

    This guys high

  • emily gilbert
    emily gilbert


  • BigBassHunter Tv
    BigBassHunter Tv

    Dude I got mine two days ago and in one day I could sing the rap god speed part because I could understand what he was saying

  • shawn wiggins
    shawn wiggins

    monsta x

  • monish gowda
    monish gowda

    can you please give me one

  • Christine Brownrigg
    Christine Brownrigg

    Can you use these babies on multiple devices?

  • Stardust Legacy Fighter
    Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Bruh, they cost more than most midrange ANC over ear headphones. 😂

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Just got the AirPods Pro for my wife today! She loves them! Also got me a pair. They are amazing!!!

  • The Tech Guy
    The Tech Guy

    About the AirPod falling out, did you do the seal test to make sure it was the correct size?

  • Miler Laguna
    Miler Laguna


  • King Hasso
    King Hasso

    Hello Guys and Girls I need a little advice plz I have the money to buy either an iPhone 11 pro 64G Or iPhone 11 128G + Airpods pro witch one should I go for?

    • Md Kaykobad
      Md Kaykobad

      if u have no issue with storage, go for 11 pro

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia

    is it just me or i can charge my airpods pro with any lighting cable

  • shaylaericka

    can we talk about how hot this man is?

    • Nickypink09

      He reminds me of Prince.

  • Alex Notoxic
    Alex Notoxic

    For the shake test put em on ur dog and spray water

  • Shivukumar Kinagi
    Shivukumar Kinagi

    I m one of the close followers love ur comments Wish I could get one of them

  • Vickey0800

    A TRUE ASS LICKER OF APPLE keep it up bro


    Anyone that wears a turtleneck seriously turns me on

  • JJ_3210

    who else is watching this with airpods pros in

  • Sebastian Dinh
    Sebastian Dinh

    Of course you wouldn't, I mean why would they? Unless, you know. But anyways, if you made an email to them at least you kept it private and didn't have to make Apple to like you in a video. The thought of Unbox Therapy actually doing it is scaring me, and you don't need it if you say bad stuff about them a lot and you can move on, do other stuff for that video instead of a stupid email.

  • Watermalone is Alone
    Watermalone is Alone

    I wish they worked on ps4 because it would be so cool if they did cuz I use my ps4 and it would be cool if they were also able to work on Xbox and the Nintendo switch


    @Everythingapplepro can you give me some AirPods pro plz 🥺🥺🥺

  • IndustryNews

    I’m not sure what eggs you eat but my eggs don’t look like that 😂

  • Dibbo 92
    Dibbo 92

    Got My AirPods Pro a couple of days ago well worth the money

  • Allen Fepuleai
    Allen Fepuleai

    I just bought the airpods 2. Pro isn’t worth the extra $100 for me.

    • Mr Hard Apple
      Mr Hard Apple

      @Allen Fepuleai ,they seem good for the ease and swiftness of using them. I'm getting Sony WH-3000 XM4 cause I just need quality music quality

    • Allen Fepuleai
      Allen Fepuleai

      Mr Hard Apple They sound like the wired iPhone earphones. Not much bass. Good enough to get the job done.

    • Mr Hard Apple
      Mr Hard Apple

      How good is the sound quality, I just ordered some Sony headphones

  • Alexis wilson
    Alexis wilson

    The pros fall out my ear sooo much when I’m active. And by active I mean cleaning or moving too much. And forget about working out with them. Literally useless. But sound cancellation is increasable! It’s scary good lol.

