NEW iPhone 11 Pro Clone Unboxing!
NEW iPhone 11 Pro Max clone unboxing! Accurate triple lens camera, new software & packaging! How bad is a $100 iPhone 11 Pro?
iPhone 11 latest leaks.
iOS 13.1 latest features.
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  • Martin Lyubenov
    Martin Lyubenov

    Dislike for the stupid hair!

  • Mohd Zayn
    Mohd Zayn

    The first clip started i'm still watching my phone but still can see the pc monitor with egde of my eyes and i suprised why there is a Santa with casual good looking on this dude video. BTW nice white grey hair good looking.

  • Obunga Emongole
    Obunga Emongole

    Where did he buy it from

  • • KiLLMENEXT •
    • KiLLMENEXT •

    At first I thought his hair was apart of some weird skit The start but no he srsly died his hair like that

  • Ruthik Srisailam -41
    Ruthik Srisailam -41

    Became old (real or fake) you😥

  • Susan Alvarez
    Susan Alvarez

    If you've ever had any problems with your iphone or ipads.. then you'll just be so lucky to meet CYBER_KOR on instagrams.. saves you lots of money and time. ..

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    Did he have a...... rodent on his shoulder 😳

  • Yakov Safro
    Yakov Safro

    I bought today a new iPhone se 2020, and after unboxing I put the charger in the iPhone, and the iPhone lit up on its own. Should it be like this?

    • Susan Alvarez
      Susan Alvarez

      If you've ever had any problems with your iphone or ipads.. then you'll just be so lucky to meet CYBER_KOR on instagrams.. saves you lots of money and time. ..


    Clone iPhone OMG 🧐🤯

    • Susan Alvarez
      Susan Alvarez

      If you've ever had any problems with your iphone or ipads.. then you'll just be so lucky to meet CYBER_KOR on instagrams.. saves you lots of money and time. ..

  • Deathbatman 6615
    Deathbatman 6615

    Sometimes you just need a phone that runs android but looks like a iPhone

  • SolidSonicTH

    I guess you're gonna need four spaces for 2020.

  • Great Akinola
    Great Akinola

    Where do you buy the clone


    whos watching this when iphone 12 came out

  • glorykk10 r
    glorykk10 r

    aaaaaaww your little pet it's soooo cute what it is a mink?

  • ender ninja909
    ender ninja909

    can you link the place where you buy this?

  • AqJuh

    Where can I buy one

  • TOP 10
    TOP 10

    How we buy this clone please tell us

  • Justin Mimi
    Justin Mimi

    I bought my 11 pro from *appledwag on IG* very affordable get yours from him

  • Asia Vu
    Asia Vu

    *cries in iphone 7*

  • The Minigamer
    The Minigamer

    Whos behind you its so cute

  • Justin Mimi
    Justin Mimi

    I bought my 11 pro from *appledwag on IG* very affordable get yours from him

  • Just a Bum
    Just a Bum

    He really do be lookin like a teacher tho

  • Justin Mimi
    Justin Mimi

    I was happy when I got my iPhone shipped to my house for a very cheap rate thanks to *appledwag on instagram*

  • Chrishon Williams
    Chrishon Williams

    You look like steve jobs 😂

  • Rina Singh
    Rina Singh

    These box and device are so close to the original....yea it's a clone but wonder the impact it create for faking in online purchase..

  • Cameron Toth
    Cameron Toth

    Why doesn’t apple go and sue all these companies for obviously stealing the design and how are they allowed to put the apple logo on something that is clearly fake?

  • tecnology store
    tecnology store

    I'm leaving the product link for you :)

  • Shy TheGhost
    Shy TheGhost

    Where can I find this?????

  • Amos

    That hair and the glasses I thought it's a Chinese doing the review

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance

    Plot twist, this dude owns Goophone inc and he pretends to be tim cook in the mirror. Naked.

  • EviL ϡ BruTaL
    EviL ϡ BruTaL

    0:30 Awww! who's that lil Guy!?

  • Karl Dutsch
    Karl Dutsch

    Could you send me a link please? I couldn‘t find it

  • sali77able

  • Al Faleqh
    Al Faleqh

    Everyone gangsta untill someone ask to take photo


    You look like 65 years old man

    • Waukegan high school fights Brookside Campus
      Waukegan high school fights Brookside Campus

      no you

  • Stefan Bachrodt
    Stefan Bachrodt

    Bro, I don't mean to alarm you but I think you have some kind of breed of Pikachu on your back! XDDD

  • 6108 Aman Bhawer
    6108 Aman Bhawer

    I want to by this clone

  • Gavin Buccieri
    Gavin Buccieri

    5:07 Hollywood bleeding is One ofmy favorite songs!

  • sanamdeep singh
    sanamdeep singh

    How much price of this phone

  • Daffa Jackson
    Daffa Jackson

    *I was very pleased when my iPhone 11 pro max was given through thomhacker on Instagram he's a legend*

  • Daffa Jackson
    Daffa Jackson

    *I was very pleased when my iPhone 11 pro max was given through thomhacker on Instagram he's a legend*

  • Ted Garrett
    Ted Garrett

    They make apple and what country?

  • Kenge Ngomdir
    Kenge Ngomdir

    Honestly how can I get that

  • Temptation ily
    Temptation ily

    Wait were did u buy that tho.

