iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro! Which Should You Buy?
NEW iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
iPhone 11 Pro features recap.
iPhone 11 Pro Max clone unboxing.
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  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    Sorry for the reupload, got my prices wrong. $699 starting point for the iPhone 11

    • Miles' Games
      Miles' Games

      I knew I wouldn’t have to accept you apology, cause all your fans already did🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Bam_Zilla 88
      Bam_Zilla 88


    • Bam_Zilla 88
      Bam_Zilla 88

      I have the iPhone 11 but I want the iPhone 11 Pro Max

    • Bam_Zilla 88
      Bam_Zilla 88

      I have the iPhone 11, but I want the iPhone 11 Pro max

    • Mustafa Liaquat
      Mustafa Liaquat

      No problem

  • Wiings12

    2019 I’m livening nice as 2019 but idk it’s almost 2020

  • Laury Maxis
    Laury Maxis

    watching from my iphone 8, still debating to get the 11 in black or the pro in midnight green 🧐

  • Carson Chan
    Carson Chan

    I desperately want to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro Max from my iPhone X but my parents won't allow me☹️

  • ma. s
    ma. s

    You should buy none

  • It wasn’t Me
    It wasn’t Me

    But why the apple logo is not in the centre on your iphone 11 when apple already make it in a center for iphone 11 and above ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • D4nutzuuu RST
    D4nutzuuu RST

    No, if u want the best display.............just buy a Samsung.

  • Dirgh Patel
    Dirgh Patel

    need one video on 12 and 12pro because I don't find any difference except LiDAR Scanner for Night mode portraits. But that feeling of buying a costlier phone is killing me, also the colors are better in pro. Still want to save money. Fuckk can't stop thinking. make one vid FILIP ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ASAP

  • ed150n_ k0ng
    ed150n_ k0ng

    Just rewatching this because the 12 came out

  • Kavarni Christian
    Kavarni Christian

    For some reason I real like the bezels 😂

  • Kavarni Christian
    Kavarni Christian

    Why are we so over prised in England

  • Kling Antone
    Kling Antone

    I prefer *appledwag on instagram* I bought my MacBook and iPhone from him he's a pro

  • Amaan K
    Amaan K

    Apple small phone's cost is high. Using the stratery because Android guys busy is making BIG phones.

  • Will Kadzis
    Will Kadzis

    I am going to pick up the 11

  • sarah cotton
    sarah cotton

    im still confused about to get the iphone 11 or pro

    • Sude

      I just bought the iphone 11 but i realised i want the 11 pro max🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • tariq faraz
    tariq faraz

    Thnku bro for this vedio nicely explained... Can i go for Iphone 11 now ? Will it be worth ?

  • Anirudh Kaushik
    Anirudh Kaushik

    Who’s watching this video on iPhone 11

  • VeryTastySoup

    I wish I could afford any iPhone


    Watching this on IPHONE X


    Watching this in IPHONE C

  • Sami Bensi alie
    Sami Bensi alie

    What do u mean, there are airpods pro

  • erin breske
    erin breske

    y’all can’t even touch me. currently watching this on an iphone 5s, which has finally bit the dust after six years and won’t open half my apps

  • Siri

    I want ya ya brother ya ya know ya ya brother ya ya know ya ya brother ya ya know ya ya brother ya ya know ya ya brother ya ya know ya ya brother

  • Syed Polash
    Syed Polash

    It's amoled display btw 😂😂

  • ryft axul
    ryft axul

    Who else watching in there old Samsung s5 neo

  • The Upper Room Podcast
    The Upper Room Podcast

    I don't understand why they didn't just make the 11 and 11 pro the same size. It's kind of annoying for a much bigger price you get a smaller display. Plus, it seems like it'd be easier production wise to just use the same size also.

  • Dinushka Uduwilaarachchi
    Dinushka Uduwilaarachchi

    Who are watching this on 6SE??

  • Uwuvile Anadela Jordan
    Uwuvile Anadela Jordan

    I really want to get this phone but I fear it will be too tiny and the 11 pro max so so expensive

  • James Nimphius
    James Nimphius

    Which should you buy though?

  • Jho-Nny S
    Jho-Nny S

    its is iPhone x not iPhone 11

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    It's not a $400 difference.. 999 - 699 = 300.

    • King Turner
      King Turner

      He referenced the pro max pricing

  • Mechkanism

    Might as well get the iPhone 12 it’s coming out in 3 weeks 😂

  • Caitlin Bayley
    Caitlin Bayley

    It would have been nice if you didn't have the case on the 11 Pro. At least just while reviewing it.