  • jesus christ
    jesus christ

    the only thing thats stopping me from buying them is the plastic/rubber bits.. I HATE THEM. i cannot express how much i despise them

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
    Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    Awe the packaging is so cute

  • Jerek Johnson
    Jerek Johnson

    I got my AirPods 2 for $150 at Costco

  • Liam Sparkes
    Liam Sparkes

    I’m my own Opinion AirPods Pro are way better in every way I have 2nd gen AirPods and pros I have had the 2nd gen since day one and there are a smashing peace of kit but if you want the best of the product pros all the way the sound is just amazing compared to the 2nd gen

  • Tyler Conlon
    Tyler Conlon

    i hate the pros ... soo uncomfortable

  • 100,000 Subcribers with no Videos
    100,000 Subcribers with no Videos

    "Airpods" "Airpods Pro" "Airpods 2nd Gen" "Airpods 2nd Gen Pro" "Airpods 3r-

  • MrRandomhere

    Him:you can’t charge without new iPhone 11 plus charger thing *Me laughing charging with a regular iPhone charger*

  • willy vlyminck
    willy vlyminck

    Pro is just a marketing tool, many brands use it to gets people attention

  • Hk 24
    Hk 24

    I think that tere will be airpods pro 2

  • charles mack
    charles mack

    10:28 one accidental bump of his hand and the iphone and Airpods will go flying off that deck.. I would never leave my iphone laying there like that from that hight.

  • Mark Goodman
    Mark Goodman

    Who else is watching this with normal AirPods

  • Kitten

    This dude dresses like he a villain in a Sci-Fi movie

  • Dennis Race Jr
    Dennis Race Jr


  • Seven Deadly Sins
    Seven Deadly Sins

    Bruh we need an 18w charging block just to charge our 250$ airpid pros

  • Sandy Lion
    Sandy Lion

    So for $250 bucks and u don’t get a power brick for the cord even if it is wireless u might want to charge with the cord at times ?

  • Public_Enemy X
    Public_Enemy X

    R they comfortable on ears? Which one is more comfy the pro or the old one??

  • j58390

    How to answer a call without using phone?

  • Stephanie Valenzuela
    Stephanie Valenzuela

    the leroys

  • Дмитрий Юрьевич
    Дмитрий Юрьевич

    Sooooooo handsome! I love you😂🥰

  • Dunja I
    Dunja I

    they really are amazing! i have found an alternative from the sound quality and battery life are amazing and they are really cute too!

    • Limeeh

      Fuck off ya bot

  • Mary Russell
    Mary Russell

    killer queen

  • 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
    청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF

    airpods pro sounds much more better the looking and with nice amazing hearing always apple's bluetooths are the best

  • 박마르코

    I love my AirPods Pro.

  • misagh k
    misagh k

    they stick outward rather than downward....looking weird

  • Pamela Davies
    Pamela Davies

    DM los_hacker11 @instagram to get yours

  • Alphacool7

    Are you addicted ? Go see a psychiatrist, this is not how life should be spent, what a plonker

  • Charlie F
    Charlie F

    I’m selling some AirPods Pro if you are interested please respond

    • Limeeh

      Charlie F i can pay you 2 dollars, pencil, and a half full coca cola bottle

    • Charlie F
      Charlie F

      150 with postage but will accept offers

    • Limeeh

      How much?

  • VeggieBro345

    Airpods: can’t hear you! Airpods Pro: I literally can’t hear you

  • Rikshwith Binosh
    Rikshwith Binosh

    My AirPods used to rule the world..

  • Vikash Choubey
    Vikash Choubey

    Any idea when Airpods 3 will come?

    • Vikash Choubey
      Vikash Choubey

      @Dougie Thanks! But actually my question is is there any plan of apple to release AirPods like design. AirPods Pro are having buds that I don't like. hope you get my point.

  • daip0h

    Watching this video with airpod pros

    • daip0h

      Dougie 😂😂😂😂😂 👍🏼

  • Ean Foshner
    Ean Foshner

    You can get the clones he reviewed from, very hard to find

  • :3

    So what’s a good steal for these today?

  • Hari Krishnan
    Hari Krishnan

    Your so awesome.. I just love watching your videos.. keep going bro... Need a reply from u

  • HM

    Surprised I wasn't subbed before... Liked the video because of Kanye 🖖🏾

  • SeavEan Ung
    SeavEan Ung

    Got distracted by all his background designs.

  • adrian de leon
    adrian de leon

    Who else fell inlove while watching this video? 😍