Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test!
Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test Comparison! Snapdragon 865 app launching, 12GB ram test, benchmarks, cellular speeds, video export, fingerprint vs Face ID unlock & more! S20 Ultra is a beast!
S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Camera Test!
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  • EverythingApplePro EAP
    EverythingApplePro EAP

    To everyone saying this test is unfair because the S20 Ultra is rotating you are wrong. This is Samsungs fault not mine, I disabled that setting. Proof here:

    • Joe Michael B
      Joe Michael B

      i always love ur reviews bro

    • serbian 913
      serbian 913


    • Jakin Lee
      Jakin Lee

      @SlighceTUNES speed but overall in general I guess

    • DRAGANOV -
      DRAGANOV -

      Sir please consult Samsung company to do something for enabling extreme frames plus hdr graphics in pubg....if they miss it out then no one will use samsung

    • Dr google toilet
      Dr google toilet

      Do it on instagram please

  • Vibhu Gautam
    Vibhu Gautam

    Shitty test

  • Roberto Sanchez
    Roberto Sanchez

    I can't beliévé that finally i got my iCloud unlock with the help of *scozhacker_* on iG You did a great job bro

  • Colten Leto
    Colten Leto

    You just like apple

  • Colten Leto
    Colten Leto

    You are so fake lol

  • Mark

    iPhone's are so slow... Android is so far ahead, these comparisons aren't necessary anymore.

  • neel desai
    neel desai

    looking at this vid! i definetl ydont care about 120hz anymore! they would hve done a great job in ios 14.

  • Jon PeZ
    Jon PeZ

    Watching even I can't buy it. Hays

  • Peter Built 379
    Peter Built 379

    When I open one app I stay on that app I don’t need 12gb of ram I only thing i care about is speed so I take iPhone

  • Linder Vidic
    Linder Vidic

    Glad I got a quick and permanent unlock service from techbonds 0n 1G

  • thisdanisonfire

    But... *who runs 50 games at once while shopping, texting, rendering, watching movies AND UZload videos, driving, taking photos and writing documents?* You don't need more RAM! You NEVER use more than 5 apps at once. Especially when you're playing bigger games like PUBG Mobile you aren't switching apps! Will discord crash because of a lack of RAM? The f u c k no!

  • v i v a a n s e t h i
    v i v a a n s e t h i

    Nobody noticed, but from 1:00 to 1:13 you can see that he's switched on reduce animations on the S20 Ultra.

  • ابوحسين ابوحسين.
    ابوحسين ابوحسين.

    سرري قال ايش جلكسي iPhone version 👍

  • Tollymaster

    Calling iphone a fail but it keeps up with the samsung with only 4gb of ram. 120hz is nice but draint battery like a killer and you wont gett that much fps more than 1 minit by any smartphone gpu, as it getts hot it wil put framerate down to 40 or 50 hz. Becouse apple hates to put a funtion in their phones if it doesnt needed and you cant use it properly. Im a samsung user btw but if i had the money i would go for iphone👍

  • Samiur Rahman
    Samiur Rahman

    A13 is still faster as hell despite being a year old now.

  • Lamp Pole
    Lamp Pole

    Do the speed test on 2 years both with heavy use then see what happens

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 7

    You should have turned off the landscape mode for the launcher

  • Tanish Karnik
    Tanish Karnik

    Why is he comparing a 2019 flagship to a 2020 flagship what kinda competition is this ?

  • Mas Bejo
    Mas Bejo

    Android save backround progress. you can open apps again without reloading like apple system operating.

  • kevin velez
    kevin velez

    iPhone from 2019 vs Samsung from 2020 seems fair

  • FritoGamerHD

    Mann I bet if android was optimized it would destroy apple phones in speed test and gaming

    • Solar Cj
      Solar Cj

      It already do i have both and I used to be a apple fanboy but man the s20 ultra just destroys the 11 pro max

  • seifedine chaabani
    seifedine chaabani

    In Tunisia you must work 2 years to buy theses phones 😭

  • seifedine chaabani
    seifedine chaabani

    Unlucky if i win one of your phones gift i cant recieve it INTO TUNISIA 😂😭

  • Poly123 iHave01kb
    Poly123 iHave01kb

    This is not fair you know, android vs ios, ios is more optimized so its better, but android it's better in other ways, but this is an unfair bc the apps for ios are optimized

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze

    I think the Samsung S20 ultra is cheaper(in my country) I am a big apple fan but the S20 ultra is better (my opinion)

  • Periklis Dosis
    Periklis Dosis

    apple 's fan boy speaks for the S20 Ultra... Dont get it!