  • Johanna Nolasco
    Johanna Nolasco

    Thank you!

  • ele putlang
    ele putlang

    I’m an iPhone user too but i subscribed to this channel because of the guy. He is too good looking.

    • Mkeefecars

      LOL 😂

  • MyLightroomPresets

    BRO..which one is better Now...Xs,Xsmax or 11..Confused please tell which one better

    • Fromjuly

      Obviously 11

  • Kevin

    Who’s watching 1 year after the keynote

  • kuku lala
    kuku lala

    Why the apple logo on the 11 is not in the middle?

    • Kevin

      He’s holding dummy models

  • Ashiqur Rahman
    Ashiqur Rahman


  • Picasso Pablo
    Picasso Pablo

    who’s watching on an iPhone 15 ?

  • T L
    T L

    i stil have iPhone 6s. Still debating if i should buy a fujifilm xpro3 instead for better photos than an iPhone 11 pro.

  • Rares Iancu
    Rares Iancu

    Who is gonna get one of them Comment down below I am getting the 11 pro😜

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez

    Why does he have a iPhone X as a iPhone 11 Pro? 3:56 !!

    • King Turner
      King Turner

      He switched the body frame to the frames of 11 Pro

  • John Arvin Sarno
    John Arvin Sarno

    all i just know is im Broke. 😭 and have a crappy vivo phone.

  • Dhanush M
    Dhanush M

    It seems to be the iPhone 11 in the left is a COPY Because the apple logo is little close up to the camera And in my hand iPhone 11 the apple logo is in the centre of the phone and same as in iMac behind u And there is no where written iPhone in the back of the phone Who noticed it ?

  • Kaye Aquino
    Kaye Aquino

    so which should i buy the 11 or the pro?

  • Kaye Aquino
    Kaye Aquino

    Which should i buy iPhone 11 or the 11 Pro?

  • Durianking 41
    Durianking 41

    Someone help me.... As a android user.. I want to switch to iPhone what iPhone should i get 11 or the pro one.. Hmmm😟

  • Christian Jacob
    Christian Jacob

    Im watching this using my iphone 6 and i want to upgrade to iphone 11 but im broke af 😅

  • Gufran Ali Khan
    Gufran Ali Khan

    Its not i phone 11 it is i phone 10r turned into i phone 11

  • Lamb Bert
    Lamb Bert

    I am still on an iPhone 7. Please make a review on his after 4years

  • Christian Docsebio
    Christian Docsebio

    How i wish you can help me to get my dream phone 😇😔

  • R

    Honestly after comparing the iphone 11 with the iphone 11 pro I prefer the iphone 11 camera quality much better.

  • Erika Montes
    Erika Montes

    umm is he using the XR with the iPhone 11 camera? about the apple logo...?

    • Janie Blade
      Janie Blade

      I got my iPhone11 pro max for free with the help of risehachz on ig.

  • Celina Kolding-Hamsen
    Celina Kolding-Hamsen

    In the start it’s not an 11. I have an iPhone 11 and that’s bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro

  • 39-Nguyễn Hồng Quân
    39-Nguyễn Hồng Quân

    I am watching this on my ip11

  • k s murthy
    k s murthy

    I am using a oppo ... What to do ... Can't spend this much atleast for iphone

  • vasanth yalla
    vasanth yalla

    Lol 😂😂 thats not iphone 11 dude its xr 🤣😂 Iphone 11 doesn't have iphone name on back and apple logo on middle 🤔

  • ram PRAKASH
    ram PRAKASH


  • David P
    David P

    I’ll take the 11 Pro Max pls

  • Ofi fans
    Ofi fans


  • Lil p
    Lil p

    Who is watching this with their Iphone 11 pro max here 🙌

  • kh-news feeds
    kh-news feeds

    Shoutout to everyone that is watching

  • Mark Sketch
    Mark Sketch

    EricaPanchiis Rdz yup my iPhone 6+ is still going strong. I do have a newer iPhone 📱 but the 6 I gave to my boy still works n looks almost like new. When I upgraded I don’t do it regularly. I wait for that worthy big leap n the iPhone 11 Pro + is it with the 512gb storage. I go all out every 3-4 years. I find it a much better way financially & tech wise as before the changes between phones hasn’t been that great. Certainly not 1k great. Thx for ur comment

  • Mtray Plays has Quit
    Mtray Plays has Quit

    Who else is watching this after getting the 11 and having the SE before the new one

  • Bogdan Doykov
    Bogdan Doykov

    Кусок говна

  • Shamin Resandu
    Shamin Resandu

    You should be a super male model I know everyone else is also hiding this in their minds while watching his vids

  • Greg

    Sooo they both have deep fusion.... just get the 11 and buy the 18 watt charger separately for $30...right ? Is Pro really worth $400 more?

