Insane iOS 14 Beta Leaks! StudioPods, Watch Series 6 & iPhone 12!
An UNPRECEDENTED iOS 14 Beta Leak! Apple over-ear headphones design first look, new Apple Watch Series 6 & watchOS 7 features + iPadOS 14 mouse support overhaul & SO MUCH MORE! Historic leak day today! Also some iPhone 9 & 12 Pro leaks & Install REAL Android 10 on iPhone!
Last iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.
S20 Ultra Giveaway (3x)
3x S20 Ultra Giveaway link:
Phone Rebel Cases:
iPhone 9 scene inspiration (@apple_idesigner)
AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.
iPhone volume swipe concept

  • Bat Lightyear
    Bat Lightyear

    Why would you want Android on a I phone it's like want Windows on a Mac doesn't make sense to me.

  • N

    Hey @EverythingApplePro ... StudioPods & Magic Stand with smart connector for passtrough charging? I'd like to see your renders

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    Macintosh Tube


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    Salmex Nation

    I love cool things like you show

  • Anas Rahman
    Anas Rahman

    Your Hard Fan India Kerala

  • tipoomaster

    0:20 FAP?

  • clarence Williams
    clarence Williams

    hopefully apple let us close all app with one swipe

  • Carnell Williams
    Carnell Williams

    I’m mad u still have the iPhone 6 but my parents would only get me da 8+ but actually the iPhone 9 comin out I am I summer baby yayayaya How many iPhone 11 pros I will get 👇🏾

  • natwat123

    The new iPad Pro is out.

  • vivek Ramavat
    vivek Ramavat

    does ios 14 is really very faster

  • La Maks
    La Maks

    Took the idea from the Wylsacom ?

  • No Bap
    No Bap

    will they add homescreen rotation for iphone 11 ?


    Please, can you post my UZload channel ☺️ Thank you very much 🥰

  • Coasty

  • Tyler Fornella
    Tyler Fornella

    Been here since like 2k but haven’t had an account to subscribe, and it’s crazy to see how far the channel has come!!!

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  • Thineth indusara
    Thineth indusara

    #EverythingApplePro give ma an i phone

  • Ngai Hong
    Ngai Hong

    Where is iPhone giveaway u said u I’ll be giving on March 15

  • Matthew Jensen
    Matthew Jensen

    How do you enter the s20 giveaway

  • Micah Grauel
    Micah Grauel

    Just a warning for you people out there. 5G is going to literally kill us all. The radiation literally moves so fast it breaks up your DNA. It also causes cancer.

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    Noor Mohammed Sarker


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  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson

    I want them

  • mrgoinin

    Watching this channel since 2015! You the man !

  • ap3rus

    Not buying Apple Watch until it operates in normal mode for at least 48 hours without recharging

  • Amine Miller
    Amine Miller

    IOS 14 would great on Ipad

  • hejee Presto
    hejee Presto

    when it’ll release?

  • Louie Fajardo
    Louie Fajardo

    Apple will not compete with there own Beats. I guess it will be Beats Studio 4

  • Gloria Stevens
    Gloria Stevens

    Man I’m still on iOS12 lmao

  • not sus lol
    not sus lol

    Apple headset pods pro max high quality 8d audio 2020 trial lite promax headset

  • Røçky Bhai
    Røçky Bhai

    Awesome phone

  • Ahmed Sherif
    Ahmed Sherif

    I like how apple will be producing products in a different prices. Like iphone 12 mini, iphone 9 and airpods pro lite.

  • Alan Chavira
    Alan Chavira

    Love vids

  • Callum Jenkins-Parton
    Callum Jenkins-Parton

    My brothers birthday is coming so this is a good time for him to get a samsung s20 ultra

  • Abrahm’s vlogs Mclaughlin
    Abrahm’s vlogs Mclaughlin

    Your kid clearly doesn’t need a smart watch if you have to control how long there on it

  • Matheus Borba
    Matheus Borba

    After all, will the iPhone 12 have a notch whatsoever?

  • Muhammad Suleman
    Muhammad Suleman

    Sounds Good but

  • 77777Carlo

    They need to put osx on an iPad pro, I would instantly buy it instead of my surface pro 6

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen

    What about the built in split screen feature for iPhone I guess not

  • Phaneesh

    0:20 bro that EAP logo looked like FAP lol

  • Quiss MC
    Quiss MC

    It would be cool if it can tell u if u have a fever🤒!

  • Sudhakar Rajamani
    Sudhakar Rajamani

    iPhone 12 can support NavIC ? (India’s Own GPS Navigation System)

  • Ty Meadors
    Ty Meadors

    Android running on the iPhone just looked so.......ugly to me. iOS really suits the shell of the phone. Idk it’s weird.