  • emerald glow
    emerald glow

    So apple just has a fast chip and low ram. Samsung has a slow chip but a lot of ram. If only we had a phone that could do both.

  • Gfdereew Ghyjhhkkk
    Gfdereew Ghyjhhkkk

    I have an IPhone 6 and watching this made me even more excited for the Iphone 12, the loading times are just soo much faster

    • Melad Gul
      Melad Gul

      Shut up

  • 张永和

    Samsung galaxy so good


    nomatter what load of features samsung flashes in or faces.. performance poops when in comparison to iphone

  • Shiven Oemrawsingh
    Shiven Oemrawsingh

    Can i pls get a s20 ultra i am stuck with a 6s edge it would be a big upgrade

  • John Dominguez
    John Dominguez

    Actually stupid why tf does he have on rotate for the s20. He has to wait after exiting out of the app then pressing another one cos the screen rotates

  • Kartik Verma
    Kartik Verma

    And the fact iphone is only fast in launching pubg😆

  • Fraser Barnes
    Fraser Barnes

    Apple doesn’t need to add more RAM in my opinion. I could be wrong but I think having so many memory intense apps open at the same time is something basically no one does.

  • Farjad khan
    Farjad khan

    Such a fucking test it was .

  • Dave psyric Dagandara
    Dave psyric Dagandara

    Samaung has exynos not snapdragon

  • FaZe Gamer
    FaZe Gamer

    the s10plus was better then the 11pro and the s20 will kill the 11pro and 12

  • FaZe Gamer
    FaZe Gamer

    s20 smashes the 11pro

    • FaZe Gamer
      FaZe Gamer

      @Samuel Filliettaz yes it does you isheep

    • Samuel Filliettaz
      Samuel Filliettaz


  • Raul Pathak
    Raul Pathak

    Plus were talking about the snapdragon version..not the exynos...try making that nuisance of a chip against others. Plus when do we use more than 5..6 apps max at a time...ssly

  • Raul Pathak
    Raul Pathak

    The orientation took up a lot of time in the time lock the home orientation to portrait or landscape in the samsung

  • pogi si Pogi
    pogi si Pogi

    why 4 gb ram beats 12 gb???? thats impossible

  • Prasad Chavan
    Prasad Chavan

    Samsung has such an incredible hardware if they can get it in to stock android software and provide at least 2 android updates and a bit more than 3 years of security updates then Samsung handsets like s20 ultra will be a big success.

  • Himank Kanal
    Himank Kanal

    The export for the iPhone is faster because the iPhones storage is faster

    • Gfdereew Ghyjhhkkk
      Gfdereew Ghyjhhkkk

      What? The Iphone does have older UFS 2.1 storage while the S20 Ultra has UFS 3.0 (the Note 20 even UFS 3.1 now)


    Just lie lie lie 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎


    Just liar no good you tuber just liar u love iphone or u r corrupted


    Galaxy is slow because you wanted it to be so

  • Matt92 Machine
    Matt92 Machine

    Sure is sad that Apple still only puts 4 GB ram in their phones. Even 6 on the new ones is better, but they should make that the minimum and put 8 on the pro models. It's such a waste having the ram bottleneck the whole phone experience.

  • Khaleel Radi
    Khaleel Radi

    iPhone was the fastest 🔥🔥💪🏽

  • Farhan Mahfud
    Farhan Mahfud

    Imagine Iphone with 12 GB ram Damn... that would be the perfect phone for me

  • Sir biebs
    Sir biebs

    phone had always been better than samsung , plus samsung keeps coping iphone look at android 11 they have swipe button LOL . whats next samsung Face id ? hahahaha

  • Renato Nismo
    Renato Nismo

    games and video processing are better optimized on ios and still 6 seconds of difference in round 1 ? damn look at 450$ poco f2 pro with the same sd865 and being 3x cheaper.

  • Persimmon Juice - Gaming, Cubing and Animation
    Persimmon Juice - Gaming, Cubing and Animation

    Why would you compare a 2019 flagship to a 2020 flagship 😂 I mean no hate, surprised that Apple can even compete

    • Arbind Sribastab
      Arbind Sribastab

      @Shallow Me apple did not exceed any limits

    • Arbind Sribastab
      Arbind Sribastab

      @Shallow Me A13 is stilll a very powerful processor atleast 865 level so its no surprise and apples optimizations and the fact that apple has NVME and android has lpddr5 its really no surprise

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      Seeing that 2019 phone was better in round 1 even tho it had 3 times less RAM and 2 times less Refresh rate is actually outstanding, let alone comparing it to a phone of the “next” year. Apple exceeds limits

    • Arbind Sribastab
      Arbind Sribastab

      It's still apples best iphone 12 is not out yet

  • Saajid Ali Khan
    Saajid Ali Khan

    People who play pubg, cod, asphalt, minecraft and temple run simultaneously : Laughs in more RAM

  • Pro Guntherdane
    Pro Guntherdane

    I will like the s20 ultra

  • Julian HADDAD
    Julian HADDAD

    M31 or a51 or a11 (cheapest samsung) vs iphone se ( cheapest iphone)include the price too!!