  • Rohit Agarwal
    Rohit Agarwal

    Mind blowing

  • Martin Sanchez
    Martin Sanchez

    whats that animal in your arm

  • Michael Nzediegwu
    Michael Nzediegwu

    Pls how can I get one of the clones

  • Deepansh Chandra
    Deepansh Chandra

    This guy after video, throws the fake into a dustbin of KFC while returning home. After reaching home realises he is holding the fake one.

  • Deepansh Chandra
    Deepansh Chandra

    Easiest way to distinguish between fake and real: See the apple logo. If it is in middle, it is real and if it is placed on top like (real) old iPhones, it is FAKE.


    Rip put him back to bed...😬

  • Luh Rio Tv
    Luh Rio Tv

    What site he get these from

  • siliconfilmTV

    Where do you buy?

  • Ansh Parihar
    Ansh Parihar

    That animal is so cute!! could you say what animal it is though?

  • Lucie Leo
    Lucie Leo

    that tiny animal lol

  • Manu Palomo
    Manu Palomo

    dat hair tho...

  • Joseph tal
    Joseph tal

    2020 anyone

  • Jon Bee
    Jon Bee

    Looking like Craig's younger tanner brother

  • Marco Bersamina
    Marco Bersamina

    There’s no such thing is iPhone 11 pro cone duhh

  • Tutorial Nation
    Tutorial Nation

    Did I just time travel or did he diy his hair gray?

  • Jonathan Babish
    Jonathan Babish

    8:20 is when they try the camera

  • Ljubomir Vidic
    Ljubomir Vidic

    Why the fuck do you have a white hair you look like a old man.

  • Khufra Mae Quinto
    Khufra Mae Quinto

    Where did you buy it sir?


    Gu phone mean shit phone mean tatti phone 🤣🤣🤣

  • Edcel Alexsandra Lite
    Edcel Alexsandra Lite

    Are those literally fake iPhone collection on the wall?

  • Funny dragon ball edits
    Funny dragon ball edits

    wut animal is dah

  • DaniCR10


  • Markeliano Jaubelli
    Markeliano Jaubelli

    Where I can bay this?

  • Jane Kariuki
    Jane Kariuki

    The camera doesn't look that bad to me

  • Elianna Murnane
    Elianna Murnane

    His voice is so soothing

  • Kadyan

    Kaun si site se purchase kiya hai brother mujhe bhi chahie

  • SeriouslyGuy Leaking
    SeriouslyGuy Leaking

    Guys where can I buy this. Asking for a friend.

  • Muhammad Faheem
    Muhammad Faheem


    Pls link for buy this fake 11

  • JaySean Ochia
    JaySean Ochia

    Sir if u dont find any useful anymore your iphone clone please give it to me sir, I'm still love iPhone clone I'm wishing you can give it to me sir

  • Sekjar Ali
    Sekjar Ali

    How can we order??? Reply fast

  • Jotaro

    So no one is taking about that thing on his neck

  • MamolokoMokoka

    where do buy this thing?


    hey if it is the clone of the iphone 12 supposedly

  • Casey Thayer
    Casey Thayer

    🤔 I'm not sure why you checked the IOS version bro. Its totally using a modified version of Android 😂

  • InuYasha

  • Elias Roy
    Elias Roy

    Did you became old???

  • naqshab76

    if any one wants to buy better then this clone contact me on WhatsApp +923005213536

  • simran sidhu Sidhu
    simran sidhu Sidhu

    This is not I phone 11 pro I think I phone 11 pro logo center

  • Silent Mode
    Silent Mode

    You drink?

  • Thad Whx
    Thad Whx

    I thought you were old

  • RoyalMak Gamer
    RoyalMak Gamer

    Bro where did you get it

  • Me otep
    Me otep

    Iike the hair

  • ajim noob
    ajim noob

    How old is this guy?

  • Sofiee Dino
    Sofiee Dino

    No one: Me: *forgets it's a clone for a second because it actually looks like an iPhone 11...*

    • Ireoluwa AKINOLA
      Ireoluwa AKINOLA

      Do you know where to buy the clone from

  • Pro Guntherdane
    Pro Guntherdane

    Why don’t Apple make a camera because I am a lifetime Apple user

  • Kimberly Perez
    Kimberly Perez

    This is gonna be a stupid question but i kinda need it to be answered so please help. What is a Iphone clone????

    • Fadli Fad
      Fadli Fad

      Fake iphone

  • tomzkie gaming
    tomzkie gaming

    I want an iPhone pllls

  • Mhd Ghannoum Feddo
    Mhd Ghannoum Feddo

    were do we buy it from

  • Røbby

    What the heck is that cute ass thing on your back it looks like if a squirrel in a leopard gecko had a baby

  • Broken Skylark
    Broken Skylark

    I buyed that

  • Braden Perkins
    Braden Perkins

    His hair

  • Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020
    Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020

    hey, Tim leak of iPhone cook. - EverythingApplePro 2019

  • Arsenic

    Will they ever get rid of the huge chin on the bottom?

  • Chace Boland
    Chace Boland

    I wanna thank you because I am to broke to buy an real iPhone 11 Pro Max so thank you for the other options .

  • Ranjan photography
    Ranjan photography

    iPhone clone ka Website name Kiya hai