You Wish Your iPhone Could Do This.. My iOS 14 Wishlist
My iOS 14 wishlist with 30 incredible new tweaks that will make any iPhone user jealous! New & updated jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.3!
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Why Jailbreak?
How To Jailbreak iOS 13.
Jailbreak Tweak List.
1. Complications.
2. Axon. Notification grouper on Lock Screen.
3. QuickLS. Shortcuts for your lock screen toggles
4. Shortlook. OLED enabled notifications on the lock screen. Very cool
5. ChargeAnimations. ChargeAnimations
6. Maple. AirPower charging animations
7. Mitsuha Infinity. Music visualizer for the lock screen
8. NextUp 2. See which songs are playing next from lock screen and control center and change to next up. Simple but cool one.
9. AnimationsBeFastPlus. Super fast animations on iOS
10. Gridiculous. Place app icons anywhere on homescreen
11. FloatingDockPlus13. Floating dock like on iPads
12. FloatingDockPlus13. Recently used App functionality
13. Split Screen apps with FloatingDockPlus13
14. Cylinder. Page turn animations as old as time.
15. HomePlus Beta. Change size and amount of icons on homescreen. On 2nd iPhone
16. LiveSafari. Turn your safari. Icon into a real compass.
17. A way to turn off iPhone without using power button. FloatingDockPlus13 double tap on dock does this
18. Bazzi 2. Battery icon in status bar
19. ForceInPicture + YouPIP. Picture in Picture tweak
20. Barmoji. Emojis instead of bar on bottom
21. NewCam. Get iPhone 11/11 Pro camera interface & FPS/Resolution control on ALL devices.
22. CCModules. For customizable control center shortcuts
23. Call Assist Bar or CallBarXS. A tiny phone call interface, free alternative to CallBarX.
24. SmallSiri. Makes Siri small and compact
25. KillX Pro. Kill all multitasking apps at once. A smart version of it that can keep music apps open and certain apps from being killed.
26. SiliquaPro. Adjust all force touch controls and more for AirPods Pro.
27. Pastel. Colors notification badges to a very similar color of the app they belong to.
28. CopyLog. A clipboard manager with nice visuals.
29. Little11. Bring iPhone X Gestures and features to all other devices
30. Little11. Adds rounded corners to older iPhones.
Wallpapers used.
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