Insane 2020 iPhone Leaks! No Notch + Touch ID, No Ports 2021 & iPhone 9!
Apple's Insane 5 iPhone Plan in 2020! No notch & Touch ID on top model, no ports in 2021, iPhone 9 is the official SE 2 & iOS 14 rumors!
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Last iPhone 12 leaks.
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  • SolidSonicTH

    Mmm...quite a bit of this came to pass. Maybe a notch-less iPhone with a power button Touch ID sensor could be in the works.

  • Shubham Agarwal
    Shubham Agarwal

    This video didn’t age well :( more disappointing news from Apple where leaks did not come true

  • Guillermina Leonardo
    Guillermina Leonardo

    Wtf so the phone would come out without a charger and no Face ID finger prints in the sides shit sound like an Android

  • Guillermina Leonardo
    Guillermina Leonardo

    Is not a good idea for them to make the iPhone just wireless charged dumb idea

  • Tuncay Durmaz
    Tuncay Durmaz

    Help mi


    First the headphone jack now the charger port

  • finestar marak
    finestar marak

    Some people did not know insite the iphone hidding to saw why because some are make to copey to iphone so my friends if you buy iphone 12 pro max then know about how much works my name FINESTAR MRONG MARAK COMPOST SONGS AND SINGS HINDI OR GARO SONGS AND I AM FULL HEART OF GOD AMEN.

  • Covid-19 news Bangladesh
    Covid-19 news Bangladesh

    I'm Bangladesi Love your Vdeio

  • Dajour Livingston23
    Dajour Livingston23

    I’ll stick with the 11 Pro Max. If Steve Jobs was still alive the iPhones Tim Cook has made wouldn’t even exist. Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

  • CONSTIFF 2.0 Public Beta 2
    CONSTIFF 2.0 Public Beta 2

    2014: No side-switch on iPad Air 2 2016: No headphone jack 2017: No home button 2019: Monitor is 5k$ & stand is 999$ each sold seperately 2020: Charger & earphones sold seperately 2021: No charging port 2023: No speakers 2025: No volume buttons 2027: No power button 2030: No camera/camera sold seperately 2037: No screen

  • - Mr. Roobert -
    - Mr. Roobert -

    I swear to fucking god if they get rid of the fucking lightning port or usb C then the better fuckin throw in a pare if AirPods cuz now way in fuck am I going to drop over $1000 on a phone that I can’t even listen to music on.

  • sudhir kumbhar
    sudhir kumbhar

    One thing in iphone i miss lot is android dail pad surch contact Every time go to contact surch contact and than dial but android phone you only dial number 7 8 3 4 4 7 than sudhir is apper

  • Epicspine

    6:09 are u giving us the middle finger

  • Scott Morwitz
    Scott Morwitz

    “Everybody adjusted” because they had no &$*#ing choice!!!

  • 100 Мбит/с
    100 Мбит/с

    Man, so exited about iphone in iphone 5’s body and x’s screen ♥️♥️ if that is gonna happen, gonna fall in love again.

  • WintaFresh

    This is worrying.

  • 4estyou

    They’re going to get rid of iPhones with a Charging Port in 2021

  • Univerxe .s
    Univerxe .s

    W-what so Apple is removing the charging port moving back to android 💀

  • LELE

    So they aren’t removing the notch? Wtf is going on?

  • Israel Garcia
    Israel Garcia

    Awesome info, thanks!

  • Aya Reyes
    Aya Reyes

    Apple is slowly removing stuff from their products and they're making us pay more for it, are you kidding me ? m starting to be an apple's hater

  • YeBoiShane

    Yea ur full of shit

  • Franky Gamarra
    Franky Gamarra

    6:10 Nice, secretly flicking us off.

  • Paul Vecchione
    Paul Vecchione

    I really hope they’re working on holographic projection technology.

  • Elias Hallberg
    Elias Hallberg

    now powerbank wont work

  • Bunnycat Corleone
    Bunnycat Corleone

    SE or 11?

  • CocoREMA

    Seeing all these comments when the Iphone SE 2 came out cheap fot 399 and then these fake ones

  • Sophia L
    Sophia L

    I’m gonna say it. I don’t believe they will remove the charging port. That idea personally seems unrealistic, as some people are still mad over the loss of the headphone jack and even then you still had the ability to use wired earbuds. This would also completely reduce the portability of this device as it is unlikely you will be able to charge it in a car, plane, etc. thank you for listening to my ted talk.