  • Javier Liera 3
    Javier Liera 3

    Not a Samsung fan but the Samsung s20, plus and ultra really impressed me

  • skinny reacts
    skinny reacts

    I'm watching this on a s20 ultra 5G

  • 29kalel

    Ready for the iPhone 12. Then we test. Both phones will be 2020 devices. That iPhone with 4gb of ram holding its own and extremely well. Apps still opening faster and the video export was faster and this is last years iPhone wait til the iPhone 12 comes.

  • Olamilekan Ali
    Olamilekan Ali

    So the test isn't inline wuth each other

  • chuck bearint
    chuck bearint

    I own both phones and tbh I think both work very well. But bottom line is that the ram on the iPhone is not enough. Power user or not you're gonna notice the reloads on apps with even decent usage.

  • Krazy

    Im a samsung guy,but the new rainbow and blueish designs are gay

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC

    I really dont care if the iphone dose things 1 second faster or if it has a better camera they both make good phones

  • rina yongsie
    rina yongsie

    After this video i still stuck which one I should buy. I'm a Samsung user for a long time but when I saw iPhone it's kinda attractive. Can anyone help me?

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      I cannot give you a straight answer for many reasons: 1- You are comparing a 2019 device to a 2020 device 2- It will be a personal preference However, I can help you find your interests. iPhone has a better OS, UI and is extremely smooth with its 4gb of RAM and 60hz refreshing rate although it is very low. iPhone can be very good in games, multiple use and of course camera and software features. Samsung S20 ultra has an extremely powerful design, a great zoom-in camera, a better customizable OS and is cheaper... and has very high refresh rate. My advice would be to wait for iPhone 12 (so you can decide between 2 phones of the same year)

  • Gus Wightman
    Gus Wightman

    @EverythingApplePro Love your channel!

  • Gus Wightman
    Gus Wightman

    Don't listen to those haters! @everythingapplepro live for your name, you share equal love for iOS and Android. Love your video's, this is my fav channel! I am going to buy one of your phone cases!

  • Hu Ta
    Hu Ta

    iPhone is King of speed and S20 Ultra is King of camera

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      True. Couldn’t have been explained better. If someone wants better OS, UI and speed in games/apps, pick iPhone. And if you want a more customizable OS, a super Camera and a longer lasting battery , pick S20 ultra.


    Actually s20 ultra is a little slow


    There's a midrange phone around $385 named huawei nova 5t that can defeat iPhone 10 at its performance mode and maybe iPhone 11

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      It can defeat iPhone 10 but 10r, 10xs are way better.. and no way it is better than the 11s

  • allamurat g
    allamurat g

    there is 1 samsung user in every family in the world

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      My father has an iPhone 8, an old iPhone 6s still in use and a MacBook. My mother has an iPhone 8 and an old iPhone 5. My brother has an iPhone XR, an old iPhone 7 and a MacBook. I have an iPhone 11 and an iPad Mini 3. My younger other brother has an iPad Mini 4 and an old iPad Mini 2. We are the Apple Family Also, we once won the Samsung S10e as a reward in a local competition in our country but we sold it.


    I have a 11 pro max it’s screen quality is so good and the battery life is really great

  • activities for pre school
    activities for pre school

    One minute silence for samsung lovers 😂😂

  • Hasnain Shaikh
    Hasnain Shaikh

    He is doing cheating

  • Nithish Kumar
    Nithish Kumar

    i need a samsung s20 ultra for low price..pls help me boss

  • Jakin Lee
    Jakin Lee

    This test is so inaccurate this biased youtuber is literally giving Apple love for everything even if it loses a round still says "still a formidable effort by the iPhone here" Just stop dude your so biased and your a Apple fan boy. I don't think hands are the same speed. Your drop tests are sooooooo inaccurate too and your drops are based on luck. Quit it.

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      You are the one being biased Jakin. Stop being a hater just because you actually like Samsung. Dont forget that you are comparing a 2019 iPhone to a 2020 Samsung.. wait for iPhone 12. Also, the speed was 100% the same and it takes not more than intelligence in analyzing load speeds to realize that, and he also had timer on..dont be stupid. Also, he said that about iPhone because it was 1 YEAR OLDER with LOWER RAM AND REFRESH RATE but still managed to load certain things faster.. and winning 1 round. How about a Samsung of the same year? Would it even last a round...? Think first

  • Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
    Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel

    Geez he didn't do this from a sound technical level at all.