  • ScopezZ_ Samu_YT
    ScopezZ_ Samu_YT

    bruh and then theres me with my pro max

  • Reuben Singh
    Reuben Singh

    Just upgraded from the 6s 😊

  • HermsT

    The thing that want me to go more on the pro side is the matt and premium finish. i really don't like the glossy on the normal 11

  • Ace Dela Cruz
    Ace Dela Cruz

    I bought 11 but I was distracted of how handsome he is.... 😬😅😊

  • 華強北小欣

    It would be great if there was a protective shell, which is not bad. Recommend to everyone amzn.to/2CYw44u


    It's not à iphone 11 it's à xr

  • Jewlsespinal

    Finally found a video that is talking about the difference of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11pro. Not the pro Max. Took me like 5 other videos to watch 🤦🏻‍♀️but you explained it so much better and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! 📱

  • Elmo Dionisio
    Elmo Dionisio

    Hello. can someone tell me or give some advice to me i am currently using iphone 11 i dont know why i am not that satisfied.. if i will change to 11 pro is it good? what is the pros and cons? i am using xs max before oled screen

  • Ruby

    Watching this on my Iphone 7 and silently crying. 😭

  • Blood Moon
    Blood Moon

    I phone 11 is garbage spend the extra 400 and get the pro

  • Peanut Butter211
    Peanut Butter211

    Watching this on my iphone 3gs

    • Bruh Cringe
      Bruh Cringe

      What the hell

  • D G
    D G

    I recently bought a pro max a few months ago, I noticed it gets warm at the back when fast charging? Is this normal, or should I contact apple?

  • Ayugoogie

    I'm sorry, but say ur opnion or if not pls don't even comment...I want to read opnions and not: ,,Who's watching this on the IPhone 6" or whatever just for some stupid likes. I barely read opnions here. Pls stay at this topic and stop commenting all this It's getting bored. I already read thousands of those comments

  • Mohamed Siyam
    Mohamed Siyam

    I buying iPhone 11 red

    • Bruh Cringe
      Bruh Cringe

      Buy the 11 pro

  • Prafful Sahu
    Prafful Sahu

    Wait for iphone 13 so prices of iphone 12 drops by 100$ then buy iphone 11.

  • ooOoo

    Watching from my new iPhone 11 to see if the Pro would have been a better choice but I think the 11 is right for me. Coming from a Note 8 the iPhone is pretty good but I do miss some important things from Android.

  • Mike

    I own an iPhone 11 and it’s perfect and worth the money! It’s sooooo good that it’s kinda boring. Everything works perfectly polished. I think the upcoming ios14 will give a revamp on the overall user experience which will make the iPhone exciting again

  • Naydelin Soto
    Naydelin Soto

    I have the iPhone 7 pluse but should I get the iPhone 11 or 11 pro

  • Danielle Gael
    Danielle Gael

    Thanks for the break down! I need a new phone now but I’m also waiting for the iPhone 12! So I’m going to get thee 11 and then pass it to my son!! Great info!

  • kingdza

    iPhone 7 Plus here...gonna upgrade to the iPhone 11

  • Noah Faulkner
    Noah Faulkner

    I’m watching this on my 11 that I just upgraded to from a Note 8. My Notes charging port stopped working, the speaker had to be turned on when talking on the phone to hear anyone. Phone sucked

  • Matthew Valadez
    Matthew Valadez

    Went from the XR to the 11. Not a crazy difference but noticeably better. Especially the feel of the phone and the look 👌

  • Daniel Mata
    Daniel Mata

    got the iPhone 11 2 days ago & want to trade it for the iPhone 11 Pro Max only because it’s bigger & 3 cameras look cool

  • Coogi Kid Blast
    Coogi Kid Blast

    I’m getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a good upgrade from XR

  • Landon Callahan
    Landon Callahan

    I don’t even own the phone yet and I already miss 3D touch

  • Mark Angelo Gonzales
    Mark Angelo Gonzales

    Upgraded from 6 to iPhone 11. 'Twas very much needed lol

  • Tanjina Begum
    Tanjina Begum

    Real me c3

  • idek

    I don’t know how tf people know I have a 6s. Weirdos

  • gary clancy
    gary clancy

    thanks I will be get iPhone 11 thanks

  • Tyion Official
    Tyion Official

    Just got my iPhone 11 promax today. I love it

  • Lynda Art
    Lynda Art


  • Her Gary
    Her Gary

    I have 11 , my dad have 11 pro max and it’s same camera ...