  • Mathew Moffatz
    Mathew Moffatz

    Stupid why not invent a vaccine for Covid 19 rather than for this stupid gadgets

    • VAnessa Peeps
      VAnessa Peeps

      Mathew Moffatz Because it takes time to make a vaccine this project started a year ago🙄

  • Alexis Sotelo
    Alexis Sotelo

    iPhone made for gaming on the go...(at school) with long lasting battery 😂😂😂were u at tho🥺

  • Olivier Yt
    Olivier Yt

    Plies my plies i ken no Engels sorry

  • gianna

    well then, my iPhone 7 is snazzy but this is just making stuff more expensive with nothing except speakers

  • Yanea

    I hope mom buys that so i’ll get to have her iPhone 11 :>

  • Queanna Allen
    Queanna Allen

    Remember all have God bay your side

  • Christine M
    Christine M

    hmm, i really wanted to buy the 2020 upgrade because of the touch ID rumors. But if there's no port that's a huge no. Like how will this work if you're on the go? a blue tooth charging portable pad that you still have to charge? please keep lightning.

  • Boe Jiden
    Boe Jiden

    Port sold separately..

  • Anže

    Give me one good reason why the new iphone wouldn't have any ports.

  • Ashton Anything AA
    Ashton Anything AA


  • mother figure
    mother figure

    Well the March launch didn’t happen lol

  • Weirdos World
    Weirdos World

    I really want them to bring back phones with the button

  • Walrnart

    wth i don't even have a phone i'm on my moms phone

  • Hdog xx 247
    Hdog xx 247

    6:08 middle finger

  • pramer 10
    pramer 10

    Wtf is this why are they removing the lightning port? I dont want to charge my phone wirelessly for 3 hours like wtf

  • Asfand Bhanbhro
    Asfand Bhanbhro


  • James Thumm
    James Thumm

    If they remove the charging port nobody buy it, push them back that is literally the dumbest shit ever anyone who’s had a wireless charger knows it’s a nice secondary option but horrible if it’s your only option

  • shark puppets cousin
    shark puppets cousin

    i think the wireless charging thing needs to have it in the box too

  • Dora Hernandez
    Dora Hernandez

    Remember when they thought that the I phone 5 was going to be the largest phone lmaooo

  • Ahmed Khosru
    Ahmed Khosru

    Hey bro,Give me iPhone 11 pro please, i love it,

  • Image-I-Nation Photography
    Image-I-Nation Photography

    Just ordered an iPhone 11 256gb

  • Sarwar Mohammed
    Sarwar Mohammed

    Don't like notch display

  • ItzDylan ヅ
    ItzDylan ヅ

    I knew there were no notches.

  • Kirill

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  • ElizaLanga

    Touch ID integrated into the power button on the side- where have I seen that before?....🤔 right

  • ElizaLanga

    No port? Oh gosh...the money..

  • H-music

    I love iPhone

  • Jay Pang
    Jay Pang

    I liked and subscribe and posted

  • Rachi Mitchell
    Rachi Mitchell

    When are they going to allow us to customize our phones ? I’m tired of my phone looking like everyone iPhones in the world 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Rachi Mitchell
      Rachi Mitchell

      Llama Loca keep reselling is the same phone

    • Llama Loca
      Llama Loca


  • eliana berger
    eliana berger

    Can I please have an iPhone 11 in white I love your videos I will never stop watching them thank you for making them

    • Caitlyn Dan
      Caitlyn Dan

      Eliana Berger kindly text engineer roger a working staff in iPhone company presently now.he get me my recent iPhone 11 last week with the best guarantee paper,you can text him up with is number +19729478902

  • YZH

    As a time traveller, i can confirm that in 2030 the iPhone 22 will be a single sheet of glass, no camera, no port, no speaker and tall af, exactly 4’5

  • Super Boomer Zoomer
    Super Boomer Zoomer

    I told y’all


    How are you doing really enjoy your videos I like to win the iPad pros I’m on Social Security disability and unable to afford anything APPLE and I would really enjoy having one of those if you could help me out I would really appreciate it thanks so muc


    so basically they copying Samsung's wireless power share but no ones gonna except that and say apple is being innovative