  • дмитрий волков
    дмитрий волков


  • Mr Higgins
    Mr Higgins

    I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the galaxy S20 Ultra is not worth the $1400 price tag and has plenty of issues that I’d be pretty pissed about if I spent that kind of money.

  • Shiva Prasad
    Shiva Prasad

    U are an apple fan so apple wins for you

  • scythblade

    Just thought of this. The iPhone is most likely always running at peak performance, so you should’ve turned of the high performance setting on the s20

  • Lmao

    yeah but every time that the screen flipped on the galaxy you wait like a 0.5 second you should have turn that option off and then it would be way more accurate

  • Edward Maglaque
    Edward Maglaque

    whatever everyone says ill never leave iphone there is still time days years to make the apple better so i will wait whatever it takes to me

  • Rayala Akhil
    Rayala Akhil

    Now for all the apple sheeps here, Android's 12GB RAM >>>>>>>>>>> iPhone's 4GB RAM

    • Shallow Me
      Shallow Me

      1- You compare 2019 iPhone for 2020 Samsung 2- Still managed to win 1 round with all this difference in refresh rate, RAM and being older. 3- iPhone was faster in loading apps but was late in next round because it does not have all this data saved.. like seriously.. who will be opening 30 apps at once??? You likely going to open 2 or 3.. and then CLOSE THEM.. which makes iPhone as a daily use slightly better.

  • Not MrBeast
    Not MrBeast

    I dont have a phone so i need one to receive my online school Aymen

  • Daniel Martínez
    Daniel Martínez

    Hey everyone, I can't find his review. Can someone help me?

  • venus

    he’s surprised about fluidity even though the Samsung is like.. 500 dollars more than the iPhone- this isn’t a fair comparison, the Samsung note 10 V. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max would be a better comparison. With that, the Samsung is also a lot newer lmao

  • Milind Sidhrt
    Milind Sidhrt

    S20 ultra ...superb design ever launched by Samsung

  • Ahmad Sufyan
    Ahmad Sufyan

    May I have the giveaway As I really need a new phone and I am giving the phone to my mother as she loves ssmsung

  • Luka Hlavica
    Luka Hlavica

    This guy hahahah. Your videos are useless when you are on apples side. This is not the first time you are trying to make iPhone to look like an superphone and fake it. In first round iPhone got at least 20seconds + cuz when you exit application it was always on landscape mode while iPhone wasnt. Power button can be edited in settings for samsung really easly and fast so you can power off device with the universal button for all phones. If you are looking for real review find a reviewer who is not on both sides of a Samsung nor Apple EDIT: just watched his hole video in one moment he was lying about fingerprint not working on samsung. If you look closely he litterly was putting wrong finger so he can proof that this iPhone is just better... while it isnt. Also face unlock is more secured on iPhone but you can set up in settings for samsung to instantly go to apps

  • Tonmoy Sarker
    Tonmoy Sarker

    Samsung galaxy Best

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar

    you are a cheater

  • Jisoo’s Chikin
    Jisoo’s Chikin

    Is this S20 Exynos ??

  • shubh

    Can anypls give me a 11pro max as a bdy gift😋

    • Goose God
      Goose God


  • Leo Johnson
    Leo Johnson

    You can't call that a fair speed test.. lol auto rotating + being slower to click on the ultra phone lmao

  • Ash Clark
    Ash Clark

    The landscape rotating thing is frustrating on the Ultra. Samsung needs to address that in an update for sure... Great content as always 👌👌

  • Rafael Nogueira
    Rafael Nogueira

    Interesting how they not tested Facebook, Twitter and UZload, that have a historic of opening faster on Android : P

  • Taylor Swiftie
    Taylor Swiftie

    I have never seen somebody with a S20 Ultra like let’s all tell the truth. I’ve never seen a S20 either in the public for some reason even before the virus when it came out.

  • Red and Blue Yo
    Red and Blue Yo

    From 0:14 Can't even confirm he's using an iPhone 11 pro Might be using 10 Apple please innovat!

  • Dxrrxw ➊
    Dxrrxw ➊

    Idk why the Samsung it heating up so much. Usually my brothers iPhone 11 pro max can't even compete with my note 10+ when it comes to overheating.

  • DJI Drone Travel
    DJI Drone Travel

    I love the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra but the price x_x

  • A.I

    Been using an iphone 11 pro max for about 2 month now, and it just sucks compared to my Note 10. So I can't wait to put my hands on that S20 or may be wait for the Note 20.