    I really got excited that they will be launching ios14 but sadly postpone because of covid-19 but guys please pray and be safe and everything apple pro you give a really clear and informative video love it rate it 10stars and everything apple pro I hope I could wil the samsung s20 ultra I have been dreaming to have a new phone its okay if you have to give me the cheapest phone that would be my dream come true love you man your the best godbless you and your family

  • Shaan Trono
    Shaan Trono

    Can I install Windows 10X on it via iPad Bootcamp app?

  • Strahinja Vujović
    Strahinja Vujović

    Android being as slow as buggy on an iPhone as on a real Androi

  • Devilman666312

    I hope they stop letting phone calls interrupt my apps

  • Chromebook Unboxed
    Chromebook Unboxed

    Thanks for the updates bro, I like to win galaxy S20ULTRA

  • Bubbles 1975
    Bubbles 1975

    Apple Watch hideous design flaw that’s what it is ffs give me a round display design !!!

  • Trailers

    Very detailed and comprehensive video

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    Hussein Theban

    Good luck

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    Nelson Alfaro

    Did someone won the AirPods pro giveaway? Because I already followed you on instagram and subscribed to you.

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    Riley X

    Stop showing your face, we don’t need to look at you while you talk, just keep the Apple products in the background or whatever, no offense but I don’t wanna look at you bro

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    Gh bwoy

    Cool ♥️

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    No iPhone 12 this year

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    Randy Gaffud

    I just remembered you haven’t made an every iPhone comparison 2020?!

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    Carter Smith

    hey your name is Dino right? can you give a shoutout to SV Studios (my YT channel)

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    Jaleeboo Studios

    Lmao why are there u Beats

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    Khachig Toukhmanian

    Airpods pro giveaway..Let’s win this! 😃😃😃

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    Good video

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    10:00 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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      User 1096 agreed

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    ApplePro: "Its just chaos" About 30 seconds later: WE ARE ALSO HOLDING A GIVEAWAY FOR 2 S2O ULTRAS. Me: wow this is a different type of chaos Apple: why don't you switch to iphone it is *Chaos Free* His last video: I have high hopes for the iPhone IPhone: *Shuts down*

    • B055AL1

      Skkskskks and I oop. SAVE THE TURTLES

  • Amir G
    Amir G

    6 commercial per video, that’s nuts.

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    Hey dude i dont know if your ok with this but someone reposted almost your whole video and made it an ad , he/she is doing it with other channels as well. You might not see this comment because theres so many but heres a link as well

  • Gilbert Morrison
    Gilbert Morrison

    Staring at that panda. Had to watch again.

  • TheJaisah

    We STILL dont have the ECG in New Zealand. I get that theyre trying to ger approval from the medical society in various countries but how bout just letting my use it for my own interest?

  • Thinkagain6

    ios on android phones would be amazing!

  • kiran Kinaa
    kiran Kinaa

    I m still using iphone5

  • r͟e͟m͟e͟b͟e͟r͟ m͟e͟ _
    r͟e͟m͟e͟b͟e͟r͟ m͟e͟ _

    Who is here after iOS 13? >_

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    Why dont you plug in the killer USB in the charger?

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    monu kholi

    Hello ji my dream come foryou iPhone win my life passion dream

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    Everything chaos ? Everything insane ? I see nothing in this video that would match to these words ... stop clickbaiting...

  • sasaMK

    If the supplies are limited, it would make sense to release some of these products without a big event anyway, as there won’t be enough product to go around. Might as well limit exposure and have a silent release, or better yet, less loud of an event than an all out media outburst, to be able to meet consumer demand at least somewhat.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams

    “Brings the iPad into the modern age”... by giving it more mouse functions? Lol 😂 cmon 1993

  • landon

    It makes me wonder why everyone wants to know what’s coming up..? Like, we just got a new phone. And, why can’t we just keep it a surprise? I don’t know. You do you, I guess.

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    RD Khan

    I love iPhone s

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    is there someone experiencing static sound on there airpods pro ?

  • Jakey

    9:41 Soooo... Airpods?

  • FLBT

    it should really notify you below 90% saturation

  • FLBT

    im not convinced that mouse support is the best direction for the ipad to go in

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    A.s Mousook

    Subscribe by stfayas


    That hairstyle tho!!🤮

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    Jamily din malinda

    stress for samsung

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    great video but you need to do something with your hair, looks like your wearing a hair piece

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    Please I am Samsung fan but I don't have money to buy please it will be really appreciated if you can give me ones thank you everythingapplepro

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    Ayub M

    lol to be honest, there was very little or no change between the watch series 4 and 5. now it looks like 6 will also be similar except maybe an extra feature or two. very poor innovation by apple.