  • zigi x
    zigi x


  • Pink Phoenix
    Pink Phoenix

    I wanna be able to hold my phone when it’s charging even if they did some kind of electromagnetic charging with a wire magnetically attached to the bottom or something I needa be able to hold my phone while I’m charging it

  • Unknown alpha
    Unknown alpha

    iOS 14 ip

  • Unknown alpha
    Unknown alpha

    iphones iPad gls wireless

  • Kilan Cockayne
    Kilan Cockayne

    How. Is it gone iPhone 8 iPhone X well answer is... iPhone X was a celebration of 10 years of iPhone

  • intasam4 intasam
    intasam4 intasam

    Samsung Electronics forever

  • Max Roche
    Max Roche

    iPhone 6 or lower gang where you at!!

  • Max Roche
    Max Roche

    2004 : IT DoESnT HaVe A FRonT CAMErA!! 2021:no charging slot pay 75$ to buy one or just buy an 11 duhhh

  • Zunyi Jiang
    Zunyi Jiang

    6:10 for the haters

  • Myst1cc

    Wouldn’t it be cool if EVERY iPhone had the beautiful colors that the lower models have? Like if the iPhone 12 PRO had the aqua green color that the iPhone 11 has, how great would that be?

  • Nelson Macam
    Nelson Macam

    iphone 12 is it dual sim ?

  • K . Amigor
    K . Amigor

    How to downgrade ? How to use itunes on pc or mac and laptop ? How to take out icloud ? Gona make mac pro XX TO DO THOSE THING :)) THAT HOW APPLE DOING IN THEIR MIND TO MAKE MONEY :3

  • Irene

    Who is here when in 2020 when they only realised the iPhone 11 a few months ago?

  • Avyay Anand
    Avyay Anand

    Apple's been scamming the hell outta people But you gotta appreciate their creativity

  • Avyay Anand
    Avyay Anand

    Wireless charger has a charger But the iphone got no charging port. *WTF*

  • Ava Crews
    Ava Crews

    It would be cool if apple put the lighting port directly in the phone then like put a magnetic connection on the cord. That would be cool because then you could still do wireless charging but also have the cord there so you can still plug it in say your car on a road trip or something like that.

  • Lemon_ Lime
    Lemon_ Lime

    I think that no port is a really bad idea cuz imagine ur sitting in bed and ur phone dies and then u have to wait till it’s at a good charge % to use it

  • scoolally

    I’m still on a 7 😭

  • Fxbulous

    They should make a phone called IPhone10x

  • terus lapo
    terus lapo

    Iphone 9 plus ?

  • Basil Ahmed
    Basil Ahmed

    I love fortnite

  • Tere Farinelly
    Tere Farinelly

    All I want is the color of Ihone 8 (pink) on a 10XS OR 11PRO

  • Taylor Lee
    Taylor Lee

    Wasssss upppppppp! Great review videos! Trying to win the AirPod pros giveaway! Hook a brutha up!


    iPhone SE 2 Gang hit a like 👍

  • LoL Highlight
    LoL Highlight

    that is actually a very nice idea to charge the charger as extra for an extra 399$

  • Amber

    bruh. if there's no charging jack, that basically requires us to have airpods or other bluetooth headphones. i'm still mad about having to buy another jack because they got rid of the headphone jack

  • comfycharss

    So we have to AirPods 😂

  • comfycharss

    The wireless charging thing exists now it’s from a company called something TechShelf, I don’t remember but I remember those small parts

  • suchasreallife

    Other then connecting to the car I could deal with no charge port

  • Juan Beltran
    Juan Beltran

    Why does no one talk about iPads anymore. 😭

  • supp boi
    supp boi


  • Rohit

    But where is the front camera ???💩💩

  • Rizwan Khan Khan
    Rizwan Khan Khan

    Battery kepasiti 12 pro lonch date

  • Rizwan Naaz
    Rizwan Naaz

    Congratulations for 8m users

  • RecordingTurtl3

    My teacher had an iPhone 11

  • ava peceniak
    ava peceniak

    so now if u get the 9 you just have to get a charging pad???

  • Someone New
    Someone New

    Wait, so now we cant be on our phone while its charging? Whack

  • Its pH UNO's
    Its pH UNO's

    Sir big fan I m from India I want to meat you that's my dream🥺